Left Pregnant |Niall Horan|

I, Destiny Ramirez had been pregnant with the boy who stole my heart. The boy who i thought will be spending my whole life time until, we broke up. His name is Niall James Horan, he is the father of my daughter but he left me pregnant.


1. Chapter One

Prologue We were coming home from our 2nd month anniversary. We were doing so well in our relationship. Even though my parents despise every bone in him, i still think he'd be the one i see beside the altar. I don't know why i was so attracted to him, maybe his accent? Maybe his blonde quiff? or maybe his dazzling crystal orbs. I can't really tell. Its like, i've been struck by cupid. I've fallen over heels for him and i wish he felt the same for me. Its like every part of me knew we were destined for each other. I sat beside him, creeping my hands over the hem of his shirt. He looked tensed before he relaxed to my soothing touch. His warmth was enough to heat my fragile and cold body. ''Baaaby,''he moans loudly making me chuckle. ''I haven't done nothing yet,''i giggle, slapping his chest. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. I could smell his scent and i could feel the steady beating of his heart. I smiled, laying my head over his chest. ''I like this position,''i smirk. I snuggled closer onto his chest. ''Destiny?,''he asks, putting his head over my shoulder. ''Hmm,''i humm for a reply. ''Thanks for defending me around your parents, it really means alot to me since i know your parents scare the shit out of me,''he laughs, the most angelic harmony i have ever heard in my years. ''Its alright,''i say. ''No you don't understand, Des. I really do appreciate everything you've done to me,''his voice lowered. I removed his hands and sat up, looking at him intently. As if he was already saying goodbye- No, he shouldn't break up with me. ''Why are you saying this?,''i ask, confused. ''Because you're going to have a special reward,''he says, a smirk playing on his lips. I smiled seductively at him before we both leaned in and kissed. So much passionate, so intent but never forced. I was so happy with him, like nobody can tear us apart. We both pulled away, staring into each other's eyes. He smirked, leaning in giving me another kiss but this time it went so much more than that. Before i knew it, that night i already lost my virginity to my one true love. It was the best feeling a person could ever feel. I had the best time of my life. [The Next Morning] I woke up, looking around to an undentified room. It was painted velvet and i saw rose petals everywhere. I stood up, stretching my arms then a yawn escaped my lips. I looked over to my side to see no sign of my lovely boyfriend. I pout at no sign of him then i stood up, realizing i have only his boxers and my bra. I blushed at my figure before pulling out some over sized t-shirt and putting it on. ''I see my beautiful princess is finally awake,''i nearly jumped when some crept their hands onto my waist. I heard a very familiar chuckle echoing inside my ear drums. How could you wish for a better morning than this? I turned around to see him smirking down at me. I smiled back, pecking his lips before walking over to a nearby stool. He came and sat next to me, giving me a playful smile. ''How come you weren't next to me when i woke up?,''i whine, pouting. He laughed then leaned in and kissed my forehead. ''Well i'm sorry baby, i'm just going to make you breakfast. That's all,''he smiles. I tried not to giggle but i cannot help it. My boyfriend is too adorable . ''Aw. You'd do that for me?,''i poked his side making him jump from his stool. He laughs uncontagiously before surrendering with defeat. ''Of course i'd do. You deserve to be treated like a princess,''he smiles. Niall's Point of View I can't take it anymore. I can't do this to her, it'll break her heart once she'd find out. I've cheated on her and this time, It wasn't near as an accident. I have no idea what i did. I have no idea what had gotten into me, I never cheated on nobody and i despise men who cheats on women and here i'am doing it myself. I can't help it. She understands my needs and pleasures and well, i need to break up with Destiny soon. I'll be leaving for the X-factor and i never mentioned anything to her. ''Destiny? Baby?,''she looked up and turned to me, giving me aa sly smile. ''What is it, sugarpops?,''she asked sweetly, flickering her eyelashes. I gulped, sucking loads of breath. I opened my mouth to speak up and so i did. ''I-i'm-''i stammered. ''What is it baby? Is there something wrong?,''she asks, placing her hand on my left shoulder. I tensed at her touch which it think she felt too since she gave me weak smile before removing her hand. Why can't you just tell her, dammit. ''I'm breaking up with you,''i say nochantly, like it was no big of a deal. She stared at me in confusion until i met her green orbs into my blue ones. She gasped loudly, slapping me across the cheek. ''H-how d-dare y-you!? I did everything for you! I even fought for you and you break up with me?,''she sounded hurt. No you fucking dimwit, she's not. She's not hurt because you broke up with her. ''Is there somebody else?,''she asks unexpectedly, i looked at her and nodded slowly. She gave me a stare in disgust before i knew it, she slapped me once more. ''What the fuck is wrong with you!? Am i not enough!?,''she cried, putting her hands in front of her face as she continued to sob. I couldn't help her, all i did was stand in front of her, with both hands placed beside me. ''You're an asshole, a stupid dickhole, a douchebag, and a manwhore.''she yelled at me. ''Look i'm sor-'' ''Nope. Save it, just- get out of my house and don't even bother to return again. I won't need you, i have my own priorities now and if i ever get pregnant i sure wish your not the father,''she said softly, but you can still hear disgust, anger and disppointment in her voice. I laughed dryly at her sentence. ''Me? You having a kid? Impossible,''i clutched on my stomach to stop myself from laughing. ''Yeah. I fucking wish, now get out of my house,''she hissed, stretching her arms which was pointed to the front door. ''This is our house and i have the right to not leave, in case you haven't noticed that,''i smirked, trying to piss her off. ''Well then. If you don't want to leave, then i will.''she glares at me before coming upstairs. Seconds later, she came down carrying suitcases with her. ''Where the hell are you going with that?,''i ask. She snapped her head, scowling at me. Rude much? ''I swear to god. I'm leaving if you haven't noticed that already and i won't be pretty much surprised if no one even dared become your oh-so-called princess. Screw you, Horan. Screw you!,''she shut the door, leaving my mouth hanging open. There goes my princess.
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