The essay

Rory is just a normal girl,
nice grades,
pretty smile,
in her senior year.
But what happens when she is writing an essay. About her least favorite topic, One direction. She doesn't realize it but the winner gets to go on tour with them.
Of course with her luck, she wins. Will she fall in love? Or be despreate to leave?


1. Essay madness

Rory's POV:

Hi, I'm Rory. I hate my name so much. I am pretty smart. I like math. But more then that I love English and journalism. Right now I'm writing an essay for English about boybands. More importantly, I want to write about people like the Beatles, kiss or Aerosmith. But, no! I have to write about ''One Direction''. I hate them! They are just evil, selfish snobs. I can't believe they actually have fans. I mean, they are kind of cute. I cannot believe I just said that. Well, whatever.

*Next Day*

I finally finished my essay. Which is great because we have to turn it in today. I walk in class seeing Mrs.May and a few other students are already there. She waits for everyone to file in for her to make her  ''Announcement''. ''Ok, class! I have some wonderful news. I will be picking a the best essay that has been turned in! And the winner will tour with One Direction for the rest of the school year!'' Mrs. May announces. A few popular girls squeal and all the boys groan. As for my best friend A my, she looks about ready to burst. If I win I swear to god I'm going to hurt someone. Mrs .May has always loved my writing so why wouldn't she pick mine? I'm sure Amy would love to go! But, not to be rude but she doesn't exactly have the ''best'' skills in English. She told us she would announce the winner tomorrow. Though I don't think of it as a winning situation. Gym is next yay. I actually love gym. I'm a very sporty person. Soccer, Track and Volleyball are my favorites. Surprising, I have a boyfriend. His name is Kyle. He's really sweet and caring. Did I not mention handsome? Good because to be honest he isn't all that handsome but that's not what matters. It's October now and Mrs.May said the winner will stay with One Direction for the whole school year! That's a long time to stay with 5 boys. I don't know if I can last 8 whole months with them. Let's just hope it isn't me. It couldn't be. Right?

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