1. Prologue



I watched silently behind the Oasis Bar as two guys staggered out the back entrance of the club.  I waited for them to look up and notice me they never saw me.  I laughed quietly to myself at my own petty thoughts. No one could see me. It’s been that way for almost six years now and yet I still want someone to look up.

“Dude, did you hear that,” I looked up to see one of the guys had stopped for a second. I instantly backed further into the shadows, willing them to surround and hide me. And yet the guy continued to come closer.

“I think someone’s out there,” he said coming closer to my hiding spot.  Maybe it was my imagination gone wild, but it actually looked like the guy could see me.

“Dude no one’s there,” the other guy said looking at his friend in exasperation. “Come on, Eric, if we don’t get back to the dorms now we’re going to get caught. I don’t know about you, but I do not need another call to the ‘rents.”

They must be from the Hargrove Academy. It’s really close, but I always thought it was creepy so I never went near it.

“If anyone’s out there we’re not going to hurt you,” The Eric guy said, rather loudly, before turning towards his friend. “Sam, I seriously think someone’s out there.”

“Even if someone is out there,” Sam said. “Which I highly doubt, they obviously don’t want to be bothered.”

At least this Sam guy had some sense and wasn’t just some drunkard. He sighed before turning around to his friend.

“Fine,” he said slightly exasperated. “We can leave now.”

“That’s all I ever wanted,” Sam said before turning around and walking back to the school. Eric turned and started to follow his buddy, but not before stopping, taking something out of his pocket, and letting it flutter to the ground. As they left I slowly moved from my hiding spot and walked to where he was standing. I looked down to see a piece of paper with what looked like wording. I leaned down to pick it up when suddenly the wind whipped past me and blew the paper away. I watched as it latched on to the tip of the pole sticking out from the top of the Oasis Bar. I sighed to myself as I gazed at the paper fluttering in the wind. Of course I, being the type of girl who is really superstitious, took this as a bad omen. I looked down at my watch and groaned in annoyance. All that time wasted, because I thought some guy saw me. I rolled my eyes at my own stupid thinking before turning to watch and wait for the guy I was actually out here for. From the looks of it though, it seemed as if he would never leave. I sighed again and got myself comfortable to wait. This was going to be a long night.

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