The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


15. Steven

I don’t know why he would teleport to an abandoned storage right at the bottom of Hilton’s hotel; it was pitch black, with different shapes and sizes of boxes, covered by a blanket made from plastic- and random metal shelves stacked with more boxes and unused paints, and some resources.  I scanned around the room, keeping my guard up, looking left to right for any signs of Will. It was no use, but I jumped in surprise as a clang noise that sounded like metal crashing on to the floor. I walked quickly over to the right, far end corner ahead of me from where that noise had come from.

        ‘I can help you, will.’ I started, pausing slowly. ‘I’m like you, everything I ate was either from a bin, or stolen. I stole money for a while too, but I was never caught, I stole money because my mother needed pills, she was sick. She couldn’t afford to by herself, so I lied that I got a job- and helped her myself. My father left me when I was six, he was on the run himself- I don’t know whether he is alive still, and I’m not counting on it either. We all had to make sacrifices, please, please Will. Come with us,’ I was calm, and soothing. Or at least I tried to be, I heard breathing. So I figured Will was here, it was silent for an awfully long time. 

I gulped slowly, clenching my fists softly, and my jaw was tensed up, bringing back my past was hard for me to handle. I heard a sigh in relief, but it seemed to be more of a scowl than regret. Will showed himself as he slowly from the wall, on the left hand side corner. He looked, stunned- more frightened than usual. I held my guard, and looked at him showing remorse and surrender in my eyes, and he relaxed a little.

        ‘How many of us… are there?’ Will asked, taking deep breaths. I smiled at him, or at least tried to; it felt more of a frown.

        ‘Who knows, but in my group, thirteen, you’d be fourteen if you came- we can help you.’ I explained, trying to persuade him to come. Will was thinking about it, he looked around my area, to see if I had agents behind me waiting for a surprise attack. I turned around to scan my area as well. Will narrowed his eyes at me, and sighed.

        ‘Okay, fine.’ He started, sighing again. ‘I’ll come, on one condition.’

I looked at him, he was thinking really hard about the deal. I waited anxiously at him, somehow I felt nervous- I didn’t particularly like his expression.

        ‘Let me help kill Jacob,’

I smiled at him, and nodded excitedly in agreement. Got Will, Luke come here now I demanded him as I found his signal. There was a brief pause. And not long after, I saw Luke running in, looking shocked as ever, and stopped breathing heavily to pick up his pace. He looked up at me.

        ‘How the hell did you do it?’

I let out a laugh ‘Well- I don’t really know.’ I realized, shrugging my shoulders.

Luke raised his eyebrows and glanced at me and Will awkwardly.

        ‘You gotta be kidding me,’ He sighed in relief.

        ‘Um… aren’t we meant to be teaching Jacob a lesson?’ Will asked suddenly.

My eyes widened in surprise, we all formed a line, biggest to smallest- I was the biggest, only a few inches taller than Luke, and Will had been the smallest out of all of us. We placed our hands on each other’s shoulders, and forced electricity signals and waves over ourselves, we decided to go where Emily was, because Jacob was bound to be there. And we were back at HQ’s again.

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