Head vs. heart

Charlotte is a great actress with a busy career. Her life is filled with happiness, friends and love. She has everything that she can absolutely need. But, what will happen when her perfect boyfriend Oliver cheats on her? Will she, the next time she falls in love with someone, listen her head or follow her heart?

This is my first story here, please tell me if you like it? Updates will be every Friday :)


7. Friends

George was talking and talking... But, of course, I wasnt listening. I was so distracted and tired, because our rehearsals were extremely long today... Charlie wants everything to be perfect, and it was really hard to act like he wanted. He thinks details are very important, and I totally agree with that, but he gave us too much rules and guidelines. I hate it.

George clapped his hands once and I snapped out of my daydream.

 „Thats it for today. I see that you are all tired. See you tomorrow!“ George said with a smile.

Thank you God! I looked on my clock. 17:35 o'clock. These rehearsals are always so long and exhausting… I checked my iPhone, but I didnt had any texts or missed calls. I put it in my purse and pulled out my sunglasses. Its one of those rare sunny days in London and Im really enjoying it. Besides, I have huge blue bags under my eyes...

„Dinner?“ Niall asked while putting on his jacket.

„Why not?“ I said and smiled.

However, what really surprises me is that me and the boys have been out together very often. Its Wednesday now, so that means exactly two weeks passed since we met. We became very good friends. They are really nice guys and I always have fun when Im with them. I forget about all worries and problems. And we have a lot of things in common. But, what I really like about them is that they are really normal and casual. That sounds weird, but I didnt expect that they would be so nice and kind with all the fame they have to handle with.

I returned to reality again when I heard that Louis shouted my name while waving in front of my face.

„Oh, sorry.“, I said and he chuckled.

„Ready to go?“ he asked.

„Yup. Lets go.“ I replied and smiled.

We all left the set and went towards the elevator. Filming didnt start yet, but it will soon. We need to practice a little more and get it just right. I mean, we need to act like Charlie wants us to.

I heard a loud „Ding!“ from the elevator and we all went in. Luckily, we were alone so we had a lot of space. Im claustrophobic, but Im too lazy to walk down the stairs. Big problem. Im also scared of high places, snakes, sharks, any kind of bugs, anything that could eat me, dark, thunder, horror movies… Etc… Im actually scared of lot of things. Thats bad, right?

I heard another „Ding!“ and I was the first one out of the elevator.

„Bye guys! See you tomorrow!“ Zayn said and waved.

„Where is he going?“ I asked, confused.

„Perrie.“, Niall said and chuckled.

„Yea, Im going too! Bye!“ Liam said.

„He is going too?“

„Yea. You clearly missed the whole conversation in the elevator.“, Louis said.

We said our goodbyes while exiting the building and they walked away. Paps and a big crowd of fans were, of course, outside and after we signed a few autographs, me, Niall, Harry and Louis started to walk down the street.

„So, where are we going?“ Harry asked.

Cameras flashed around us, fans were following us, but we ignored that. I think we were all too tired to care.

„There is a nice restaurant…“, Louis started but Niall cut him off.

„McDonalds!“ Niall yelled.

„Oh, not that again…“, Louis said and groaned.

„Come on!“ Niall pleaded. „Harry? Back me up!“

„I dont know.“, Harry said while looking at the floor, „Lottie?“

„Uhm… Whatever.“, I said with a sigh.

„Are you okay? You look like something is bothering you…“, Niall said while looking at me.

„Im… Fine.“, I said and then changed the subject. „McDonalds!“

„Lets go!“ Niall said and already opened the doors.

Louis sighed and followed, and then me and Harry got in. I felt a familiar smell of fries almost instantly and took off my sunglasses. We stood in the line for a minute before we ordered. I ordered chrispy chicken McWrap, fries, salad, water and milkshake, Louis and Harry ordered burgers, fries and shakes, while Niall ordered almost the whole menu. I started eating the second I sat down, because I was starving, while they were chatting and eating like normal people. I noticed people around us were staring a little, but I didnt know if they stared because I was eating like an animal or if they were staring because of who we are.

I really need to work on my manners.

„You are unbelieveably quiet today Char.“, Louis said while chewing.

I swallowed and looked at him. „I told you not to call me like that.“

„So?“ he asked with a cheeky grin.

„You are such an asshole.“, I said with a mouth full of chicken and he chuckled.

„Someone is in a bad mood today.“, he said, still with a same grin on his face.

„Oh, just leave me alone.“, I said and took a sip of my vanilla milkshake.

„Are you really okay?“ Niall asked again, concerned a bit.

I sighed and took another sip of my shake. „Kinda.“

„Whats wrong?“ Harry asked and furrowed his eyebrows.

„Nothing special… Just Olly…“ I sighed and took a another bite of my McWrap.

„Troubles in paradise?“ Louis asked and raised his eyebrows, still with his smile. I swear, sometimes I think he never stops smiling.

„Its not a paradise anymore.“, I answered. Before they could ask anything, I changed the subject. „Lets talk about brighter themes. How do you like the movie so far?“

I put on a fake smile on my face and looked at them. I think they werent buying it, because they were all studying my face with furrowed eyebrows.

„Why are you changing the subject?“ Louis asked, his smile gone.

Lou is always honest and he will ask you anything that crosses his mind. Sure, he respects other peoples privacy, but his questions can really poke a nerve sometime.

Like this, for example.

„Because I dont wanna talk about it.“, I looked him dead in the eyes and he nodded, then looked away. He was annoyed.

„The movie is better than I expected would be.“, Niall broke the awkward silence.

„Yea… Uhm…“, Harry cleared his throat, „Its pretty good actually.“

„You like the kissing part, dont you?“ Louis asked him. His grin was back.

„Dont forget the sex scene.“, Niall added.

„Oh you two are so immature!“ Harry said, while chuckling.

I just shook my head while Harry playfully punched Niall's arm.

„Ouch! That hurts!“ Niall said and Harry chuckled.

„Idiots.“, I said with a smile.

„Oh please! Dont pretend you dont like that scenes too!“ Louis said.

My jaw dropped. „Excuse me?“

Louis started laughing and I couldnt help but smile too. I glared at him, while he just continued laughing. Did I mention they all also like to joke around and prank each other? Like I said, I can never get bored with them.

When we finally ate everything, and I really do mean everything, we decided to take a walk. That walk didnt really last long because we were to lazy, so we just decided to go home. We'll see each other tomorrow anyway. Will drove me to work today just so he can show me his new car, so I was thinking about calling the taxi. But, Harry offered me a drive home.

„Every girl that gets in your car ends up in the newspapers. I really dont want that.“, I was joking around, but Harry just smiled a little. He obviously didnt like my joke.

„Yea...“, he said quietly while looking at the floor.

„Hey...“, I nudged him and smiled. „Sorry“

„Its okay.“, he looked at me and smiled back. He opened the door of his car for me.

„What a gentleman, thanks.“, I chuckled.

He walked around the car, pushing carefully through the crowd, ignoring everyone. He got in and sighed. We drove off and just sat in silence for a few seconds. We stopped on a red light and I looked through the window.

„You know… You can always talk to me if you have a problem.“, he said.

„Thanks.“, I looked at him and nodded.

„I mean… We are friends.“, he smiled and started driving through the traffic jam.

„Its just… Complicated.“, I looked down to my legs.

„Well, Im not dumb. Try explain it to me.“

„Thats what you think.“, I laughed and he chuckled, shaking his head. I could see his cute dimples.

„You are mean.“, he said, still with a smile. He put on his Ray-Bans.

„Again, thats what you think.“, I laughed at my own joke.

He shook his head again and his curls playfully shook on his head. He turned his head at me for a second. Then he looked on the road again, his smile fading away.

„What is it?“ I asked, my smile also disappearing.

„Nothing… I just… I think you could do so much better than Olly. You deserve to be happy. If he doesnt make you good about yourself and you dont feel satisfied with him, leave him.“, he said simply.

I thought about that for a few seconds while looking at him. „Thanks... But, I wont leave him. I cant leave him because of one pointless, stupid thing...“

„Dont settle for less than you deserve. You can have any guy you want. In this small amount of time I've known you, I keep thinking that you are a great person. Actually, a very great, nice, beautiful and hot person.“

I chuckled and smiled. I think I even blushed a little.

„Okay...“, he said, „Maybe I shouldnt have mentioned that last thing.“

„No... Im glad you did.“, I laughed.

He laughed with me. „Sometimes I talk too much...“

„I noticed.“, I nodded my head. „But Im glad to have a friend like you.“

He looked at me and I smiled, showing him that I really mean it. He looked like he felt good about himself. He looked... Warm.

„Eyes on the road smiley face.“, I said, grinning.

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