Head vs. heart

Charlotte is a great actress with a busy career. Her life is filled with happiness, friends and love. She has everything that she can absolutely need. But, what will happen when her perfect boyfriend Oliver cheats on her? Will she, the next time she falls in love with someone, listen her head or follow her heart?

This is my first story here, please tell me if you like it? Updates will be every Friday :)


2. Back home!

I was walking down the airport with Olly, Will and a few bulky bodyguards surrounding us. My head hurt because I was really tired from the flight, but I was still smiling. I signed a few autographs and quickly talked to a few fans beacuse I didnt want to be rude. The paps were here too, but I just ignored them because they were asking stupid questions like always.

Olly interwined his fingers with mine and we walked together to the exit.

„Are you okay? You are a little pale today.“, Will asked me.

„Oh… Im fine, I guess.“, I replied with a sigh.

„Tired?“ Olly asked me.

„You have no idea.“

We came outside the airport and I took a big breath. It was a beautiful day, but the noise from all the cars, planes and people were ruining it. We all stopped in front of two big, black Audi's. 

„Well, this trip was absolutely amazing. Thank you Lottie.“, Will told me with a smile. I hugged him.

„No problem. We will have to do this more often.“, I smiled back.

„I would love to.“, he said and pulled out of the hug.

„Goodbye Will.“, Olly said.

„Bye Olly. Bye Lottie.“, he waved at us and I waved back.

He was struggling with his luggage because fans didnt let him get to the car, but he managed to push through the crowd. Olly took my hand again and got in the car with me. I sat in the middle seat, between my agent and Olly.

Lilly, my agent, quickly hugged me and greeted me. She was wearing her usual black high heels, black skinnys and white blouse. Her long brown hair was in a tight bun like always and she was wearing her favorite blue hair bow. Her style is cute, but also very serious. She never has many makeup, but she is wearing her red lipstick everyday. When you saw her, you immediately knew what is she like.

„I´ve missed you! We have a lot of things to talk about!“ she finally pulled out of the hug.

„I´ve missed you too!“

Lilly can be annoying and boring sometimes and she is way too much stressed about work. But, (luckily there is a but) she is a really good friend and we get along. And the most important thing is that I can trust her. And she is always honest. Sometimes even too much.

„Hi, Lilly! How are you?“ Olly asked with a smile.

„Im great! And you?“ she replied.

„Well, I have Lottie by my side so its all good!“ he smiled at me and I blushed a little.

„Oh, thats adorable! The first thing I saw today on tv was you two!“ she said.

„Oh...“, I just sighed.

I was tired from all the pictures of me on the Internet, the tv and newspapers. I didnt like people spreading all kinds of lies and gossips about me. Sometimes its just too much. They wanna know every single thing about you, your every step, every move... And I look really bad on those photos!

I rested my head on Olly's shoulder while Lilly was explaining something. I didnt really knew what was she talking about, but Im sure it was boring and not very important.

„Lottie, are you listening to me?“ she asked.

I nodded my head.

She sighed knowing I lied.

 „So, how was in Paris?“ she quickly changed the subject and smiled.

„It was amazing!“ I said enthusiastically and finally looked up to see her face.

I started to describe every little detail of our trip, feeling excited and proud as I did. I told her everything. How I had a great time acting in the movie, how the people on the set were amazing, how Will and I had a great time... I almost lost my breath. After some time, I felt the car slowing down and completely stopping, and then I realized that we came in front of Olly's flat.

„Sorry to interrupt you babe, but I really have to go.“, he chuckled.

„See you tomorrow then?“ I smiled.

„Of course.“, he kissed me softly and I put my hands around his neck. I had chills and couldnt back away from him, because his kiss felt so good. After a few short seconds Lilly cleared her throat and Olly pulled away from the kiss. I chuckled as he winked at me. He took the only bag he had and got out of the car. I waved at him as the car drove off.

„I see that you and Olly are doing great.“ Lilly said.

„Yea, he came yesterday and apologized…“, I explained.

„But, there is still one thing I dont understand…“

„What?“ I asked in confusion. Her smile was gone. Uh-oh.

„Why did you go to Paris with Will? All the tabloids…“

„I dont care what they think!“ I interrupted her. „Will and I are just friends and I dont know why are everyone making such a big deal out of it. Chloe couldnt come with me, so it was just me and Will.“, I snapped, but that didnt stopped her.

„And that is not the only problem. Why did you even wanted your friends to come with you in Paris? You had to work!“

I sighed and looked through the window. There is no point arguing with Lilly. You will never win. And altough I have a bad temper, I tried to stay calm. I really didnt want to raise my voice or be rude.

„Look. You are an actress. You need to concentrate on your work and do your best. If you dont do that, you are not getting another chance, because this industry needs only the best. And how can you possibly concentrate if you are partying with your friends the whole night?“

„Can we just drop it?“ I was annoyed and I really didnt want to discuss about this right now. Or ever again.


The rest of the ride home was silent. Like I said, I was tired and I think she noticed it. After we payed the driver, we took all my luggage and walked in my house. I closed the door and dropped all my bags. Its good to be home. We went to the living room and I layed down on my couch, completely exhausted. Lilly sat on my armchair and pulled a little black notebook that I've always hated from the bottom of my soul.

„So, now that you are finally home, I can tell you your schedule.“, she said while she was looking at that stupid notebook.

„Oh, no!“ I groaned and hid my face with a pillow.

„What? You are really busy this month, you know!“

„But, I just came home! I want a break! Please!“

„Well… You cant have it.“, she said calmly.

I sighed and put a pillow on the couch again. I closed my eyes. Lilly was talking, but I didnt payed attention. I was zoned out and I was thinking about Paris. And Olly. Oh, Olly… His beautiful eyes, captivating smile and incredible lips...

„Lottie!“ she yelled and my daydream fell apart, slowly drifting away.

I opened my eyes and rubbed them softly with my hand. And yawned loudly.

„You are not listening!“ she was mad.

„Can you blame me?“

„Oh, come on! Just give me five minutes!“

„Fine. Five minutes. You have my all attention.“, I said and focused.

„Okay. So, I was saying that you have this weekend off. Thats your break.“

„Wow! Two days! Thats too much! Thank you!“

Sarcasm, of course. I cracked a smile, but she just glared at me.

„I will just ignore that. What was I saying?“ she looked down on that notebook again and continued talking few seconds later.

„And then, on Monday, we have a meeting with the director for the new movie, and on Tuesday you…“

„Wait a minute.“, I interrupted her, „back up a little. New movie?“

„Duhhh! The last movie went great and this is your time to shine!“ she said that with too much joy and with a huge smile on her face. Im getting a little scared… And worried…

„What kind of movie? And when did you meant to tell me this?!“

„Well Im telling you now! This is a great opportunity and…“, she didnt finished the sentence because I interrupted her again.

„What kind of movie is it?“

„Its great, you will see. Like I was saying, this is a great…“


„Oh, fine. Lets say its a romantic comedy. I didnt read the script. But, its a piece of cake!“ she finally said.

„How can you know its a piece of cake when you didnt read the script?“

She opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it again. She sighed.

„You will work with One Direction.“, she said with a smile.

„One Direction?“ I asked, completely confused.

„You dont know who they are?“

„Of course I do. Everybody knows that! But, why would they make a movie?“

„I dont know. They want to?“

„Oh my God… I think my headache is back…“, I closed my eyes and layed down.

„Whats wrong now?“

I opened my eyes and she was looking at me, annoyed. I sat up.

„I want to act in a serious movie right now! I dont wanna be stuck with childish comedies forever!“

„I know… You said that… But…“, she tried explain.

„But what?“

She was now speechless and she was trying to figure out what to say. So nervous! And even a little bit lost. But, she managed to save herself… Like she always does.

„This could help you! You said it for yourself, who doesnt know about One Direction? This will give you so much popularity!“

„I wanna act in a movie I like.“, I said firmly.

„How can you not like it if you didnt even read the script?“ she was now mimicking me with an awful girly voice.

She had a big smile on her face and she already knew I was stuck now. I was stuck like a mouse in the corner, trying to run away from the big cat. Realizing I dont have anywhere to go, I surrender.

„You are the worst agent I have ever had.“, I layed down again.

„Thank you. I try.“, she chuckled.

I rolled my eyes. A big victorious smile stretched across her face.

„Just read the script and go to that meeting. Thats all I ask.“

„Oh… Fine. How bad can it be?“ I asked no one in particular.

„And you have an interview on Tuesday.“

„Yay.“, sarcasm again.

„And on Wednesday… You will hopefully go on another meeting for the movie.“

„Im thrilled.“, and again.

„Yea. I bet you are.“ she looked at me for a second and chuckled.

„Whats funny?“

„You. You look like you got hit by a truck.“

„Thank you. Your compliments are always so caring and nice.“, I faked a smile and pulled my tongue at her.

„Im going now.“, she put that notebook in her huge, blue bag and stood up.

„Thanks God!“ I yelled.

„Bye bye.“, she waved at me, still with a smile. „See you on Monday.“

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