Surf Class

A girl named Lucy Danials is a 19 surf instructor. Even though she's a pro surfer when she's not involved in the many competitions she competes in she needs to find a way to make a living and that is by starting up a surf school. But through this job she never imagined that she would meet the worlds most famous boyband and even possibly have a relationship with a certain one with a messy mop of curls and bright emerald eyes. Continue reading to find out more ( one direction may not be involved in the first few chapters but you never know ;) )


2. Chapter 2

After changing into a big warm jumper ,leggings, ugg boots and a beanie to covert ears I set off to go home. I put my surf board in the back of my car and hopped in. I looked at the time and it was now 12 almost lunch time. I decided on making a quick stop at Costa. The smell of coffee immediately made its way towards me. I walked up to the counter and ordered a hot chocolate and a large chocolate chip cookie. I usually would order tea but I wanted something a little more sweet.

As I was waiting for my order the guy at the cashier started to talk to me. I really wanted to get my drink and cookie and go, but I guess that would be a little rude and my drink wasn't ready yet.
"What's your name?" The cashier asked and added a wink. Which threw me off guard.
"Oh um.. my names uh Lucy. Lucy Daniels." I replied.
"Oh a pretty name to go with a pretty face?" He flirted back. this guy was a little too forward for my liking.
But gladly my drink was done and I had my cookie and I was about to go, I payed for them and got my receipt. I looked down and the receipt, usually they don't give receipts there. I looked at it and saw someone's phone number was written on it with a winky face underneath. I bet I can make a guess who's number that is. Cough... the cashier ..... cough. 
I peered back over too him and saw he was already flirting with the next girl in line. Oh so he's a player? I should've known. He just wants to get a girl in bed.

I sighed and walked back to my car and drove home.

🇬🇧***Louis p.0.v***🇬🇧
The boys and I were currently sitting bored in our apartment. We have a while month off from recording and performing but we had no idea what we wanted to do.

We were watching Toy Story as if we hadn't already seen it enough. I swear I know the film off by heart. and if watching the film wasn't annoying enough Niall kept on going how he's starving and how he's gonna die of starvation. 
I had enough.
I got up and went over to Niall ad asked if he wanted to get food and the boy nodded so fast that I didn't know it was humanly possible.

I told the rest of the boys that me and Nialler were going out to get some food but they didn't want to come with us. 
I grabbed my coat and shoes and put them on and grabbed my wallet as well.

Where we lived wasn't far from a local cafe called Costa so we started to walk there. The aroma of coffee filled my lungs as we walked in through the front door. When we got to the till there was a guy there looking bored. 
"What would you like?" He muttered. Wow. Friendly. 
"Cab I have a Yorkshire tea please and a slice of that carrot cake." I said pointing over to the cake that was sitting by the cookies and other sweet treats. The cashier guy grumbled and walked away to prepare my drink and get a slice of the cake.
I waited for Niall to order then we grabbed out beverages and food and went to sit at a table. Luckily it wasn't too busy here, they were all at the Starbucks across the street where every single person goes to get their drink. Don't get me wrong I love Starbucks but I prefer Costa better. 
Niall was happily eating his food while I starred out of the window. 
Every now and then the door would open and reveal a new old couple wanting a drink then they would go.
The door opened again with a ding from the bell sitting on it and in cane a girl who looked about our age. She had bright green eyes from what I can tell over where I sat, and dark wavy hair that appeared to be wet? I'm sure it wasn't raining. Hm...

She walked up to the cashier and ordered her drink and a snack. The cashier kept trying to flirt with her. It was kind of pathetic really. she smiled awkwardly at him and got her drink and left. I tried to stifle a laugh because she just totally blew him off! I saw him look a little annoyed obviously wanting her to throw herself at him but instead she walked out. But it was soon later that he recovered himself and was flirting with another girl. Player. (rolls eyes) I'm glad that girl walked away psh ain't nobody got time for playas like him.

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