Head vs. heart

Charlotte is a great actress with a busy career. Her life is filled with happiness, friends and love. She has everything that she can absolutely need. But, what will happen when her perfect boyfriend Oliver cheats on her? Will she, the next time she falls in love with someone, listen her head or follow her heart?

This is my first story here, please tell me if you like it? Updates will be every Friday :)


3. Always busy

Its Sunday and I gotta say, I feel pretty good. I slept for 12 hours and Im bursting with energy right now. And Im going out with Olly this afternoon. Thats my only plan for today. So until then, I have enough time to be lazy and do nothing. Im just drinking my usual black coffee and watching tv. I enjoy moments like this when I can relax and just be alone. I always have so many things to do and so many things are on my mind.

My thinking was interrupted by my annoying iPhone. I groaned and slowly got up to take the call.

„Hello?“ I said with a sigh.

„Hey baby!“ I heard Olly on the other line.

Oh God! Just hearing his voice is melting my heart…

„Im calling you about tonight…“, oh, no. His voice is getting serious. Something is not right.

„Whats wrong?“ I asked.

„I think I cant really make it…“

„What? But, you said…“, I sighed and sat on the couch.

„I know what I said.“, he interrupted me, sounding a little annoyed. I sighed again and he continued.

„And thats why Im calling you to ask if we could maybe go on a lunch instead?“

„Lunch?“ I asked and looked at the clock on my wall.

„Yea. How that sounds?“

„It sounds good actually.“, a small smile appeared on my face.

„I´ll pick you up?“ I heard him smiling.


„See ya then!“

„Love you!“

„Love you too!“ he answered back.

I sat on my couch and looked at the clock again. I should start getting ready then. I took a long shower and dressed. I wore my red skinny jeans, a black crop top which revealed my tummy and a leather jacket. I put on my makeup and just brushed my hair. I didnt really care. Its just a lunch.

And besides, I was really looking forward to go out on a dinner with him tonight. We would have much more time together and I would probably sleep at his place. If you know what I mean. I laughed at my own joke and shook my head. I can be really silly sometimes.

But the problem is that I know he called me on a lunch so we dont get into a fight again. We barely have much time to see each other and thats killing me. Its always like that. He has a busy schedule, I travel a lot... We always fight about it, but we dont wanna give up on this relationship because we love each other too much. I cant imagine my life without him. But sometimes I just get so angry! This can be really hard and my bad temper is not making it any better.

Im overthinking this.

I forgot to ask Olly when will he come. But, he came soon. He knocked on my doors and I quickly got up. I looked myself in the mirror as I walked in the hall and fixed my hair. When I opened the door, I saw Olly with a beautiful rose in his hand and with a cheeky smile on his face.

„Hello, my beauty.“, he said and a smile immediately stretched across my face.

„Hi, Olly.“, I kissed him.

When we pulled away, he gave me a rose.

„A rose for a rose.“, he said, still with that incredible smile.

„Oh, thats so…“, I took the rose and let him in.

„Toughtful?“ he continued.

„I meant to say old and predictable, but toughtful is a good word too.“, I said with a smile and he chuckled.

I went in the kitchen to find a vase and he was following me and talking.

„A simple thank you would be okay, you know.“

„Well, then… Thank you!“ I faked a smile and chuckled.

He just shook his head and I laughed at him.

„Im really sorry that we couldnt go on a dinner…“, he started.

„Its okay. We will go some other day.“

„Yea, Im kinda in a hurry…“, he sighed.

„Where are you even going?“ I asked and I found a perfect vase on the top of the shelf. I got on my toes to grab it, but it was still out of my reach.

„Im going on a business trip.“, he was now behind me and he put his arms on my waist. He kissed my cheek and hugged me from behind.

Then, he let me go, grabbed that vase in a second and handed it to me.

„Thank you.“, I put the rose in a pretty, glass vase and put some water in it.

I found a great spot for the vase and put it on my windowsill. I looked through the window and smiled. It was a beautiful day today. Really bright and sunny. A few white clouds were drifting lazily on the sky. This actually described my mood perfectly.

I turned around and smiled at Olly. He walked towards me and intertwined his fingers with mine.

„Ready to go?“ he asked.

„Yup. Lets go.“

I grabbed my favorite black Chanel bag on the way out, still holding his hand. I locked the house and we went to his car. We got in the huge car and drove off.

„So, where are you taking me?“ I asked.

„Oh, Im kidnapping you, so I cant really tell you that.“

„Hm. And what if I guess?“ I raised an eyebrow.

„You wont guess.“, he chuckled, thinking he is such a smartass.

„Okay. I accept the challenge!“ I said with a smile and then continued.

„Lets see…“, I put a finger on my chin, faking a thinking face. „Since your luggage is here on the backseat of the car, you are probably going on a plane right after the lunch. So, we are going in a restaurant near the airport. But, you dont like the noise, so its probably not too close.“

I looked at him and studied his expression to see if I was right. He was just staring on the road not saying anything, so I guessed I really was right.

„Now, this is the tough part. You probably wont go to any restaurant that you never been before, so I have a few in my mind. One time you took me to a nice, italian restaurant not too far from the airport, but you didnt liked the food, so its not that one. We probably wont go to McDonalds, so we have just one place left.“

I smiled proudly and he looked at me, wondering if Im thinking on the right one.

„Do you ever like… Stop talking?“ he chuckled and I playfully punched him.

„Hahaha, no. Why do you ask?“, I said and then continued, „so, Im guessing we are going to that french restaurant you took me before I went to Paris. Am I right?“

He didnt looked at me, and he didnt even said anything. He just shook his head.

About 15 minutes later, we pulled over to a restaurant called J'adore. A huge smile was already on my face.

„Im reading you like an open book.“, I said as we got out of the car.

He just chuckled. We went in and we sat at our reserved table near the window. I noticed that the restaurant changed a lot since the last time I have been here. The decoration is now much simpler and even better. The chairs are red and the tables are white. The walls stayed the same tough. Clear and white with heart pattern. Kinda cute. This place is always packed.

The waiter came and we ordered just the main course and wine. I was so damn hungry that I was eating the baguettes until the food came. So, after half an hour when the food arrived, I was half full and a bit tipsy.

„So, are you busy this week?“ Olly asked.

„Pretty much. I still have to do a few interviews about that last movie, and Lilly already made plans for a new one.“, I rolled my eyes.

„New movie? Already?“ he was surprised too.

„Uhm.Yea.“, I said with my mouth full of delicious steak and french fries.

 „Oh. Nice.“, he chukled at me.

„When are you coming back?“ I asked him, just so we can change the subject. I dont wanna talk about my job right now.

„Thursday, probably.“, he looked at the table.

I just nodded my head because I wasnt really able to speak. Like I said, I was very hungry. And the food is amazing.

„I will be in Dublin.“, he said and then continued talking about his work.

I didnt really care, but I listened. He was talking about his boss and all the things he has to do, which is weird, because he never talks about that too much. We usually dont talk about our jobs too much. Mostly because he thinks acting is so overrated and easy, and I dont understand his job. Really. I dont understand a thing. Or maybe its just too boring for me and I dont listen. Like now, for example.

„…So because of that I have to go to Dublin today! Thats so unfair! I really dont wanna go…“ he finished his little speech.

„Oh… That sucks.“, I said and took a big sip of my wine.

It was kinda silent then, and we were both just eating and looking at our plates.

„And whats that movie you were talking about?“ he asked.

„Dont remind me… Lilly said its some kind of romantic comedy and Im really not looking forward to this.“

„Why not?“ he seemed interested.

„I wanted a serious part. I want people to respect me as an actress…“

„And they will. You will see.“, he interrupted me.

„I hope so…“

I changed the subject again and we started to talk about silly things. Olly was checking his watch every minute, and soon he said that he has to go.

„Just stay for a dessert. Pleaseee?“ I tried to persuade him.

„But, I really have to go. My plane leaves soon.“

„A quick Creme Brulee?“ I asked with a pleading look.

„Lottie…“, he sighed.

„I know, I know…“, I slowly nodded my head.

He sighed and looked at me.

„Fine. But, this will be the quickest Creme Brulee ever.“, he smiled.

I smiled back and ordered our dessert.

„How can I say no to you?“ he laughed.

„Well, what can I say? Im irresistible!“ I said and flipped my hair.

„Hahaha! Right…“, he chuckled.

I observed his eyes and just couldnt look away. It was good to spend time with him because I always felt safe. Like I belong with with him and everything is like its supposed to be. Whenever we fought, something always brought me back to him. Its like we are connected. Something is pulling me towards him and I cant help it. I just adore him.

I remember the first time I saw him. I didnt notice him that much, altough he was very handsome. But, after some time, I started to find him very attractive and couldnt look away. We were just having fun at first, but then it got serious. And here we are... He became a necessary part of my life, I cant live without him.

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