Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


7. Back to school then the forgotten.

FRIDAY. JUNE 1,1987.


    "You guys!!" Nikki screams as she shakes me to wake me up.

    "What!!" i yell "What is wrong?" Daniel asks.

    "We are going to be late for school. We already missed the whole week i think we should show up today." Nikki shouts at us.

    "Oh my goodness." I say. "Good idea." Daniel adds to what i have said.

    "Well, lets go!!" She shouts as she gets up and runs towards the exit.The Bridal trail

    "Slow down!!" Daniel and I shout as we shoot up and run towards her.

    Daniel and I stop running and walk together. "She is crazy." He says.

    "I know," I add. "She gets to excited about everything." then we look at each other smile and just laugh. He grabs my hand and we bump into each other like we are playing around. Soon we find ourselves running towards Nikki to catch up, and then we are gasping for air to catch our breath back.

    "Nikki, slow yourself the Hell down." I shout.

    She stops running after i say those words "Okay, i stopped, gosh," She said in a valley girl accent. "Ew, no," She says and we laugh. "I was just kidding, but lets get going." She says being serious

    "Okay." Daniel says. "Alright lets go." I say knowing we are about to start running again and oddly enough, we do.

    "You guys." I sigh.

    "Yeah?" They both say turning to face me.

    "My mother." I look down

    "We know." Daniel says

    "We are going to find her." Nikki says with encouragement.

    "How do you know?" I say "How do you know she isn't dead, that they didn't kill her already?" I yell now with tears streaming down my face. 

    "We don't but we have hope." Daniel says.

    "Yeah!! Well, look where that has got us. Having hope brought us here to nothing." I start as a yell but get quieter.

    "We know, we know. We are going to get her back okay," Daniel says. "I promise." he adds.

    "Yeah. 'Never say never but never give up,'" Nikki smiles hugging me. Then she puts her arms out and hands on my shoulders then she smiles. "We will never give up, not on you, or each other, not even your mother. We are here for you forever." She adds and then opens the door.

    "Thanks you guys." I say finished crying.

    "Well, lets go," Daniel says. "Before we miss the bus." He adds then we walk out the door and are practically running to the bus stop.

    "We are so sorry." Nikki says to the bus drive lady. "Yeah, really sorry." I add on. "Hope you were not waiting too long." Daniel says with his puppy dog eyes.

    "Nope, i say. I just got her boy. But thank you for asking, i guess." the bus driver lady responds. "No trouble at all." She adds as we all swipe our cards and walk to our usually seats where there are other people sitting, they look like people that have seen us before because they stood up and let us sit there.

    "Thank you." We all say together.

    "Your welcome." they all respond back.

    We took our seats and sat quietly only the bus until we arrived at school, 7:30. We are early bye 45 minutes.

    "Lets go tell them why we were absent since we have time." Nikki says

    "What do we say? I mean it is not like i can just say, 'oh Nikki went missing because of some magical black shadow then Amelia and I did at some point because of this weird saying we have in spanish and then we all got trapped in a trailer with this glowing green magical orbit thing and we all grabbed it and we almost died.'" Daniel said sarcastically.

    "No really?" Nikki responds sarcastically 

    "You guys are forgetting i was sick and in the hospital." I say "We can just say i was sick and had to stay home and you guys decided to stay and take care of me for that time." I say looking at them like they are idiots that should have come up with this first. 

    "Oh, yeah." Daniel says feeling stupid. "Oh, I feel stupid now." Nikki adds, i think for both her and Daniel.

    "Yeah. Well lets go." I say as i skip 3 steps at a time going up the stairs.

    Soon we are in Paul's class and explaining our absences.

    "Good enough for me. I was called and told this anyway by your mom, amelia. She told me about you being ill and i am well aware that your friends would stay home with you for that time." He says we all sigh with relief. "Okay, thank you." I say and we walk out.

    We go threw the day decorating for everything. Only 6 days!! 6 days until prom and graduation. The end and the beginning. The start of another time in my life. I am s excited i have butterflies, or am i nervous because i always get the two mixed up. Ugh i hate that. Anyway, I am decorating the walls, I paint a lot and i am making the view from our spot on the tracks for our background during graduation. So far it is just the blue sky with the blotches of other colors like a rainbow was thrown onto it to make the sun set. Soon there will be trees of different shapes and leaves of various colors to fill the air and make it beautiful. Then the lake, the lake is a huge part and it is going to go out long and wide to make the perfect addition to my painting. Everyone will love it, at least i know Daniel, Nikki and I will. Better yet we will understand it too.

    Amy, this is so beautiful. I think to myself but that is being conceited so i just push the thought away.




    Ring. the bell goes on for 47 second. It is the last bell of the day, I should know. Nikki and Daniel are waiting outside for me. Daniel comes up to me and kisses me, Nikki just says awe then yuck! and turns away. 

    "Get a room you too!!" she shouts, then we all laugh as we walk to the bus stop.

    "You guys ready for a weekend of adventure?" I ask them

    "What do you mean?" Daniel asks.

    "Well, we are going to find out what the hell happened to us!!" Nikki shouts in a duh tone. she looks at him thinking are you serious? I mean, what the Hell else?

    I smile "Thanks Nikki." I laugh. "I know i hate hearing as much as you hate repeating it over and over again. ha ha" Then we all look at each other in fake disgust and in silence, then we all burst out laughing an practically crying.

    "Come on, we are going to miss this bus." I say. Then we start walking to the bus stop.

    The bus gets there and we are now on the bus, in our usual spot on the bus. Soon we get home and i tell my mother i am going to Nikki's for the weekend, as usual she says okay before i ask. We get to the trail and i pull the green thing out of my bag and hold it up.

    "Our only evidence, we have to figure a lot of information out with just this small green thing that glows up," I say and frown. "Well, lets hop to it!" Then we all sit in our spots on the tracks and think for about a half hour, soon the sun starts to set and we think until it is dark. What can we do? What should we do? We don't have to be at school on Monday, because we have monday to Wednesday off for shopping for prom and graduation. For our dresses, or suits. For our hair and make up, tans, everything! So we can do this instead because we do not need any of that, well i don't at least Nikki already has her dress and Daniel most likely has a suit but just in case we have Wednesday for that.

    Soon we are all asleep. Same seats as always, same positions, same everything. This is our life and it will be like this forever, and always.




    I wake up with Daniel and Nikki in the same position that i remember from when we went to sleep. This feels like a normal day. But it isn't we are all still stuck with this stupid magical green orb.

    I grab it and frown. "Why did you do this to me? Why are you here? Are you trying to ruin my life!?" I yell at it, then i throw it out towards the lake. I notice what I just did and get up and run to the lake. Out pops the green glowing orb and it hits me right in the head. "Ow!" I shout. Then Daniel jumps up.

    "Amelia!" he yells "Are you alright?" 

    "Yeah i am fine. I am over here by the lake." I respond.

    "Why?" He asks me.

    "I threw the orb thing because i hate it, it is ruining our lives and i just want it to be over with." I say. "And then it flew back into my forehead."

    "Oh, are you okay? I wonder why that happened." He says.

    "Yeah, I am fine." I say again.

    "Good. I'm glad." Then he leans over and kisses me. "I Love you." He says while kissing me.

    "I Love you too." I say trying to resist kissing him and i pull away from him a little.

    "What's wrong?" He asks, then he leans in and kisses me again.

    "What are you doing!?" I shout when he stops. Then i smack him across the face. "Do you think girls like being kissed by strangers?" I ask him.

    "It's me Daniel." He says looking at me like a lost puppy. "Oh, no." He says in a sigh. "Not again, you forgot everything."

    "Amelia! It is me, your boyfriend, Daniel Mark Navez." He says holding my shoulders and looking into my eyes.

    "I know, why are you telling me?" I ask. "Did i forget my memory again!"

    "Yeah, you did." He frowns and looks at me. Then i start to cry. He looks into my eyes and makes me look at him. "Look at me." Then i look at him.

    "What?" I say some what rude. "Sorry."

    "Why are you crying?" He asks wiping away my tears. I don't say anything. "You know... It is okay for you to forget things."

    "Not everything!" I shout.

    "Yes, everything!" He yells back. "You got hurt, bad. It was is a side effect for you to forget things. Yes, everything!! That is a price you have to pay for some time, it is not forever just for now and that's okay." He says to me.

    "But it's bad because people get mad, or freaked out and soon you will be too, then i won't even have you. And Nikki, it is possible for her to get annoyed too. Then i will have nothing!" I say still crying.

    "No, I don't care if you forget, I know why. So does Nikki. And your mother defiantly knows too, so what do you have to worry about in the next month of forgetfulness?" he says. "Exactly, nothing. So just don't worry anymore. I love you, okay!?" Then he kisses me passionately, this kiss is different from the others, but it is defiantly him. I love this kiss. He isn't doing anything that i don't want him to, he is just standing there, hands around my back like a hug, and mouth on mine. I am holding his face and my mouth is on his, this. This is perfect, and i never want it to change.

    When Daniel stops kissing me he pulls his phone out of his pocket, turns it on, and checks the time. "It is 3:33 a.m.!! Make a wish, and why are you up!!"

    I wish we could get threw this together, alive, and be together forever. "Alright, I made a wish. And this green thing is why i am up. Anyway, lets go to sleep." I say.

    "Okay. Lets go." he grabs my hand, we walk to the tracks, and we fall asleep... Again

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