Surf Class

A girl named Lucy Danials is a 19 surf instructor. Even though she's a pro surfer when she's not involved in the many competitions she competes in she needs to find a way to make a living and that is by starting up a surf school. But through this job she never imagined that she would meet the worlds most famous boyband and even possibly have a relationship with a certain one with a messy mop of curls and bright emerald eyes. Continue reading to find out more ( one direction may not be involved in the first few chapters but you never know ;) )


1. Chapter 1

"And then you just bring up your knees and quickly in one swift movement place them shoulder width apart on your board." I said demonstrating to my class.
I nodded at the students indicating that it was their turn to try.

I glanced down at the watch that was strapped to my wrist and it read 11:45 meaning that the lesson was over. 
"Alright everyone that's it for today, there will be another lesson next week!" I said to them and watched my class of 12 - 13 year olds wonder away into the little changing shacks.

One by one I pulled the training surf boards up to the stand by the changing shacks. They were never as nice as the expensive slick ones the professionals get but I guess you get what you pay for as the lessons were quite cheap and they are only for training.

I found my board up against the stand and grabbed it. my board was my baby. I spent my every last penny to be able to afford it and went with a whole month of rationing food because I didn't have enough to buy some. Looking out to the sea and seeing that there were quite large waves I decided to go for a quick surf before heading off.

Grabbing my board I ran down to the water. It wasn't a very sunny day today and the water looked as if it were to ice over any second now, so I made sure my wet suit was secure and so no water could creep its way inside. Usually the best way to get used to cold water is to be quick about it. So as I do every time I just run right it holding my breath as the freezing water stabs at my stomach.

After swimming and paddling around on my board for a while and my hair completely dripping I was warm enough now to actually start surfing. I paddled fairly far out and waited for the perfect wave. Then I saw one coming. I started to paddle towards it when I was close enough I turned around paddled forward a bit more to give me a bit of a boost and I was off!

I stood up on my board. I love the feeling of me just gliding over water like this moving up and down the wave until it faded out. even though I only rode one wave I thought it was enough as I was already turning blue especially my lips. 'I'm turning into a smurf!' I thought to myself. I chuckled at the thought. I dried myself off and ran off to the changing areas to get into some warmer clothes.

{A/N. one direction will be added to the story maybe in the next chapter or chapter 3 :) sorry its a slow start but you gotta fill in the basics before you start a good novel right? xx don't forget to vote and/ or comment on what I could improve on ect. xx }

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