Head vs. heart

Charlotte is a great actress with a busy career. Her life is filled with happiness, friends and love. She has everything that she can absolutely need. But, what will happen when her perfect boyfriend Oliver cheats on her? Will she, the next time she falls in love with someone, listen her head or follow her heart?

This is my first story here, please tell me if you like it? Updates will be every Friday :)


4. Lets get started

Ugh. I hate Mondays. Who likes them anyway?! I had to get up early and Im already driving! Waking up before 9 a.m. should be illegal. And Im not even joking about that. Damn! I need coffee. Or a comfy bed. Or both! I sighed as I stopped my black Audi, waiting in front of another traffic light. When I finally saw a green light I stepped on the gas pedal and drove off. I cursed under my breath every time that I had to stop. It was a 10-minute drive, but I swear, it lasted forever.

I pulled over in front of the huge house and honked. Will got out almost instantly.

His car is, well... In a very bad shape. Actually, it looks like its been through several wars. With nuclear weapons. But thats Will's fault. He is driving terribly. So, since Im already passing by his house, I promised to give him a lift o he doesnt have to take a taxi. Im incredibly nice, I know.

 „Good morning sunshine! How did you sleep?“ Will shouted as he got in the car. He had a huge smile on his face.

„Oh, bite me.“, I said as I drove off.

„Someone is a little bitchy today.“, he chuckled.

„Not me, thats for sure.“, I added bitterly.

„So, what are you doing today?“ he asked with the same huge smile.

„Did you got laid last night? Or are you on drugs?“ I glanced at him and managed to see that he is wearing jeans, black shirt and a big smile.

„Im just in a good mood! Its a beautiful, sunny day!“ he looked through the window. It really was a beautiful day.

„Good for you.“, I said as I stoopped in front of another traffic light and sighed.

„You still didnt answered.“, Will reminded me.

„Oh. Right. And Im not going to.“, I checked how much time is it and cursed again.

„Why not?“ he laughed at me.

„Because I dont wanna talk about it.“

„Interview?“ he asked simpathetically.

„Meeting for a new movie. With One Direction.“, I said bitterly.

„One Direction? Really?“


„And you arent excited at all?“ he was surprised.

„No. Why would I be excited? I dont wanna do this.“, I sighed.

I glanced at him and saw he was really confused now.

„And why not?“ he asked.

„Its complicated.“

Actually, it wasnt. I just didnt want to do it. Like I explained to Lilly, I dont wanna act in some childish movie. This is a tipical teenage-popstar-sucky movie and nobody will take it seriously. Thats the complete opposite from what I want.

I turned up the music so me and Will didnt talk for the rest of the ride. He got the hint and didnt tried to talk to me once. After a few minutes of traffic jam, we were finally here. I parked my car and took my purse. I got out of the car and almost got blinded from the sun. After I found my sunglasses in my purse, I locked my precious Audi and walked off.

„Are we going to Starbucks? I really want coffee!“ Will said.

„You too, huh?“ I smiled for the first time today.

I know Im probably already late, but I cant function properly without coffee in the morning. We walked in and I smiled again, smelling the fresh coffee. Im addicted, I know. After we ordered, we quickly got out. Some fans noticed me and started to take pictures, so its best if we go. I put on my sunglasses again and started to walk down the street. Will was walking by my side, sipping his frapuccino.

 „I heard they are really cheeky.“, Will broke the silence between us.

„Who?“ I furrowed my eyebrows.

„One Direction.“, he had a smirk on his face.

„Oh. No need to worry about that. Im taken.“, I said with a smile. I took a sip of my coffee and burned my tongue. I cursed under my breath, again. Will noticed, so he laughed at me.

„Well, let me know what they're like.“, Will said.

„You want to know?“ I looked at him suspiciously.

„Yea. I wanna know if all that crap in the newspapers is true.“

I laughed and shook my head. Mostly none of the crap in the newspapers is true.

I looked to my clock and hurried my pace. Im rarely late, because I hate it! I just hate when people wait for me. Im not like those big stars who get late on purpose. I really dont see any logic in that.

„Well, you just run, but I have to go.“, Will said and smiled.

I waved at him. „Bye!“

„See you!“ he waved back and walked across the road.

When I came in front of the huge building, there was a massive group of screaming girls on the entrance. I guess One Direction is already here. I looked at the clock once again. I really have to hurry up!

Few minutes later, I finally came. I entered the huge room with a smile.

„Hello! Im really sorry Im late!“ I said and immediately saw Lilly.

„Finally! Come and sit.“, she said.

Like I said before, the room was huge. I sat at the white, round table on a red, comfy chair. Nobody really bothered that I was late, because I noticed a few people are even more late than me. I think that everyone were in a good mood. On the other side of the room, there was a blue piano and acoustic guitar. Near the guitar, there were black and white bean bags and another table, but a very small one.

„Im Charlotte, nice to meet you.“, I said towards the 5 boys, their manager, the director, his assistant and casting director of the movie, altough they know who I am. Wow, that sounds so cocky. They all introduced themselves, altough I already knew their names too.

„Now that we are all here…“, George started with a small smile, „well… at least most of us… We can start.“

George is a nice, middle aged man with brown hair and a big belly. He is the director of the movie. I never worked with him before, but I heard a lot of stuff about him. Mostly that he is very calm, funny and very good at his job. I hope thats true.

„Im gonna skip the introducion part and all that, and go straight to the point so we dont lose any more time. The reason we dont have an actors audition for this movie is very simple.“, he said and then cleared his throat.  

„This movie is based on an unpublished novel of a very great writer Charlie Robinson, who is not here yet. He wants One Direction for this movie, because the novel is actually based on their lives. He wont accept any other actors. And, he also thinks Charlotte would be the best for this. So, if you six dont agree to act in this movie, which I think would be a great succes, it wont be made at all. Simple as that.“, he was now looking at us.

Bam. Just like that. Did I mention he is very straightforward?

„Are you all in?“, he asked with a smile.

Oh, damn. And I thought I would somehow make an excuse not to act in this. And now Im stuck. Maybe there is some way out of this...

„We would love to.“, I turned my head to see who is talking and saw Liam.

The other boys agreed and they thought it was a great idea. Then, everybody sitting at the table looked at me, waiting to hear my opinion.

„So, Charlotte? What do you think?“ George asked.

„Uhm… I think that…“, I looked at George and saw a bright smile on his face.

I have a feeling my dream of becoming a serious drama and thriller actress is going to wait. For a long time. And I also have a really bad feeling about this… All eyes in the room were on me, waiting for me to say something.

„I would really love to... But, Im very busy at the moment.“, I made an „im sorry“ face and shrugged my shoulders. Looks like everyone were buying it. Huh, I really am good at acting.

„Actually...“, Lilly started, so everybody turned their attention towards her. But, I was the only one glaring while looking at her. „After a few interviews and some other things, you'll be free as a bird. You just need to take care of a few more things regarding to your latest movie.“

All heads in the room again turned to me. I smiled and cleared my throat.

„In that case... I think this movie will be awesome.“, I said and a fake smile stretched on my face.

„This was easier than I thought!“ George said and a few people chuckled.

Lilly gave me a „thumbs up“, but I glared at her again. I know I shouldnt have come here. It was a really bad idea.

George was talking about something, but I didnt payed attention. Luckily, his phone interrupted him.

„Im sorry, I will be right back!“ he said and answered his call. He walked out of the room, talking on his phone.

I slouched back in my chair and sighed. Everyone started talking already the same second George walked out of that door.

„Hello.“, Harry turned his attention to me. He was sitting on my left.

„Hi.“, I smiled back.

„You know, something tells me you didnt really want to act in this movie.“, he was still smiling.

„Lets say you are kinda right.“, I smiled politely.

„Why not?“ he was curious.

„Lets just change the subject, can we?“ I tried to be nice.

„Fine.“, he agreed and chuckled. „Lets talk about you.“

„About me?“ I asked.

„Yea. I mean, you are so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line.“, he said with an incredible smile.

I laughed. „Im not buying that.“

„Yea, you are right.“, he nodded his head, „I actually have a few in my mind.“

I laughed again and playfully shook my head. He smiled at me so I could see his dimples and pearly white teeth.

„Do you ever pick up women with horrible lines like that?“ I asked him.

„Actually… I do.“, he smiled.

„Well, it didnt work this time.“, I chuckled at him.

„Really? Oh, too bad.“, he faked a sad face.

„So, you really are the cheeky one?“ I asked with a smile.

„Im much more than that, love.“, he was still smiling and really enjoying this.

Right when I wanted to say something, George entered the room and sat on his chair again.

„Sorry. Im back now.“, he said.

Everyone went silent again and we were all looking at him.

 „Well, we dont have anything else to discuss about. Im glad that you accepted this offer. I think this could be a huge success if we do it right.“

He smiled and looked at his expensive clock.

„You will all get the script, and I expect you read it until Monday. And on Monday we will hopefully see each other again on the set.“

His assistant gave us a copy of the script. Oh my God! How many pages are there?!

„I must go now.“, he started to put his things in his big, black briefcase, „I have a good feeling about this!“

He stood up with a smile and his assistant followed him. In a few seconds, they were already outside.

„Looks like we are done!“ Lilly said. „Are we going?“

„Yea, sure.“, I stood up. The others were ready to go too.

 „You see! Everything worked out pretty well!“ Lilly said with a smile when we got out of the room.

„Yea. Brilliant.“, I said sarcastically and walked down the stairs.

This is gonna be the worst movie in my life.


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