The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


9. Steven

I was beginning to become worried when Emily and Luke disappeared, it’s nearing seven o’clock, and I was stood on top of the roof on Hilton’s hotel, feeling the winter’s breeze brushing itself on my face. I turned around suddenly, because I heard a clang noise from behind a few gas pipes, and air vents. I held my ground, staring at the place where the mysterious noise had come from.

        ‘Who’s there?’ I demanded, slowly walking towards that area. I stumbled to the ground as a painful force consumed me from behind, I landed on my hands and knees, I took a second to get up, and I spun round, seeing a man. A pale, Gothic person with bony fingers and a certain rock band t-shirt, with skinny jeans and black converses. He hadn’t shown any facial expression at all.

        ‘You’re in trouble, Steven.’ He started, moving his mouth slowly just so I can easily read his words. I glanced at him, how did he know my name?

        ‘Who are you?’ I asked, folding my arms, keeping my guards up. The man let out an evil chuckle. He folded his arms, and sighed.

        ‘That’s classified information, I don’t trust anyone. I can’t trust anyone; you’d need to gain it if you want my name. How do I know whether you’re working for the phantom agents?’ My eyes widened in surprise, he was one of us. Human, but not technically human either. In a blink of an eye, he vanished, leaving the remains of intimidating vibes in the air. I ran towards the door, and pounced, for teleportation to get back to the apartment. I realized everyone was surrounded by the circular creamy colored table, with six chairs scattered oddly around that area. Emily quickly shot out of her seat, she ran into me and started sobbing, and eventually it grew into tears.

        ‘They’ve got…’ She started, and continued crying again, I knelt down to meet her gaze, and looked at her clearly.

        ‘What’s happened? Where’s Luke?’ I asked, calmly, yet sternly. Emily took deep breaths.

        ‘Phantoms hideout, which is somehow in Washington- I can’t seem to reach him Steven!’ Emily cried and went in for another hug, I pulled her in closer and stroked blonde strands of her hair, and she didn’t notice that I looked pissed. I gritted my teeth together; Bonnie knew what I was going to do. I would’ve needed Brandon’s help, as well as Bonnie’s- I’d need to let Brandon take watch of Emily, because she’s sneaky, and I’ve came to trust Brandon. I released Emily from the hug, and told her to go to her room, she followed my answers.


When I could see that Emily was no longer in the room, I walked over to the table where my group had been, and placed my palms on the edges of the table, and rested.

        ‘We need to put this jackass to an end, and fast.’ I set my gaze up on Bonnie and Franz, as for they had powers, and Brandon was powerless, he knew map details and stuff yeah, but I’d need to get a design of the map, and see where we could break in to from there. Silence filled the area, Bonnie was thinking about it, and so was Brandon, It was obvious Franz was agreeing by that grin on his face.


This was when we actually got set to work. I suggested Brandon and Emily taking Jacob’s apartment, and see if they can actually gather any information there. I decided to take Bonnie and Franz with me to Phantom, and Brandon had given us a map how to get there. We were finally going to do this, considering the fact they’ve captured more of us, we weren’t just going to save Luke, we were going to win this thing.

Dont worry Luke I told him, he could hear me, of course, but he just couldn’t communicate back. Were coming to get you. That was my final message to him before we actually get to Washington. It’ll take almost a day, so when had today to prepare and we were setting up our own obstacle courses of ways to break through guards and agents, and higher upper bosses.  I was obviously fighting with Emily, practicing anyway. But we were really training, serious shit. Bonnie was wrestling Franz, and he was teaching her telekinesis moves, because he was the expert at that. I realized I was distracted, from when Emily kneed me in the face, I gripped on to her knee, and pulled her leg around my neck, pinning her to the ground, she teleported on top of me, gripping the two of my wrists tight together.

        ‘Dude, focus on the training’ she suggested, ‘It’ll make you better,’

I grinned at her, and teleported, twisting her arms, and trapping her legs, making her look at me, and we were in an awkward heap. Emily didn’t say anything to that move, she stared at me, and I stared at her. She leaned forward, which I was presuming she would kiss me, she broke free and swung her legs round, aiming for my arm, I suddenly got grip of it, and threw her to the ground, and she yelped.

She balanced herself by resting on her arms, and looked at me, with a horrible look.

        ‘Not bad, but dick, you hurt me bad.’ She whined, noticing that I made a graze on her knee, I knelt down and raised my eyebrow, and she pouted at me. And I couldn’t help but laugh.

        ‘Who’s the pussy now?’ I asked, Emily rolled her eyes, and went to punch me around the face, it didn’t hurt, but I flinched. She wasn’t intending to hurt me, at all. Emily smiled, and it formed into a grin.

        ‘You are,’




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