Head vs. heart

Charlotte is a great actress with a busy career. Her life is filled with happiness, friends and love. She has everything that she can absolutely need. But, what will happen when her perfect boyfriend Oliver cheats on her? Will she, the next time she falls in love with someone, listen her head or follow her heart?

This is my first story here, please tell me if you like it? Updates will be every Friday :)


1. Can you forgive me?

A/N :)

Hello! I just wanted to say that this is my first story here so bear with me and please tell me what do you think. What should I change, what should I write next? ... Anyway, I hope you like it. 

And also, keep in mind that English is not my mother tongue so I usually have mistakes :/



I yawned and then slowly opened my eyes. I stretched and looked at the clock. 9:35 a.m. A satisfied smile appeared on my face because I havent slept this much in weeks! But still, I wanna sleep a little more. I rolled on the other side of my bed and closed my eyes. I breathed slowly, relaxing every muscle in my body. Right when I was about to fall asleep again, I heard someone enter the house. Who is that? I opened my eyes and sat.

„Who is it?!“ I half-yelled, still sleepy. I hated my morning voice. I sounded like I was sick.

Few seconds later I heard a shout. „Its me!“.

I recognized the voice immediately so I just closed my eyes and fell down on the bed again. I wanted to continue with my sleeping and just being lazy. I again relaxed and just enjoyed this warm and comfy bed.

Maybe a minute later, I heard him enter my room. He leaned on my doors and I could even hear him chuckling a bit. In one second, he jumped on the bed next to me.

„Wake up you sleepy head!“ he yelled in my ear.

I frowned. „Leave me alone Will.“

He quickly responded with a simple okay.

Okay?! Well, this is something new. He never gives up so soon. Still, I couldnt sleep and stay calm while he was sitting on my bed. I bet he will sit here until I wake up.

Nope, I was wrong. After awhile, he stood up from the bed and removed the curtains from my window. He opened the windows and sun started to shine so bright my eyes started to hurt. I rubbed them softly with my hands and yawned again.

He sat on the edge of my bed and I finally opened my eyes and looked at him. He was grinning, but I was pissed.

His blonde hair was messy like always, but still looked incredibly good. It matched perfectly with his blue, warm eyes. His tall body and strong muscles were incredible and showed that he obviously spent a lot of hours in the gym. He wasnt lazy at all, and he was always ready for action. Sometimes he is even hyperactive and acts like a child. But still, I admire him for that. He never grew up, he kept his childish heart and goofy faces. Thats why he can always make me smile. Unless he wakes me up in the morning.

„Why the hell did you woke me up?“ I snapped at him, but he didnt seemed to care.

„You gotta wake up!“ he shouted.

„No, Im pretty sure I dont have to.“, I said with a glare. He just chuckled. A sigh escaped my lips before I started talking again.

„Why are you so annoying?“ I asked him with a serious voice, still cracking a bit.

„Well, deal with it! I have big news!“

„Great.“, I just ignored him. I was too grumpy to care about anything.

 „Somebody came to visit you!“ he shouted.


„And what if I say that Oliver is here?“

„What?!“ my eyes opened in shock and I immediately sat and looked at him. He just nodded his head, proud that he finally caught my attention.

„He is really sorry.“, his expression got serious.

„Took him long enough! I've been here for a whole month, and he comes the last day Im here?!“ I was angry now. This is unbelieveable!

„Well…“, Will tried to defend him, but didnt manage to find a good argument.

„I mean, if he wanted, he could've come sooner! But really, this is my last day in Paris, and he will now ruin it!“

„Whatever men do... Women will never be happy...“, he said while looking at the floor.

I glared at him.

„He says that he has some important news. Just listen to him.“, he told me with a serious tone, but still calm.

„Why would I?“

„Can you just trust me on this?“ he asked with a pleading look.

Oh… I mean, I really trust Will. But, I dont know if I should trust Oliver… You know what they say... Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice...

„Ugh. Fine.“, I stood up from my bed and went in the bathroom.

He already woke me up, so I really dont have any choice than go. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth and then I went in my room to get dressed. I put on my favorite black and white leggings and my Chanel shirt. But, I didnt put much makeup. Just a little bit of mascara and labello. When I was done, I went in the living room and saw Will watching tv.

„Please tell me you are finally ready?“ he sighed.

I chuckled and responded „Yup.“

„Lets go then!“ he quickly stood up from the couch, turned off the tv, grabbed his keys and walked to the doors. We got in the car and drove off.

„You know what I'll miss the most about Paris?“

„Food?“ I asked and then we both laughed.

 „Well, besides that… Im gonna miss the Eiffel tower, the museums, the people… Everything is just amazing here. And lets not foget our apartment!“

„Yea! Its huge!“ ...and it really is! When I look through the windows, I can even see the Eiffel tower! How amazing is that? My job has a lot of perks, but this is one of the best ones! Travelling and just meeting new people is incredible, and its one of the things I always wanted to do. As well as acting. Since I was a kid, I used to tell everyone that Im gonna be an actress one day and that Im gonna act in famous films... And well, my dream came true. I was one of the lucky ones.  

„There is just something magical about this city.“, Will continued.

„Yea. Its beautiful. Really romantic.“, I added.

Paris really is the city of love. The culture is amazing. Incredible art, fashion, food... I wish I could stay here forever. Just walk around the city and observe everything. I desperately need a break, a time off... And this is the perfect place for that. Besides, I just love it how the French talk! This would be absolutely wonderful if I had someone to share it with. I mean, Will is and awesome friend and we always have a great time... But, something is still missing.

„Thats why its perfect for you and Oliver. He really loves you.“, Will said.

„You had to change the subject…“ I sighed.

„Oh, come on…“, I bet he wants to know if I still have feelings for Oliver. But, the truth is, I dont know it myself. Im really confused now.

„I dont know…“, I started, „he keeps screwing up and to be honest… I dont know if Im going to forgive him this time.“

„Remember, you can always call me to beat him up if you want to.“

I laughed and he chuckled. I know Will really good, and I have no doubt he would do that. He is very protective over me, and altough we dont share the same blood, he is like my brother. Im grateful for that, because Im an only child. And while others think thats amazing, I dont agree at all. You're alone all the time... Its pretty sad actually.

„I'll remember that.“, I responded with a smile.

„I just dont like seeing you hurt, you know?“

„I know. Thank you.“, I smiled and his face lit up immediately.

We pulled over to a big hotel. We quickly got in and Will told me in which room Olly was staying. I said goodbye to him and he walked away, holding a thumb up signaling that „everything is ok“.

The hotel was huge and very nice. Modern, very spacious and bright, with a few amazing details. I bet its expensive. I walked in the elevator and pressed 5. The hallway was long, but I finally came in front of the room number 520. I took a big breath and knocked on the door. Oliver immediately opened.

He was wearing a grey hoodie and his old, washed-out jeans. His brown hair was in a quiff and his chocolate brown eyes were slightly in shock. His pink, soft lips were perfect and I had to fight the urge to kiss him. He was handsome, but thats not why I fell for him. To me, he is an idea of a dream guy. The prince on a white horse. Sweet, caring, nice, funny and most importantly, honest. I fell for him so bad and I couldnt help it. Everything about him was flawless to me. Even now, when I was supposed to hate him, I had to restrain myself from hugging him.

„Hey.“, he said simply.

„Hi.“, I responded and then looked at the floor.

He motioned me to come in. We sat at the table near the balcony.

„You look really nice. Im glad that you came.“, he had a soft smile on his face and he was observing me from my head to toes.

„Thanks.“, I was cold and uninterested, but all I wanted to do is hug him and kiss him. I havent seen him for a long time and I miss him so fucking much!

He took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes.

„I know that I probably dont deserve another chance, but I cant tell you how sorry I am.“, he sighed and that captivating smile was completely gone by now.

After a few seconds, he continued.

„I just didnt realize how much you mean to me and how special you are until I lost you. But, now I know how much I need you. Can you forgive me?“

I was looking at his eyes, his big brown eyes, and I didnt knew what to do.  

„I dont know Olly…“, I managed to say.

„Please… I love you more than you can imagine…“

„Well, I wouldnt know that because you never really told me how you felt. And that is what hurts the most. We are together for 10 months and you never told me how much you love me.“, these last words hurt like hell, but sadly, thats the truth.

I wasnt just sad. I was angry now. Im so in love with him, but something is telling me to push him away. Something is telling me to turn around and run. At least the reasonable part of me said that.

„And…“, I stood up, took a big breath once again and continued, still looking at him, „I know I have a busy schedule, but you are not even trying to see me! If you really are in love with me…“

„What do you want me to do? I came here just so I can see you!“, he stood up too.

„I was here for a whole month! And Im leaving tonight!“

„Im sorry. I just realized I cant live without you. You cant blame me. You from all people know how stupid I am.“

I chuckled and he slowly leaned in, wondering if Im going to pull back.

„But, the most important thing is that Im here now. And Im not planning to leave ever again.“, he got serious again, slowly whispering.

My mind that was previously screaming „No!“ was now so quiet I could barely hear it. I was completely taken back by Olly. I felt his hot breath on my lips, his usual scent and I couldnt pull back anymore. When he kissed me I immediately felt what I was craving for this whole month. Im still so in love with him. And I dont think that will ever change. He pulled away and looked at me.

„You know I cant stay mad at you…“, I said with a smile.

He smiled and I kissed him. Few seconds later, I pulled out of the kiss. I rested my forehead on his, looking at his eyes.

„God, I've missed you...“ I whispered to him.

Few hours later, my head was still in the clouds. I was smiling like a bloody idiot the whole time, thinking about Olly, picturing his lips on mine, his hands on my waist and... 

 „Come on Charlotte!“ Will yelled from the hall.

I snapped back in reality and chuckled Will. He always calls me Charlotte when he is mad at me. Otherwise he calls me Lottie. Ugh! I hate that nickname! And everybody is calling me like that! I thought that when high school ends, my nickname will fade away and everybody will just forget, but I was clearly wrong.

Will came in my room with an angry expression on his face.

„Relax! We have plenty of time! And besides, Im done! I just have to go to the bathroom!“ I said with a smile. He is so pissed!

„Fine! I will wait you in the car!“ he walked away and I went in the bathroom.

When I was done, I took all my luggage and went in the car.

„You could've help me with my luggage you know!“ I glared at him.

„I did! I took one suitcase.“, he pulled out his tongue at me.

I chuckled and we drove off. Im gonna miss this place!

„Sooo…?“ he said with an raised eyebrow.

„What?“ I asked in confusion.

„How was with Oliver?“

„It was great.“, I couldnt help but smile. I looked through the car window and watched the trees passing by.

„Well, I dont know what you two did this couple of hours, but judging by your face… I think Oliver got lucky!“ he smirked at me.


„What? Tell me Im wrong!“ he was smiling and laughing like an idiot and I was glaring at him.

„We didnt do that!“

„Oh… Thats a suprise!“ he was still laughing, and I gotta admit, I smiled at that.

„You are unbelieveable…“

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