Head vs. heart

Charlotte is a great actress with a busy career. Her life is filled with happiness, friends and love. She has everything that she can absolutely need. But, what will happen when her perfect boyfriend Oliver cheats on her? Will she, the next time she falls in love with someone, listen her head or follow her heart?

This is my first story here, please tell me if you like it? Updates will be every Friday :)


8. Right time

I yawned as I took my coffee and opened a cupboard above my head. After a second of thinking, I took my favorite chocolate chip cookies and went in the living room. I put everything on my coffee table and sat down on my black, leather couch. I took the remote and turned on the tv. Cartoons. Perfect.

I yawned again and softly rubbed my eyes with my fingers. I took my iPhone and looked on the clock. 7:56 a.m., Friday. The best day in the whole week, right? It seems to me that this week flew by. With all those rehearsals… But, I gotta say Im surprised. The boys are good actors and Im actually having a great time! They are funny, sweet and incredibly loud. Im not sure about the next week though, because then we start with the scenes me and Harry are kissing, snogging and things like that. It will probably be a little awkward... Their fans, on the other hand, arent so laid back about this movie. They try their best to find out the plot of the movie and they are so excited. Hyper even. They have some good ideas though. And very big imagination. I mean, yea, my fans are excited too, but not this much.

I took a cookie and a sip of my coffee and tried to focus on the tv. I think way too much about this movie.

I almost fell asleep again, but then I heard phone ringing. Its not mine tough. I looked around the room and stood up to find it. I followed the sound and came in the kitchen. It was on the table. And its Olly's phone. He came yesterday to see me. The phone was still ringing so I decided to pick up. I didnt even looked who is calling him.

Big mistake, by the way. Altough I was very glad after a few months that I answered that call. It actually made my life better.

„Hello?“ I said awkwardly.

„Uhm… Hi?“ I heard an unfamiliar female voice on the other line.

„Who is this?“ I asked confused.

„Amy. And who are you?“ she said with an unfriendly tone.

Amy? I dont know a girl named Amy. Who is this? Maybe she works with Olly?

„Im Charlotte.“, I said while still trying to figure out with whom am I talking with.

„Oh... Is Olly here?“ she asked, with annoyance in her voice. Did she know me?

„I think he is asleep. But you can leave him a message if you want?“

„Sure.“, she sighed.

„What should I tell him?“ I asked.

„Tell him…“, she stopped and then continued after a few seconds, „that I really miss him and that I had a great time in Dublin. But, as much as I love casual sex, he didnt keep his promise and thats why Im breaking up with him.“

„What?“ I asked, confused. Is this some kind of a lame joke?

„Listen sweetie, he cheated on you. I had a great time with him though, he is a tiger in bed.“, he giggled and then chuckled.

Before she could say anything else, I started talking. „Who the fuck are you?“

She didnt said anything, she just hung up. A million questions were roaming around in my mind. Im hoping this is just some kind of joke. A very bad one. No, this is not true. Olly wouldnt do that. No...

I heard loud steps coming down the stairs. Thats probably him.

„Good morning.“, he said and walked towards me with a sleepy smile on his face.

„Morning.“, I said simply.

„Were you talking with someone?“ he asked while taking a mug for his coffee. His back was facing me.

„Yes. I talked with Amy.“, I said bitterly and folded my arms.

He turned to look at me, and he was clearly taken back. He got really nervous, but tried to hide it. His shoulders got really tense.

„Oh yea?“ he asked and poured some coffee in his mug.

„So you two are friends?“ I asked and he finally looked at me.

„Yea… “, he said carefully after he sighed.

„Who is she?“ I asked, getting more nervous with every word that I have said.

„What did she want?“ he changed the subject, which made my heart drop. He is avoiding the subject, he doesnt want to tell me who she is.

„She left you a message.“, I said with my arms still folded beneath my chest.

„She did?“ he asked but didnt seemed surprised.

„What the fuck, Olly?“ I asked calmly, not raising my voice.

He sighed again and looked at the floor. He looked me in the yes and took my hand, but I snapped it away from him. Something felt wrong...

„Please sit.“, he said calmly.

„No, I will not sit down. Tell me.“, I said, anger taking all over my body. I really hope my thoughts right now arent true... I really hope Im wrong.

„What did she tell you? She is lying…“, he said.

„What are you hiding?!“ I raised my voice.

„I...“, he breathed out and then looked at the floor. He didnt want to face me.

And thats when it hit me. He looked guilty, not wanting to look me in the eyes, so tensed up and nervous. Tears were building up in my eyes but I tried to fight it.

That bitch was right…

„You cheated on me, you asshole! How could you?!“ I completely lost it. I was yelling at him, but he didnt said anything. He didnt said anything to defend himself. He didnt even try.

„How long?“ I asked him, still fighting with my tears.

„I…“, he started again but quickly gave up, „Over a month.“

A tear escaped my eye and my jaw slightly dropped. Over a month? Over a whole fucking month?! And I didnt notice anything?!

 „Wh-what?“ I managed to say.

I felt like someone stabbed me in the stomach with a knife, like someone slapped me and pushed me to the floor. And then kept kicking me. I walked over to the table and sat. I tried to catch my breath, because I couldnt breathe normally. I couldnt even say a word. This is the worst feeling ever… And I cant believe it… I cant believe he did something like this to me. Did I do something wrong? Or he didnt love me at all?

„Why?“ I asked, almost whispered.

 „I… Im…“, he started to stutter.

„Say it already! What?! You didnt love me?“ I dont know if I was more sad or pissed off right now. And I dont know how did I managed to speak. My chest was burning and suffocating me.

„Im in love with her.“, he said, looking at the floor.

I sobbed and another tear escaped my eye, and I was just staring at him. This horrible pain just got even bigger. My heart was in a million pieces. It just broke, like it was made of glass. He crushed it. And then stomped on it.

 „At first, we were just… You know… Shagging. But later…“, he said.

„Okay, enough! I dont want to know your whole love story!“ I wiped my tears with my hand.

„Lottie…“, he walked towards me and tried to take my hand and hug me, but I snapped my hand away from his and turned around, so he couldnt see my tear stained face and probably already red eyes.

„This whole time…“, I sobbed and then continued, „This was all a lie? You didnt love me at all? I feel like a total idiot right now! You have been lying in my face!“ I yelled at him.

 „Lottie… Im so sorry… I loved you but…“, he said with a pleading voice.

„Dont! Just save it!“ I snapped at him.

„I meant to tell you… But I couldnt find the right time…“

„What?! You lying bastard! Couldnt find the right time?!“ I turned to him.

„Listen…“, he started.

„No! You fucking listen! You have five minutes to take all your shit from here and get the hell out! I dont want to see you ever again! Do you understand me?!“ I yelled at him and ran to the bathroom.

I closed the doors and just sat on the floor. Tears were streaming down my face and my vision was blurry. I closed my eyes and the first thing I saw was his face. His blonde, messy hair and his beautiful eyes. His perfect, soft lips and his amazing body. His amazing personality, patience, kindness, his incredibly good laugh and really bad attempts of trying to make a joke. I love him, but Im disgusted right now. How many times did I kiss him while he was thinking about someone else? How many times did he shag someone else while I was at home, waiting for him?

I sobbed once again and covered my face with my hands. My head started to hurt like hell and my face was hot. My eyes were red and puffy and I probably looked like complete mess.

Suddenly, I heard someone enter the house. But, I just kept sitting there. After a good minute of just looking at the floor and crying, I heard a knock on my door and immediately thought it was Olly.

„Leave me alone you dickhead!“ I shouted, my voice cracking.

„Lottie? Are you okay?“ I heard Will asking.

„No…“, I whispered.

„What happend? Open the door!“ he banged on the door.

I sighed, got up and stood in front of the door. I wiped my face and took a big breath. I opened the door to let him in, but quickly turned around so he couldnt see my face.

„Lottie! Oh my God, are you okay?!“ he asked.

I didnt said anything, I just wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. He rubbed my back softy to comfort me and I just kept crying.

„Its gonna be okay Lottie… Im here…“, he whispered in my ear.

After some time, I pulled away and forced myself to stop crying. I went over to the sink and splashed water on my face. I took a towel and pressed it softly on my face.

„Why did you come here?“ I asked while turning my face to Will and putting the towel down.

„You are supposed to drive me today, remember?“ he chuckled slightly, but then looked at the floor. „But, we can have a day off today. Right?“

„Yea…“, I said with a sigh.

„So, what happend?“ he asked carefully. His eyebrows were furrowed, his face worried.

„Olly…“, I sighed, „he cheated on me… His whore called and told me.“

„What?!“, his face quickly changed from worried to pissed, „Is he here?!“

„Yea… But…“

He didnt give me a chance to finish my sentence and he stormed out of the bathroom. I quickly walked out and tried to catch him. He got upstairs and came to my room with big steps.

„Will!“ I shouted and ran to stop him.

„You fucking asshole!“ Will yelled at Olly and walked towards him.

„Oh, piss off!“ Olly yelled back.

I just stood there looking at both of them. They were both visibly pissed and Im pretty sure Will was trying to kill Olly with his eyes. In one moment, I could see Will's fist meeting Olly's face, and just one second later, Olly was already on the floor.

„Will! No!“ I ran to him and pulled his arm.

Olly was still laying on the floor, holding his nose and cheek. Blood was running from his nose and I looked away. I dont stand blood. And I think I cant stand his face now either. I was standing between the two of them and facing Will.

„Are you fucking crazy?!“ I heard Olly yelling at Will.

„No, Im perfectly good, you cheating bastard!“ Will yelled back and I had to hold him away from Olly.

„Will. Stop.“, I looked him in the eyes.

„Yea, youre right. That jerk is not worth it.“, Will said and turned away.

I looked behind me at the floor were Olly was laying few seconds ago, but he was gone. I glanced to the bathroom and realized he was there. I sighed and walked to the hallway where Will was pacing.

„Im gonna kill him!“ he yelled.

„Stop it!“ I yelled back. He was really out of control.

„Im sorry, I just…“, he started and finally stopped pacing like a maniac.

„Its okay…“, I interrupted him.

„How are you feeling?“ he looked at me. „Dont worry, Im here now.“

He came up to me and hugged me. Thats when I started to cry again. I closed my eyes and let the tears just stream down my face. I sobbed a few times. Will was just hugging me tightly and rubbing my back.

 „I have to help him...“, I whispered.

„You dont need to do anything for that...“, he started, angrily.

„Will.“, I pulled out of the hug.

He nodded. „Im right outside.“

I walked in my room again and the first thing I saw was Olly's things on my bed. There were a few stains of blood on the floor, and I avoided them while walking to the bathroom. Blood wasnt running from his nose anymore, but he looked horrible.

„I have a first aid kit if…“ I started but Olly soon interrupted me.

„No. I just want you to know that… I have loved you from the day that we first saw each other…“, he was looking at me in the eyes. „I know this was very stupid of me… And I hope that one day, you will forgive me and that we could be friends. You were my first love and a great friend, and I made a terrible mistake. You dont deserve this... Im really sorry. “, Olly said, not breaking eye contact.

I sighed. „You and I both know thats bullshit. And I dont want any kind of relationship with you anymore. As far as Im concerned, from now on, you are stranger to me.“

„But…“, he interrupted me, and then I interrupted him.

„You know where the doors are, walk yourself out.“, I said coldly.

He stood there for a second, just looking at me.

„Are you deaf?“ Will asked him in an annoyed tone.

I turned my head and saw him behind me.

„Fine. Goodbye Lottie. I hope you change your mind.“, Olly said and walked out.

After he walked out of my room, I heard him walk down the stairs and slam the front doors shut. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I tried to fight the tears, but I couldnt. One tear rolled down my cheek. And then I realized one part of my life, one incredibly beautiful part of my life, was gone. He walked out of the door. Just like that.

I opened my eyes and when I walked out of the bathroom to my room, I noticed some of Olly's stuff in the corner of the room too. They were in a brown, carton box. Mostly CD's, shirts and some other crap. I took the rest of his clothes on my bed and took the box. Then I went over to my window.

„Hey asshole! You forgot something!“ I yelled at Olly, who was walking away.

He turned around and looked at me. He walked towards the house and after a few seconds, he was standing under my window.

I took the box and casually threw it out of the window. All the memories we made together were in that box. Pictures flashed in my mind when I saw all those thing flying to the ground. All the laughs, the great times... Everything was in the past now. After a few seconds, all those precious memories were now laying on the grass. Olly looked sad, frustrated.


While Will was beside me, dying of laughter. He lifted his arm for me to give him a high five. I gladly accepted and then sighed.

„I guess I deserved that.“, I heard Olly.

I looked him one last time. He was looking back at me, with his big blue eyes with his sad puppy face. I closed the window and sat on my bed.

„Feeling better now?“ Will asked while chuckling.

„Kinda.“, I said and couldnt help but chuckle myself.

He sat beside me and I immediately hugged him. I needed a hug. Tears escaped my eyes once again and I felt empty.

Abandoned and betrayed.

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