The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


14. Luke

I was pacing and running after Will as if my life depended on it, Steven was holding back the three agents for me, and so I can catch up with Will. I noticed that Will was becoming tired, he was running to save his life- and mistaken me as the bad guy. I would really not trust myself either if I was him, because I was forced to work with Phantom whether I liked it or not, I was just surviving. Will grasped onto a pointy wooden plank, poking out of the wall, and swallowed air hard to catch his breath. I opened my mouth suddenly, trying to say something and nothing came out after I rested.

        ‘Wait!’ I yelled after him, Will quickly turned his head around in alarm, and continued running again, until he found a perfect place, and the right time for teleporting. It would be obvious that he teleported towards the roof, I charged at thin air, and forced electrical waves over me, giving me the power to teleport to Will. I stumbled over tiny pebbles as I arrived in that destination, in a few seconds I balanced myself and started running again.  Will pulled out his hands of his green jacket quickly, and flattened his right hand out, and formed a holding position, and moved a few crates in the way. Not that it would help really, he was a few inches away from the edge of the roof- it hadn’t had any special barriers either. He gasped heavily, breathing for air as if he was going to run again.

        ‘I’m not going to hurt you,’ I started quietly, catching my breath as well. Will stepped back slightly, and clenched his fists; he wasn’t going to give himself in.

        ‘You ranted me out,’ He started; his eyes were changing into horror more than alarm. I raised my hands in surrender slowly, and stretched one leg back, keeping the other one bent.

        ‘I didn’t think they’d get the whole S.W.A.T team okay,’ I replied instantly, I was breathing more heavily than usual, I noticed. Will laughed nervously, and shrugged his shoulders.

        ‘Oh yeah?’ He started, pulling his arms backwards; hands formed awkwardly, and forced them in front of him, giving himself a form of gravity pulling me backwards. I groaned it was surprisingly agonizing. I was beginning to hear a high pitched noise rattling in my head, I squinted my eyes tight shut, trying to resist the pain, and placed my left hand on my right shoulder, putting pressure on it for some reason.

        ‘Prove it!’ He roared, screaming at the same time as if the power was consuming him. He was pushing me back more and more. I grunted, and forced myself to grip on to the stones.

        ‘I can help you,’ I managed to say, ‘There our other’s like us,’ He instantly stopped pushing me away, and let his arms dangle loosely by his side, as if he had given up- but I could tell he was still cautious and alarmed.

        ‘I don’t want help; I want to be on my own.’ Will hissed, he sounded like he was in pain, I gulped slowly, looking defeated. I stood up straight, sighing heavily.

        ‘I don’t mean any harm, just come with me-’ I was cut off from another agent teleporting himself to my area- I was lucky enough to find a broken part of a silver pole, and swung it around, I waited until he was closer to me, and I went straight for his stomach. The agent jumped a few centimeters of the ground, and landed face flat on the small hard, pointy stones, leaving remains off droplets of blood on the stones. He wasn’t dead, of course, he was just knocked out.  Will looked stunned, as if he had just seen a ghost.

        ‘You’re lying, see, they found me! It’s your fault,’ He spat, and ran side wards near to the door, and teleported.

See Will, I’ll get him don’t worry Steven informed my head. I sighed in relief, and teleported back to HQ’s. 

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