Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


9. Changing Daniel, and Sarcasm smells.



    "Good morning you guys!" Nikki shouts.

    "Well, Good morning Nikki." I respond.

    "Good morning to you too." Daniel says.

    Daniel kisses me good morning. "Get a room, or in our case, your own tracks!!" Then we all laugh together.

    "Okay you guys," Nikki snaps back to being serious. "We have until Tuesday. Even Wednesday to figure this magic thing out. That is three to four days," She says. "I know we can do this!" She shouts.

    "Well, I am in that's why I'm here." I say.

    "Me too." Daniel say. like always, he is the last one to agree to me or Nikki's plans.

    "Well," Nikki says putting out her hand. "Hands in!" 

I put mine down then daniel hesitates too. Never the less, he puts it down.

    "On three." He says. "One! Two! Three!!" 

    "Esperanza!!" We all say together and shooting our hands up and looking up at the sky were the sun and the moon are still both still out and only one star stands up high.

    "Well, lets go." I say.

    "Where?" Daniel asks.

    "Anywhere!" Nikki responds.

    "We have to start some where, so lets just get carried away by the wind, and get blow away." I say hoping to get some where.

    "Okay." He says 

    "Well, what are you waiting for?" Nikki asked. "Lets go explore!" Then her and I run off to the unknown.

    "Amelia, wait up." Nikki and I stop. "Can i talk to you for a second?" he asks.

    "Yeah what's up?" I ask him.

    "Alone?" He asks looking towards Nikki.

    "Yeah, yeah. I'm gone." Nikki responds. "Holler if you need me!!" She yells as she runs off.

    "Okay, now what is it?" I ask again.

    He kisses me. This time, however, it doesn't feel like him. At all! I feel like I am kissing a stranger with no soul just a black pit of evil. So my first instinct is to push him away.

    "Who are you?"  I say furiously 

    "Daniel. Who else?" He says, but i know he isn't

    "No, you are not Daniel." I shout.

    "You are right." He says

    "What?" I say confused, scared, and on the verge of crying.

    "I am not Daniel," he rips out of his disguise. "I am the darkness." He says then he grabs me.

    "Nikki!!" I scream on the top of my lungs, while i struggle to get set free of this weird shadowy figures grip. The wind swirls and the leaves rise. Then it gets even stronger and whistles loudly, the sky goes darker and everything gets colder.  The good fades away and I can feel the evil creeping up onto me.

    She turn around the corner, obviously she heard me, and she sees it, this big black shadow gripping me tightly. She runs towards me and grabs my legs, I reach out to her.

    "Nikki! Do not let this thing take me!!" I shout to her.

    I slip free, and Nikki and I sprint away, but it follows us. We dodge trees, and hurdle over rocks, bushes, even a few skunks and rabbits, but the darkness goes right threw them gaining power and speed with everything it feels like swallowing up.

    "Nikki the lake!" I scream.

    "I know!!" She yells "Amelia, It is covered in sun."

    "Yeah so!?" I say looking at her like she is an idiot for brining up a stupid conversation.

    "So," she says like i am stupid for not comprehending her "This thing is a shadow."

    "Oh, yeah!! Right. If we go into the water he will disappear or frizzle up, hopefully, because of the light." I say finally understanding.

    "Right. Well, it is going to be freezing so this is all or nothing, ready?" She asks me.

    "I am ready I say." She grabs my hand, and i tighten my grip so she does too.

    "Nikki, if we don't survive," I hesitate. "I want you to know you are an amazing friend and I love you, no homo." I say

    "Amelia," her eyes water. "That was so not deep," She says then we laugh. "but, I love you too, no homo." We stop and hug, then the demon, shadow, darkness, thing gets closer and we come to the water.

    "This is it!" I say to her.

    "I know!" she says then we jump over the hill plummeting into the freezing waters.




    The darkness jumps over and frizzles into dust just like Nikki and I planed. I come up out of the water, and Nikki doesn't. I look around for a second, frightened. Then I realize how cold it actually is in this lake. I start to worry more, what if Nikki is freezing and sinking to the bottom.

    "Nikki!" I scream, but no one responds. Only the silence.

    I duck under the water to find her, and i see her sinking to the bottom. "Nikki." I say under the water. I struggle to swim down to her. Soon I am in reach of her and I grab her arm. Running out of breath. Soon I run out and can't swim any more. Then me and Nikki sink to the bottom. We sit there for a long time and then I fall into the darkness, everything fades away.


SUNDAY. JUNE 3, 1987.


    I wake up out of the water next to Nikki, we are both soaked and freezing.

    "Nikki!" I say crawling over to her.

    I check her pulse, nothing. "Nikki! Breath! PLease!?" I yell.

    I start to give her mouth to mouth. and she coughs up water and wakes up.

    "Amelia!" She shouts and hugs me.

    "Come, on lets get going home before either of us get hypothermia." I say getting up and helping her up.

    Soon we are at my door step and I walk in with Nikki.


    "Hello, sweetie, Amelia!" she yells.

    "What!?" I shout remembering I m soaked in freezing lake water. "Oh, why am i wet?" I say and then look down. "Well..." I say.

    "Amelia, the doctor said specifically, no to go in cold places, or things!" she yells "What if you get sick? Amelia, you could die and i don't want that."

    "Sorry, I fell into a lake. Anyway, mom. You are okay!!" I shout wondering how she got back home.

    "Yeah. I heard someone say La llave para desblo-" 

    "No!!" Nikki and I say jumping to her.

    "What?" she asks uneasily.

    "Never say that with out us." Nikki says.

    "Yea. Really don't." I add on.

    Nikki and I just shake our heads.

    "Well why not?" my mother asks.

    "just don't." Nikki says.

    "Okay, but what's going on? You are scaring me, and it is really confusing."

    "I can't really explain it. It isn't real, there is this place I go every Friday and it is a set of train tracks, but we found this magic place and got lost, then we got trapped in a red trailer and found this green orb that made a big bad storm thing. Then Daniel got lost, this darkness attacked me. Daniel is still gone, and I am going to find him. I do not care if you approve, I am going wether it kills me or not."

    "Right." She nods.

    "Okay, don't believe me. Think I am crazy, but you asked and it is true so there."

"Sweetheart, it is okay, I do believe you. I mean that explanation would explain everything so i do. Just go get changed, and I approve of you going to find Daniel." she says and hugs me.

    "Alright." i say then Nikki and I go to my bedroom. Then we both change.

    Nikki and I walk downstairs and go to the door. "Mom I will be back Tuesday, I promise NO cold places, and I will be safe." i tell my mother.

    "Alright, I love you see you Tuesday." She hugs me and kisses my forehead.

    "Bye mom." I say.

    "Bye Ms. Kawolski." Nikki says.

    "Bye, Nikki. Take care of her please." My mother says.

    "Yes, ma'am good bye." Then Nikki and I walk out the door

    "We have to find Daniel." I tell her.

    "I know, Amelia." She says to me putting her hand on my shoulder.

    "Well, lets start at the tracks like always." Nikki says.

    "How about were i last saw him?" I ask.

    "Where was that?" She asks.

    "Where he turned into a big, black, shadowy, demon, figure." I respond.

    "Oh, yeah." She says and frowns. "Well, lets go." she says and we walk down to the bridal trail.

    Soon we peer around the corner, and the ground is clean where i was taken away.

    "This is it Nikki." I say to her and i bend down to touch the spot, then up rises something, it is see threw. And leaves twirl around out. It feels like the darkness has come back, but it is light h=out and it isn't. My stomach gets tight and my head spins, i back up frightened and i can't stan still any more. I can't keep from going insane.

    "STOP!! STOP THIS!!" I scream.

    "Amelia, it's okay." NIkki grabs me and holds me back. "Let it speak, okay?"

    "Fine!" I say in an angered tone. "Sorry." I say to Nikki.

    "I am Marcello, Demon of murder." The figure says.

    "What?" Nikki and I back up even more.

    "Do not worry children, killing you is not my quest... Yet." We jump back and scream a quietly. He laughs "I am kidding my dears. My quest today, however, is to deliver a message from the darkness." he adds on.

    "The darkness.!?" Nikki and I whisper.

    "Yes that thing that attacked you yesterday, yeah. Well, he has your friend." He smiles.

    "Don't hurt him!!" Nikki and i lunge forward and yell out. He sticks up his and and we freeze. "Unfreeze me, you monster." Nikki says. He does do.

    "I do not have your friend, and I am not told or destine to kill him. However, if you do not follow my masters orders then he may be vanquished into the underworld to rot forever, alone."

    "What does he want?" I ask furiously.

    "You." Marcello responds.

    "What!?" Nikki says.

    "Okay." I say quickly and bluntly. No hesitation or thinking just said it out.

    "No way!!" Nikki says.

    "I know what i am doing Nikki." I say and hug her.

    "Great!" Marcello says. "Take my hand and we can go."

    "First, Daniel." I say pointing right in front of me. "I want him back first."

    "As promised, i shall give him back." He points in front of me and puts Daniel back.

    "Daniel!" i say and hug him.

    "Baby, what are you doing. You can't go with him, he will kill you." Daniel yells.

    "I know." I say and i kiss him. "Goodbye Baby."

    "Amelia, do not do this." Nikki says.

    "Goodbye." I say walking to Marcello.

    "I love you Daniel Mark Naves and Nikki Maria Del'Ray." I say and wave. 

    "NO!!" They both shout and sprint to me, but then it is too late. I am gone. Marcello disappears in the air.

    "Why!!" Daniel says and drops to the floor crying.

    "Not her, Why her? Why us?" Nikki yells to nobody.

    Then they both stand up with rage. "We have to do something about this!!" They say together and stomp to the tracks where they both drop to the ground and fall asleep.

    "Where am I?" I ask loudly.

    "Nice of you to stop by." The darkness says.

    "Yeah, anything for you master." I say sarcastically.

    "Do i smell sarcasm?" He says and then laughs. "Mw-ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha."

    "Oh, I am so scared." Still sarcasm.

    "Shut up!!" He yells in my face and shakes the cage.

    "Okay, I am sorry sir." I say even more sarcastically. "What do you want from me?" i ask.

    "Well, we have a little smart well, yeah here, huh." he says

    "Well, if we are talking about you then yes." I smile

    "I am going to take you as my bride and you will carry my children, and give birth of them. After which I will kill you and send you to your doom."

    "Well, I really wish I could but I have to be leaving soon."

    "I will kill you right now, if you don't stop." he gets angrier.

    "Well, now why would you do that? You need me don't you. Exactly! I am not stupid, I am much smarter than you think and this little conversation does not scare me and is O-V-E-R, over!" I say spitting in his face. "Thank you, bye now." I say and smile like a stuck up barbie, and i wave as he walks away in disgust.

    I let out a breath of relief being scared of the situation but not showing so is harder than i expected, but what he doesn't know is that i have my green orb. ha ha ha ha. I laugh.

    "SHUT UP!!" some guard yells and i look that way angrily.

    "La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza." i whisper. 

    "Did you hear that!?" Nikki asks.

    "What!?" Daniel responds.

    I heard them speaking so i said it again.

    "That!!" Nikki said hoping he did this time.

    "Yeah, I did." he said while getting up off the tracks.

    "On three." I whispered.

    "Okay!!" Nikki and Daniel yelled to me.

    "Ready?" I asked them

    "YES!!" they yelled out knowing I could hear them.    

    "One!" I said. "Two!" I yelled. "I really hope this works you guys." I say to them before possibly ending everything. 

    "We do too, we really do." Daniel said.

    "I miss you already, just say three!" Nikki yells

    "Okay...just stick your hands out like you are holding the green orb, I am holding it now."

    "Okay, we are." Nikki says.

    "I'm ready." Daniel adds.

     "Three." i accidentally said it too loud this time, and the guard came over too me.

    "Shut. Up." He said leaning against the cage. "Before I murd-"

    "La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza" I say cutting him off.

    "NO!!" he says then i wave goodbye and disappear only leaving behind my footprints.

    "Master!! Master Marcello!!" the guard says franticly. "Master Marcello, she has escaped. She knows the spell and has the green orb. She got away!!"

    Marcello stuck up his hand to silence him. "I know."




    "You know, what do you mean!!" The annoying guard asked.

    "Too many questions, no answers to them." He tried to speak but Marcello cut him off. "Just leave me." and he pointed out. "Or you can go down?"

    "I am leaving sir, good day, bye now." the guard said franticly as he ran out frightened.

    "Now, now. What should I do know?" He asked himself. "What shall I do.




    "You guys. I think it would be safer for us to sleep in our own houses tonight." I say.

    "Separated?" Nikki asks.

    "No," Daniel says sternly. "I am not leaving you, either of you unprotected." He adds.

    "I don't care what you want." I say and hesitate. "The darkness wants me, not you! I just think it would be safer if you guys were not around me." I say angrily then I stomp away.

    They both chase after me. "Amelia, stop. We are all in this together. Remember, we are all you and we have. Don't leave us behind. Remember what you said. 'Never say never but NEVER give up.'" Daniel says to me and I turn around for this.

    "You caught my attention." I sigh. "I know what I said, just one night then we can see what happens from there?" I ask.

    "No," Nikki says. "Over our dead bodies." Daniel adds.

    "Well? That can be arranged." I say then we laugh and walk back towards the tracks.

    When we get to the tracks, we lay down and go to sleep together. Just like always.



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