Lauren and her brother, Jack have inherited their grandmothers money, Lauren was closer to her grandma than jack was, and when she starts to see visions of her grandma as a little girl her brother starts to think she's gone crazy, which causes an argument about who's more worthy of the money.


3. Grandma?

The next day, I sat on the sofa watching TV, hoping it would take my mind of grandma, the necklace was still around my neck, when I noticed the little girl again sitting next to me, she looked like grandma, she was grandma! She was playing with a little teddy, my teddy,

"That's the bear she gave to me" I spoke aloud,"No, NO, the pictures going, I can't see grandma any more, GRANDMA" I shouted. My parents ran into the sitting room to make sure I was alright, my dad helped me upstairs and lay me down on my bed,

"I know she was real" I tried to convince him but he only told me that I needed to rest. Maybe some rest would do me good. 

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