Luna Lovegood and the nargle repelling charm

This is a hilarous story about Luna Lovegood's 4th year.Some other authors gave movelas similar and im not copying just doing one similar.Credit to the author of Draco Malfoy and the rejected handshake for coming up with this brill idea.


3. Ronald

OMNWD(Oh My Nargle Warkspurt Dumbledore) Ronald Bilious Weasley has come to sit in my compartment.He is Sooooooo HOWT.I just want to snog his god damned face off.I live just over the hill from him and every day I watch him with muggle binoculars.Watch him getting dressed, in the shower and eating.He is the most hot person in dumbly kingdom.He is even on Instagram look at him page-

(Note from Queen Of Darkness,This page is just words with words I struggle importing picture with an iPad.)





            THIS USER IS PRIVET  

I am also on Instagram look this is my page:



crush-You Know Who(Not voldemort the other)

                THIS USER IS PRIVET

we were chatting on BBM the other day,this was are conversation:

Ronny-Hey Lula do you wanna date??


Ronny-Oh sorry Luna was talking to LavLav I call her Lula as well sometimes.

Lula-Oh yes sorry I knew that I don't have secret crush on your or anything.


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