3. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

By the time I had gotten to school I was already late for 1st quarter. I knew for a fact that if I was caught in the hallway by the patrols before I could get to my class it was over for me. The patrols were the small cameras that were charmed personally by the headmistress to warn her of any danger or a student skipping class. There were three different types of patrols. The first patrol was just a regular camera that took pictures and videos of anything remotely suspicious. Those were easy to bypass considering the fact that I could turn invisible when ever needed. The second type was the noise sensors. Those were a little trickier to get by than the regular cameras. It was always better to just stand still and hope you can hold your breath long enough for them to pass. Lastly are the heat sensors. I absolutely despise them. They are the only type of patrollers that I haven’t figured out how to get by. I was sure of it that the headmistress made that one especially for me. And of course, that had to be the one that was now coming down the hall that I was walking down. I quickly ran into the nearest restroom before it saw me. I sighed in annoyance. There was no way I was going to be able to get to my first class anytime soon. I walked over to one of the mirrors and stared at my reflection. I sighed as I saw how utterly pathetic I looked right now. I ran a hand through my hair before sliding down onto the tiled floor. I guess I was going to be staying in here until second quarter. I sighed and let my head fall back against the wall before pulling my knees under my chin and resting my head on them. Just as I started to settle for a long wait and most likely detention afterschool I heard the distinctive chime of the assembly bell. Barely a minute later I could hear footsteps and chatter coming down the hallway. I quickly got up and ran to the door. Slowly I opened it and peeked out to see all of the upper level students walking past. That’s when I saw my best friend walking with our class.

“Valerie,” I whisper-yelled while trying to get her attention without attracting the teachers. I watched as she looked over her shoulder and quickly walked over to me.

“Where have you been,” she said the second she got to me.

“I’ve been here,” I said as we slipped into the wave of the crowd. “I got here late and I was trying to dodge the patrols.”

She rolled her eyes at me in exasperation before intertwining our arms together, pulling me towards the assembly hall. Val and I have been friends since our first day at Dark Woods. She knew I tended to be late more often than not.

“So what’s going on,” I asked as we started towards out seats.

“There’s a rumor going around,” she started as she sat down.

“There’s always a rumor going around at Dark Woods,” I said interrupting her with a roll of my eyes.

“Well this one is different,” She said with a mock glare. “Tristy heard the teachers talking about some new students transferring in.”

“Really Val,” I said sighing. “New students transferring are hardly something to get so excited over.”

“That’s what I said,” she exclaimed. “And if you would just let me finish you would understand why everyone is excited.”

I raised my hands in surrender before shutting up.

“Anyway, like I was saying,” she started again. “You’re right a few new students isn’t much to get excited over. It doesn’t matter if it is twenty of them. But it does matter when does twenty new students are guys and they’re from Hargrove Academy also known as Hunter’s Academy.”

The last part ended in a sort of yell and I watched as a few heads turned in our direction. Before I even got a chance to ask her if the rumor was true I heard the sound of someone tapping on a microphone. I turned back towards the stage to see the headmistress standing behind a podium.

“As I know you’ve all heard that a few students will be transferring to Dark Woods today,” She started. “Well I am here to tell you that these rumors are true.”

Startled gasps and silence was the resonating sound throughout the assembly room.  “The headmaster of Hargrove Academy has requested that a few of his students be transferred here as a way to bring our two schools together. I, on behalf of all the Dark Woods students, have accepted.”

Nothing could be heard in the auditorium. Everyone could sense that the request wasn’t a request at all but probably a threat.

“So as headmistress of this school I would like to introduce Headmaster Rathmore of Hargrove Academy,” she announced before stepping away from the podium. It was only then that I realized that there was a man hiding in the shadows while Miss Dark had been talking. At the same time he stepped forward a stream of hunters walked into the gym and stopped to stand in the middle of the floor.

“Thank you all for welcoming us to your lovely academy,” The old man said, a cruel smile playing at his lips. Shivers crawled up my spine as I felt his gaze move over mine.

“And now I would like to personally present my top students from my academy who will be your new classmates until the end of semester,” He said gesturing at the guys, all twenty of them. “I really hope we will be able to hit it off without any… problems.”

The entire row I was on shuddered at the unsaid threat.  I turned to Val to see a look of shock written all over her face. I turned back down toward the floor to see what the hunters were doing. I scanned the rows and watched them in amazement. It looked as if they were an army. It was actually quite terrifying. Just then I saw one of the guys point upwards towards us. I looked over at the guy he was talking and felt my jaw drop. You have got to be kidding me.  It was the guy from last night. The same one I met again this morning. Out of all the people who could be here he had to be one of them. I watched as he lifted up a hand and waved at me with a self satisfied smirk on his face. This day was just getting better and better.

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