Head vs. heart

Charlotte is a great actress with a busy career. Her life is filled with happiness, friends and love. She has everything that she can absolutely need. But, what will happen when her perfect boyfriend Oliver cheats on her? Will she, the next time she falls in love with someone, listen her head or follow her heart?

This is my first story here, please tell me if you like it? Updates will be every Friday :)


5. Lies...

I layed down on the couch and yawned. I took my iPhone from the coffee table. 11:15 a.m. I slept so much! I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv.  

I immediately saw her. She was laughing along with the lady who was sitting next to her. Oh… I remember. She mentioned this interview few days ago.

„So, Charlotte…“, the lady started, „You and Oliver…?“

Lottie smiled and looked at the floor. Then she looked up at the lady and started talking with the same, big smile stretched across her face. Her cheeks were bright pink and her eyes were big and happy.

„He is just… Amazing. I really love him and I dont know what would I do without him! I know, we had some problems, but we are great now and Im really happy.“

I just couldnt watch this. Everything was reminding me on her for the last few days and I just couldnt take it anymore! I turned off the tv and sighed. I completely closed my eyes. Her piercing green eyes and shiny blonde hair immediately popped up in my mind.

„Olly!“ I heard Amy call my name.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I gotta stop.

„Come back to bed! Its cold without you!“ she giggled when she said the last part and I stood up and went in the bedroom.

I layed down on the bed and looked at her. She was a firm opposite of Lottie. At least on the outside. Her brown hair was always curly and her light, blue eyes are the first thing I noticed on her. She didnt have any clothes on, but her thin body was covered with hotel sheets.

„What is it?“ she asked with a small smile.

„Nothing.“, I smiled softly and kissed her on the cheek.

She layed on me and wrapped her arms around my waist. Her chin was on my chest and she was looking at me deep in the eyes.

„Im hungry.“, she said.

„I can order room service.“, I responded simply.

„I dont want room service… I wanna go out. With you.“

Oh… I already see where this is going…

I sighed. „You know that we cant do that…“

„I know…“, she started to play with my hair. „But… Where is this going Olly?“

„What do you mean?“ I asked, altough I knew exactly what she meant.

„When will you break up with her?“ she sat up on the bed and her smile was gone.

I sighed once again, but she was still looking at me and waiting for an answer.

„I…“, I started, „I dont know, Amy…“

She glared at me and stood up, still covering herself with white sheets. I quickly stood up too, but she already locked herself in the bathroom. I went over to the bathroom doors and knocked.

„Leave me alone!“ she shouted.

„Amy…“, I sat on the floor in front of the bathroom because I knew it will take awhile before she gets out, „I thought you didnt want a real relationship… You said that yourself…“

„I know what I said!“ she snapped at me, „But, still… We are always stuck in hotel rooms!“

„Is this really that important?“ I rubbed my forehead and quietly let out a breath.

„Yes it is!“, she yelled, „Are you such an ass that you dont understand Im in love with you?!“ she yelled in frustration.

„What?“ I got up and looked at the doors.

I could hear her sigh and she slowly opened the bathroom doors. I looked at her. I did notice things have changed between us, but I never thought she wanted a real relationship. At first, we just had sex. But then, we started talking more and we joked around… And I gotta admit… I really like her too. I started to care more about her and see her even more about two weeks ago. I never said what I felt, but thats just because our relationship isnt really possible right now.

„I…“, she looked down on the floor, „I shouldnt have said that…“

„No.“, I lifted her chin up and smiled at her. „Im glad you did. Because… I think Im in love with you too.“

„What?“ she said with a soft smile.

„I want you, Amy. I want you to be mine. I wanna hold hands with you and kiss you whenever I want.“, I smiled.

„Are you trying to say that…“, her voice was full of hope.

„Yes... I want you to be my girlfriend.“

Before she could say anything, I kissed her and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Her sheets fell on the floor and she pushed me on the bed again. She layed on me and her bare skin on mine was making me really hot right now. But then, she pulled away and smiled.

„If thats the case… We gotta clear up some things.“ she said and rolled over so she wasnt on top of me anymore.

„What things?“

„First, Im gonna dress up and then we will talk.“, she said as she grabbed her clothes and went in the bathroom.

„But, wait! I thought we were gonna… Can we talk later?“

„No.“, she said, „Now its the perfect time to talk.“, she chuckled.


I put on a shirt and my favorite jeans and a pair of black converse. I was done. I sat on the couch and Amy came few seconds later.

„Room service?“ I asked her with a hotel phone in my hand.

She sighed. „Sure.“

I ordered something for breakfast altought it was almost lunch time. We went outside on the balcony. It was a little chilly, but still nice weather. We were both looking the amazing view and we didnt said a word.

After a few minutes, Amy broke the silence. „I just have to ask you a question, and I want you to be honest.“

She looked at me and I nodded.

„Of course.“, I said.

Amy took a big breath and looked me in the eyes with a serious face.

„Are you still in love with her?“

„In love with who?“

„Dont play dumb.“, she said but then repeated her question, „Are you still in love with Charlotte?“

„To be honest…“, I started, „No. Im not in love with her anymore.“

And that really is the truth. I mean it and I can honestly say that I dont love her anymore.

When I first met Lottie, I immediately fell for her. It really was a love at first sight. I worked hard to catch her attention and when I finally did, I was the happiest man alive. We started going out, and one thing naturally went to another… In a few months, we became inseperable. And I literally mean that. We couldnt last a day without talking to each other. She was my first true love.

But, like in every happy love story, something went wrong. I cant really say what, but I think it was just too many problems at once. The media, our careers… One temptation lead to another. And somewhere in that period of time, I just… I started to lose my love for her. You are probably wondering why are we back together then. Well… I hate to admit this because this sounds really selfish… But, since I have been dating Lottie… My career is doing incredibly great and Im so popular. I just love it. I really need this to boost my career...

And here we are now. Together again. Cutest couple in the world, right? More broken than ever, altough we wont admit that.

„Olly!“ Amy's voice woke me up from my daydream. „Are you still here with me?“

I smiled and looked at her as she chuckled. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the doors.

„Oh, thats probably room service…“, I said.

„I will get it.“, Amy said and then got up.

She came back with breakfast and put it on the table between us.

„So, I have a feeling we are not done with this talk yet.“, I said with a smile as I took a bite of my pancake.

„Yea, you are right.“, Amy said and then chuckled.

„What is it?“ I got serious.

„Then… If you are not in love with her, I want you to break up with her.“

Well, thats Amy. Incredibly direct, knows what she wants and she always gets everything. But, I gotta admit, she has every right to ask this.

„I get it. And dont worry about it.“, I smiled at her.

„So, you are gonna break up with her?“ her voice was sharp.

„Yes. But…“, I tried to explain.

She interrupted me with a sigh. „What is it now?“

„When I break up with her, the media cant see us together so soon.“

She just continued eating, not looking at me, so I started talking again.

„I gotta be careful with my reputation. My career is very important to me.“

„Yea. Fine.“, she still didnt look at me.

 „Can I see that amazing smile?“ I asked her and smiled at her. She smiled and finally looked me in the eyes. She shook her head.

„Thats much better.“, I took a sip of my coffee.

Then, I heard my phone. I got up. „Excuse me for a second…“

I went over to the coffee table in the living room. I took the call without even looking who is calling me. Stupid of me.


„Hi babe!“ I heard Lottie on the other line.

„Hi! How are you?“ I asked, startled.

„Great! Just finished my interview. Im just calling because I miss you…“

„Yea…“, I started but then I saw Amy in front of me. She was waving her hands and saying that I should break up with her now.

„Olly?“ Lottie brought me back in reality.

„Uhm… Sorry. I meant to say that I miss you too.“

„Am I interrupting a meeting?“ she asked.

„No, its okay. Im just tired and all…“, I turned away so I couldnt see Amy on the balcony.

„So, what are you doing?“ Lottie asked.

„Uhm… Im just in my hotel room… Eating and resting...“, I mumbled.

Suddenly, Amy hugged me from behind. I pulled out of the hug and walked around trying to avoid her. She kept whispering that I should break up with her now.

I am a really bad boyfriend, I know, but I would never do that. Its a terrible feeling when somebody breaks up with you through phone or message. I sure know that…

„Sorry Lottie, but can I please call you later?“ I asked with a pleading voice.

„Oh… Sure.“, she sounded disappointed.

„I have another call.“, I made an excuse.

„Yea, its okay.“, her voice was soft. I really felt terrible about myself.

„Bye.“ I hung up before she could say anything and sighed.

This is so messed up.

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