Luna Lovegood and the nargle repelling charm

This is a hilarous story about Luna Lovegood's 4th year.Some other authors gave movelas similar and im not copying just doing one similar.Credit to the author of Draco Malfoy and the rejected handshake for coming up with this brill idea.


2. Ned the Nargle

I see you have reached the scrapbook of I, the LAP Luna Lovegood! Frankly, you should not be in here, and if you are looking for advice on getting rid of Nargles then consider yourself DISAPPOINTED! Read on if you must, I hide nothing!



So I have this cork that repels Nargles and IT DOESN'T WORK! Because there is this annoying voice in my head that says

Hello Luna I am Ned the Nargle your conscience!

And I was like AAAHHHHH!!!!! There is a Nargle in my head! 

Why now, when HARRY POTTER is coming and sitting in my carriage? AHHHH!! The famous Harry Potter!

 I was like "You're just as sane as I am" and he was like "You are so cool Luna we'll be BFF's!"

Well, it didn't exactly go like that, but thats how I imagined it in my head, because after all, I am LAP! Loony and Proud (not to mention wise). 

Anyway I'm sure they will borrow my cork some time because I have a feeling their brains are infested with Nargles.


So, diary, I hope you enjoyed this weeks entry.



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