Lauren and her brother, Jack have inherited their grandmothers money, Lauren was closer to her grandma than jack was, and when she starts to see visions of her grandma as a little girl her brother starts to think she's gone crazy, which causes an argument about who's more worthy of the money.


4. She Is Real!

I woke up and found Jack closing the door and walking towards me,

"What's wrong with you" he asked "Visions, don't be ridiculous, you're not seeing visions, you just want mum and dad to pay more attention to you, well when I leave for university they will, but there's no need to make up lies about seeing visions", he started to shout. I only looked at him, shaking, he could see I was scared and sat next to me and asked me if I would like to watch TV, if I wanted a drink or some biscuits.

"Stop treating me like I'm a little child, I'm not crazy the girl I saw was grandma, I know she was, she was playing with the teddy grandma gave to me when I was three", I shouted back

"You have gone crazy, I knew it, you can't have half of grandma's money, you're not responsible enough", he stormed out the room and slammed the door behind him as I buried my head in my pillow and started to cry. 

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