Lauren and her brother, Jack have inherited their grandmothers money, Lauren was closer to her grandma than jack was, and when she starts to see visions of her grandma as a little girl her brother starts to think she's gone crazy, which causes an argument about who's more worthy of the money.


2. The Emerald Necklace

I sat on my bed, later that day, with a green box in my hand. I opened it and picked up the silver chain with a shining emerald hanging from it. I slipped it on my neck and put the box back at the bottom of the draw it had come from. At dinner there was a long discussion about the money me and Jack were inheriting, I was fiddling with my necklace, on a number of occasions I had been asked what it was, but I was thinking to much about grandma to answer them. Partway through the meal my hand, with the emerald inside, became hot and started to burn, I let go of the necklace and my mum started to ask me questions about the it, where I got it from? How long have I had it? Was it a gift? I was about to answer, just to stop her talking, but when I looked at her I noticed a little girl, dancing, behind my mums back. I didn't have time to make out who it was before she disappeared. I looked at my brother, who was sitting next to me, to see if he had seen it as well but he just looked at me questioningly, and didn't seem to of seen her, it must of been my imagination, I thought to myself. Who was that girl?

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