Lauren and her brother, Jack have inherited their grandmothers money, Lauren was closer to her grandma than jack was, and when she starts to see visions of her grandma as a little girl her brother starts to think she's gone crazy, which causes an argument about who's more worthy of the money.


5. JACK!

After a hour of crying alone in my bedroom, I wondered downstairs to hear my parents talking about me in the kitchen,

"What if Jack is right though, what if she is going crazy, we can't give her half the fortune, who knows what she'll do with it", I heard my dad say, I put my ear closer to the door and listened

"Yes, but maybe we need to give her chance, I'm sure in a few days she'll be fine, anyway, where would the rest of the money go?", my mum replied

"To Jack I suppose..." My dad sighed. At that point I lost it. 

"To Jack! To Jack!", I repeated as I stormed into the room, my mum asked me if I wanted a cup of teas she started to pour one, "I'm not crazy, the girl I saw is grandma, I know she is, and you can't give the fortune to Jack, what has he been telling you", I slammed the door and ran upstairs to find Jack. When I found him in his bedroom I screamed and shouted at him,

"What did you tell mum and dad" I asked, 

"I only told them I was worried about you", he replied.

Yeah right. 


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