Surf Class

A girl named Lucy Danials is a 19 surf instructor. Even though she's a pro surfer when she's not involved in the many competitions she competes in she needs to find a way to make a living and that is by starting up a surf school. But through this job she never imagined that she would meet the worlds most famous boyband and even possibly have a relationship with a certain one with a messy mop of curls and bright emerald eyes. Continue reading to find out more ( one direction may not be involved in the first few chapters but you never know ;) )


3. Chapter 3

*****Lucy's p.o.v *****

It was now 3 in the afternoon and I had nothing to do whatsoever.

I live in an apartment with my best friend since we were in preschool. His name is Joey. Over the years we have gotten closer all because his family kicked him out on his 18 birthday. I never really liked them. 
I was sitting in front of the tv watching football. Who doesn't love a bit right. Eh I'm not a fan it's just there's nothing else on.

Today was defiantly the most boring day of my life!

I switched of the tele. Sighing as I took in my surroundings. I loved this place, really I did but it just didn't feel like home if you know what I mean. 
Joey wasn't home yet from his work so I got up and grabbed my coat deciding on going for a little walk to the beach.

As soon as I opened up the front door a blast of cold air rushed towards me making me shiver. I pulled my coat tighter around my body. The sun was already going down.

A couple minutes later I was at the beach again. This place is like my second home. I spent most of my days on a beach. I just loved the feeling if sand between my toes and the fresh, cold sea air and the sound of rolling waves lapping up on the shore.

I took of my boots and socks and put them by a rock near the entrance of the beach, I'm way too lazy to carry them! It was actually very quiet on the beach front today seeing as it was freezing! 
I walked towards the water taking my time. And taking in my surroundings. A small smile had found it's way to my face.

I dipped my tie into the water that had just come in and was now going out. And boy it was freezing. It wasn't this cold this morning when I had my surf school, but I guess cause the suns going down its gotten a little colder.

A group of people speaking broke me and my chain of thoughts. Darn them!

I looked back at the entrance of the beach found a group if boys similar to my age around my surf school shack. Business! Yay!

I found myself walking towards them. 
"Are you interested in taking surf lessons?" I asked politely.
"No, no were..." One with curly hair answered but was soon cut off by one of his friends.
"Actually yes!" One with light brown hair answered.
"Hey wait a second.... I recognise you!" He continued, but the look on his face made it look like a lightbulb had gone off in his head making me chuckle.
"You were that girl from Costa this morning! And that guy was hitting on you!" He said the last bit with a disgusted frown on his face.
"A guy was hitting on you?" The curly haired one asked with.... wait was that disappointment in his voice or was that just me? Hm....? Odd. Wait!! Woah back up your horses people I recognise these guys they're the WANTED!!!!! omg fangirling I'm gonna scream.

"Uh hello?" The brown haired one said waving his hand in front of his face.
"I know who you guys are!!!" I squealed as they all smirked at me.
"Do you now?" The curly one answered with a cheeky grin.
"YeS!! omg! You're the Wanted!" I screamed. All of their faces fell and looked overall shocked. Hah! I know they are One Direction but seriously your tellin' me that you wouldn't do that? Ok well maybe not but I did!

*****Louis' p.o.v*****

I finally managed to get all if us boys out of the house together. 
We decided on going to the beach that wasn't to far away. When we got there it wasn't too busy, actually it looked almost abandoned. But it was absolutely freezing! We walked too the entrance of the beach and noticed there was a little shack.
We all walked to it to see what it was, and there was a little sign say 'Surf School' in blue letters. Surf school?! Liam and I have always wanted to try surfing. Maybe we could get the others to try it.

"Are you interested in taking surf lessons?" A small polite voice came from behind me. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't one of the boys.
"No, no were..." Harry started to say to the person. I turned around to but in.
"Actually yes!" I said. I'm bored of doing nothing so I'm taking this opportunity.
I looked at the girl. Hey wait I recognise her!
"Hey wait a second.... I recognise you!" I said to her making her chuckle at my sudden out burst.
"You were that girl from Costa this morning! And that guy was hitting on you!" I continued pulling a disgusted face.
"A guy was hitting on you?" Harry said. With a hint of disappointment. So does my wittle Harry now have a crush on costa girl over here. Well then we defiantly now have to take the surf class!
I starred at her. She had this funny look on her face. And didnt look like she was breathing. 
I waved a hand in front of her face. "Uh... hello?" making her snap out of her day dream.
"I know who you guys are!!!" She squealed as we smirked at her.
"Do you now?" Harry answered with a cheeky grin.
"YeS!! omg! You're the Wanted!" She screamed. Oh she did not just go there!

My face and I'm guessing the other boys faces fell in shock. We are most defiantly not the Wanted. I mean what on earth band would call themselves the Wanted? It just makes them sound like they are criminals!

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