The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


16. Luke

My eyes widened in surprise, Jacob had grip of Brandon’s long curly eighties hair, and he wasn’t flinching. There were five agents in the room, Bonnie and Emily took a group of three, and Franz had to take a group of two on his own. By all means, he had been good at this stuff. I, Will and Steven stood by the main entrance looking around the whole place, figuring of where to go first. I found myself sweating.

        ‘Luke will help Franz, Will, you take the agent that’s free by Bonnie- they’re grouped by three. I’ll help Brandon while you take down the others, once that has been done, keep guard for more agents.’ Steven explained as he figured out the plan, we all quickly nodded in agreement, and ran to our points. Franz was in a headlock, suffering badly as he was also being choked. I threw my fist at the agent who had held of Franz, and he stammered backwards releasing Franz and he stumbled to the ground- quickly teleporting beside me. We both looked at each other, and nodded and faced towards the agents firmly. I raised my leg up, forcing my foot into my agent’s stomach, and he groaned in reply, covering his stomach as much as he could, bending down. Franz used telekinesis, shoving the other agent, it wasn’t very effective, but Franz’s agent managed to stumble backwards, whilst keeping his grip on the floor. I gripped tightly on my agent’s head, squeezing so hard that I made him sweat, and go red. I dragged his head forwards, throwing him on the ground with his head whacking against the medal, he let out a tiny scream of pain, and soon he had been face down on the floor not moving. I ran towards Franz’s agent, pulling him into a headlock, as he had done with Franz- and forced him to look up; I nodded at Franz, waiting for his signal to give his agent some payback. Franz clenched both of his fists together, and whacked them on each cheek, and a single tooth flew out. The agent yelled in defeat, and Franz had punched his stomach as well, then straight after kicked him as if he was fed up on something, I wouldn’t be surprised. Both of our agents were on the floor, hopefully dead.

        ‘Go to Bonnie and Emily, they’re going to need your help.’ I demanded, breathing heavily as if I was already tired. Although, I wasn’t tired of this- I was just getting the last moments of my breathing, if I was going to die anyway.

I teleported quickly over to Brandon, Jacob and Steven, and when I did that, three more agents appeared out of the blue behind Jacob.

        Brandon was released of the hair grip, and he danced backwards, hitting an agent in the face without even looking at him, and he fell instantly to the floor.

        Steven gripped on Jacob’s arms, twisting them round, kneeing him in the shin- grinning smugly at him. Jacob kneed Steven just above his pelvis, and Steven stumbled, releasing Jacob and he clung onto me. I shook him off me, or at least tried to- he bit my neck as if he had been a vampire, I shoved him forcefully and he backed away from me and retrieved a gun from out of his pocket. I gulped slowly, glancing towards Brandon and Steven who were distracted by fighting of the agents. I flipped Jacob’s gun out of his hand without effort, because he wasn’t holding it properly. I smiled at him, trying not to let out a victory laugh just yet- I tried punching him, he moved his head side wards, so I hit his cheek slightly. The agents were on the ground, again- and two more spawned. I almost thought that he really was a chicken, but he had an army- we didn’t, but they kept crawling in one by one after we had defeated them. 

        ‘You won’t win.’ Jacob snarled, gripping my t-shirt pulling me up in the air. I can tell he was scared of us, because he knew himself we would defeat him. I spat at him, making him release me of the hold, and he looked at me in disgust. I teleported quickly upon the roof, and he chased after me. This is what I wanted for him to do, whilst we are alone- and up on the roof, either way, I would still win.


I threw my jacket off, and wrapped it around his head, and he was struggling to tear it off. He managed to break free, by elbowing my stomach, I groaned slightly and slowly eased back, and stood alarmingly at Jacob. It was a battle, just us two- although I had the advantage of telekinesis, I wasn’t going to use it just yet. That would just waste my fun, and it’ll be over instantly. Without Jacob, the agents will chicken out and run.

        ‘Why are you doing this?’ I asked him sternly.

Jacob scoffed, and let out an evil chuckle. ‘Because, I have nothing else to do in my life cuz- considering my dad died from your granddad, and now your dad’s dead, oh yeah- before I kill you, here’s a note your grandfather mistakenly left at my apartment- after I set agents out to kill him too,’ He threw an envelope at me, and it bounced off my chest and I reached after it.

I gripped it firmly as it was a few inches towards the ground, and ripped it open, it was untouched.

I scanned through the letter quickly; it was in neat calligraphy writing that must’ve taken ages.



By the time you had gotten this, I would probably be dead.

But I’m telling you now, if you haven’t realized, you are the one who is meant to defeat Jacob. No matter what if he’s your cousin, just do it. He wants to rule the world, and he doesn’t have the power to. You must defeat him, but be warned, I found higher rankers than Jacob. He isn’t the only one that’s out there you must know. When the time is right, they’ll come for you and Steven to. Gather your closest allies, and don’t lose them. Be safe, Luke. He’s good at getting what he wants

Robert Frenswick 


I tried not to weep over the letter that was my last from my granddad who I haven’t spoken to since I was four. I quickly shoved it into my pocket, trying to avoid that it had been there, and growled at Jacob, who was slowly backing up slightly.

        ‘Whoa, whoa easy there tiger-’ He started; I interrupted him by throwing myself at him and pinned onto the floor. Jacob struggled to get out of my hold, but he dug his fingernails in my back causing tiny holes in an unusual place to bleed, and I screamed in agony, releasing him from my hold. I danced back, stumbling into a pile of metal pipes and air vents, luckily I didn’t fall.

        ‘Rot in hell,’ I grimaced, charging towards him, aiming my head for his stomach, as if I was a bull attacking my prey. I tossed him over the roof, I was lucky to be a few inches away from the edge, but I grabbed hold of Jacobs arm to prevent him from actually dying.

        ‘Let go!’ He yelled, whacking my arm trying to release himself from me. I gripped tighter, trying to pull him up at the roof. He grunted, giving up for a minute.

        ‘It’s not a comic book Jacob, you only live once! This is real life,’ I yelled at him, the noise from the traffic was too loud, and there were cranes and stuff scattered around the area making me scream my words out. Jacob laughed slightly.

        ‘Not for me, I’ll come back alive- I’ll be… I’ll be Satan!’ He was probably being optimistic, I gulped slowly. He started freeing himself again by hitting my arm harder this time, with his frustrated face on- jaw clenched, he was struggling.

        ‘Do you really want this?’ I asked him.

Jacob didn’t stop, he still continued whacking my arm. ‘Let me, go!’ I finally released him as my arm began to feel numb; I struggled to reach after him, my arms were too short, and he closed his eyes, and he was spread out wide, and his hair was flapping in numerous places as it was dancing to the wind wildly. I stared blankly at him, with my hand reaching out in thin air. I gasped slightly feeling a firm grip on my shoulder, and I glanced up. I sighed in relief.

Steven, he didn’t seem proud, but he looked calm.

‘You did it buddy,’ He smiled at me. I tried smiling back, and nodded faintly. Then the whole crew teleported to us. Bonnie looked astonished, Emily looked tired out, Franz was smiling, Brandon was normal. I smiled faintly at them.

        ‘So, where do we go now?’ Bonnie said, finally after the long silence. Steven looked up at her, and smiled.

        ‘We’re going to defend this city,’

My eyes widened in surprise, but I couldn’t help but smile. Steven pulled a hand out for me, and I took it whilst I forced myself up.

Myself and Steven, formed into a man-hug, and patted each other on the backs for a sign of respect. Our group started laughing in victory, but my laugh faded after five seconds, this hadn’t been the end.  I turned to face the edge, from where Jacob decided to commit suicide, believing he’d come back as a Satan, and I frowned. Bonnie placed her soft, hand soothingly on my shoulder.

        ‘I know it’s not over, but let’s embrace the moment now, okay?’ She suggested, smiling at me. I looked at her for a second, I noticed that she pulled me away from the group, who was cheering and hugging each other, as if their favorite football team one a match. I glanced over to them, and then to her.

        ‘Yeah, I can try.’ I shrugged, pulling her in for a kiss.

It may not be over, it maybe. But there are other bosses out there that want to wipe out our race, just for survival. You did well a voice admired in my head, it was a male’s. It sounded icier though… for a compliment. Did you say that I can only live once? Funny, Im still breathing.  My eyes widened in alarm. Jacob hadn’t been defeated.




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