Head vs. heart

Charlotte is a great actress with a busy career. Her life is filled with happiness, friends and love. She has everything that she can absolutely need. But, what will happen when her perfect boyfriend Oliver cheats on her? Will she, the next time she falls in love with someone, listen her head or follow her heart?

This is my first story here, please tell me if you like it? Updates will be every Friday :)


6. Tipical love story

I stared through the big, clean window, watching the cars and people passing by. I was on the 25th floor, and while usually this height would scare me, I didnt care about that now. I sighed. I was incredibly bored and I didnt want to be here. At all. We are waiting Charlie, the writer of this „incredibly written“ story, and One Direction to come. Im a really impatient person, so this ten minutes seemed like an hour. Lilly, of course, didnt showed up, so Im guessing she is now laying in her bed with a smile stretched across her face.


As you can probably guess, Im in a bad mood today too. There are a few reason for that, and its not just the fact that I had to get up early. Olly didnt called after that one minute talk, and I have a bad feeling something is wrong. Maybe Im just overreacting. He is just busy. But, if I put aside my private problems, I have so many work to do Im not really looking forward to.

I looked down on the street again through the perfectly clean glass windows and saw two black SUV's in front of the huge building. The fans outside got mad in a second and they started screaming even more when One Direction got out of the car. Their bodyguards were around them, wearing just black clothes with strict faces.

„They are here.“, I said loudly enough for everyone in the room to hear me.

„Oh, finally!“ George said and got up. „Now, where is that crazy writer?“

Few seconds after George said that, like on cue, a tall man with black hair walked in the room. He had a big smile on his face and he casually sat down. He was dressed like a hobo. No, really. Im not joking.

„Good morning everyone!“ he said as George walked up to him.

„You are finally here!“ George said. „Charlotte, I want you to meet Charlie, our magnificent writer.“

I turned my attention to Charlie, and put a smile on my face. „Nice to meet you.“

My first thought was that he is a very happy and carefee man. He probably has thirty years, but he isnt married yet. Or he is not wearing his wedding ring. So, I kinda guessed that he is a lonely, lazy writer with a big house.

„The pleasure is all mine!“, he said as he shook my hand. „And, if I may say so, you look even more beautiful than on the tv.“

„Well, thank you.“, I smiled. And, he was a very nice man obviously.

I sat at the table, as well as George. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Charlie started talking.

„So, Charlotte, I watched your last movie and I gotta say, its amazing! The way you act is… Just wow!“ he talked with passion, and his face lit up. At first I thought he was screwing with me, but I quickly realized he wasnt.

„Thank you very much. It really was fun.“, I said with a smile.

„The plot is incredible and I almost cried at the end! Awesome story!“ he said even more enthusiastically.

Cried at the end? Wow. A grown man crying over teenage movies. He is definetly a lonely, lazy writer. I could see George trying to hold back his laugh, while Charlie was just staring through the window, not noticing.

„Yea. Uhm… The writer was pretty good.“, I tried to continue the conversation.

„Yes, he was.“, he confirmed quitely, still thinking about something while staring through the window.

I just nodded my head, not knowing what to say. I heard a knock on the door, One Direction finally came.

„Excellent! We can begin now.“, George said as they all sat.

Charlie introduced himself and then stood up. He cleared his throat and then started talking.

„Im very happy to see that you have all accepted my offer.“, he said while looking everyone with a smile. „This movie means a lot to me, and altough its not my first one, it feels like this is something new. You see, this idea popped into my mind out of nowhere…“, he started to walk around the room, not even caring if we all listen.

He was talking slowly and with a lot of breaks, but I couldnt help but think that this „speech“ was planned in every little detail. „I saw many incredible love stories about One Direction, which their fans wrote, and I was really surprised! I cant believe so many good writers are out there, and so many stories that nobody knows about. And thats when I got an idea to write a fanfic story. I was so interested in it, and while this seems unbelieveable, those stories really are a work of art.“

Amazing. A grown man who cries over teenage movies and writes them. Well, at least I will be laughing a lot throughout this movie.

George cleared his throat and Charlie immediately turned to look at us.

„I wouldnt like to interrupt…“, George started, „but, are you going somewhere with this? I think we should take a look at the script instead...“

„Yes, sorry.“, Charlie said, „I got a little carried away.“

Charlie sat at the table again, and George's poor assistant pulled out a big pile of papers with struggle, which we all have to read. Especially actors. I didnt even look the script, so I still dont know what this is all about.

„Im guessing nobody read this…“, George said, looking at us, „so, Charlie, can you please tell us…“

Charlie interrupted him and started talking again. „Yes. Of course. This story begins with a simple, ordinary day. One Direction are on a photoshoot and the photographer is a young, beautiful girl named Katherine. Or Katy, for short.“

He looked at me and smiled. Oh, great. Im Katherine. Or Katy, for short.

„Everything goes by in a great atmosphere and they really get along. Few days later, Harry and Katherine accidentally meet in a coffee shop. He asks her on a lunch, and she gladly accepts.“, Charlie was proudly looking at everyone.

I faked a smile and quietly sighed. Then, I looked at Harry, who was already staring, while grinning. I couldnt help but chuckle as he winked at me.   

„Anyway…“, Charlie continued, „after awhile, they become really good friends. And, altough they wont admit it, they are in love with each other. Katherine, of course, gets along really well with Harry's bandmates and she tells them everything. And while they try to help the couple to admit their love towards each other, the media and the fans get a little suspicious and start to think that „Haty“ exists.“

George started to laugh while everyone in the room where just looking at him. „Im sorry… What is Haty?“

Charlie chuckled. „Harry and Katy - Haty.“

George nodded.

„As I was saying…“, Charlie continued with the story while George was still chuckling a bit, „The media and the fans are very much against their relationship, but Harry and Katy still hang out. And the boys and Katy even go clubbing together. As they all get a little drunk, Katy sleeps at Harry's bachelor pad.“

„And by sleeping,“, I asked, „you mean, like a one night stand?“

„Something like that, yes.“, Charlie answered, „they wake up in a same bed, and agree that its best to keep that as a secret.“

Yes, of course. All romance movies are completely the same. I rolled my eyes while Charlie kept talking. „But, Harry cant really hide that something is bothering him from his best mates. A day later, they go to New York, and Harry shares the secret with them. Then, they tell Harry that Katy is in love with him. He finally realizes that he should have admitted that he is in love with her too, and thinks that its too late for that now. After One Direction come back to London a week later, Harry asks Katy on a proper date and they finally admit their feelings towards each other.“

Tipical love story. A little too ordinary and expected if you ask me.

„Wow, that is really complicated.“, a boy with blonde hair, Niall, commented.

„Yea. A true love story.“, Louis added with a smirk.

„And what happens next?“ Zayn asks, clearly interested in the plot.

„Well“, Charlie relaxed in his chair, „they start to date secretly, but after some time, they realize that its too hard. Their relationship is simply impossible. The media and the fans make it too hard and complicated. So, they choose to have a happy and succesful career instead, and break up.“

My jaw slightly dropped and I couldnt believe it. Forget what I said. I did not expect this. At all.

„And thats it?“ Liam asked, unconvinced.

„Yes. Simple as that.“, Charlie answered. „What do you all think?“

„Love story with a strong message.“, Harry said.

„Strong message?“ I asked, confused. What's the message - „give up?“

„Yes.“, Harry started, his smile fading away, „their love isnt possible because they cant have a normal private life. The fame is getting in the way.“

„Excatly.“, Charlie confirmed with a proud smile.

„So, Charlotte“, George looked at me, „since you have a lot of experience, this wont be so hard for you. And thats why you will need to help Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn with this. This is their first movie.“

„Thank you“, I said with a smile, „and I will.“

„We will start with practice right away.“, George said. „We dont have much time, so tomorrow we will be going through the first scene. Unfortunately, I wont be here. But, Charlie and my assistant will help you.“

„And“, Charlie added, „I would like that you all read the script. I know, you dont have much time, but still… Get to know with the story. Unite with your character!...“

George interrupted Charlie, clearing his throat. Then he started talking instead. „Yes. And also, the last thing that I have to say is that, this movie is a secret now. Everybody are very curious about it, especially your fans“, he looked at One Direction and then at me, „every interviewer will ask you something about it, and you cant tell them anything besides the fact that we are making a movie. Okay?“

He was very serious about this. We all nodded and he slightly smiled.

„In that case“, he said, „thats it for today. Charlie?“

„I dont have anything to add.“, Charlie said.

We all slowly got up and said our goodbyes. George and Charlie were still discussing about something, while everyone else left the room.

Niall held the door for me and I smiled. I exited the room and walked in the hallway. While Harry, Liam and Zayn were talking about something, Niall and Louis were behind them, on my right side.

„So...“, Louis looked towards me, „how are you today?“

„Im good. How about you guys?“

This was one of those awkward conversations... I didnt know really what to say, because I actually didnt knew them.

„Just fine.“, Louis replied.

 „Would you like to go on a lunch with us?“ Niall asked me with a polite smile. „I mean, if you are free now...“

„Sure. Im starving!“ I said and then smiled back.

He relaxed and chuckled.

„Since we are working on a movie together, we need to know that you are not some kind of a freak or something…“, Louis added.

I chuckled. „Right back at you!“

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