The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


12. Luke

Leath knocked on the creamy white oak wooden door, pulling out a small navy blue notebook, and flipped it open. A woman opened the door a few seconds later, she had brown, small curly hair, pale skin, and blue eyes, she was wearing a plain button white t-shirt, and formal trousers as if she was going to work. She rested her hand against the edge of the door, and looked confused like we were police.

        ‘Detective Leath, partner Luke Clarke. I need to ask a few questions about your son…’ He stepped inside the house as the woman stepped backwards, the floor was oak wooden, laminate. The stairs were a creamy, brown color carpet. There was a small desk on the right as I peered into the house; it had a priceless china vase on there with tulips and roses inside. The other side of me, had the coat and shoe rack, piled neatly amongst each other. I closed the door silently behind me, and stood a few inches in the corner.

        The woman folded her arms. ‘What about Will, what did he… did he do anything?’ She sounded worried, and placed her hands up against her face and her eyes were all teary. I looked at her, feeling sympathy.  I folded my arms, and shrugged to myself. Leath wrote a few notes down in the small book, and flipped it shut.

        ‘The question is, are you aware your son… isn’t technically…human?’  Leath informed her, she clearly hadn’t known. Like my mum didn’t know, I’m not sure whether she is alive still. I’m not hoping that she is, although I should be.

The woman took a deep breath and sighed, shaking her head. ‘No sir, I haven’t known. I thought my son was… different, but I didn’t think he wasn’t human. That’s impossible. I heard him talking to himself in his room a few days ago, before he became… silent, he avoided me. I tried talking to him but I couldn’t get to him. He’s been coming home late at night- he’s stopped taking his pills, and he’s completely changed.’ She explained, muttering.

Go away a voice struggled to say in my head, I looked up around the ceiling, thinking where that voice had come from. Leave my mother out of this; she doesnt have to know He sounded scared, bitter, and stiff. It must be Will. It was will; I noticed a photo frame, painted silver, with the woman and a teenaged boy there. He had his arm over the woman, and he was Gothic, black hairdo, pale white, like snow, eyes were dark, he had a black jumper on with a leathered jacket over the top. They were… smiling.

        ‘Do you mind if my partner scans his bedroom? Respectfully, of course, just so if there’s any… useful information so we can interrogate him, once we find your son,’ Leath explained, pointing at me. The woman looked scared of me, but she managed a quick nod. Leath stayed down there, asking questions to the woman, and she didn’t know half of the answers he was hoping to find.


I scanned around the room, noticing it was a typical scene for him, and there was favorite rock band posters covering all of his walls, the carpet had been black, so was his double bed and drawers. He had a black, Xbox one, in a glass cabinet, with a plasma screen TV resting on top of it. I walked over on the top of the drawers and there were papers, notes, and a phone, which was the latest IPhone module, and there was a secretly hidden diary underneath the papers. I glanced up at the ceiling, hearing a bang, and a scream. I teleported myself up there, noticing that a teenage boy was sprawled across the wooden floor, clenched fists, shaking, and he was tense. I held my ground, and knelt down.

        ‘Will?’ I asked, he turned instantly around, wide eyes, as if he had seen a ghost. He was sweating, I noticed, from the sweat lines from the edges of his hair had been wet, and droplets of water was trickling down slowly. He backed up quickly and nervously away from me.

        ‘Get the hell away from me,’ He hissed, curling up to himself. I backed up, giving ourselves distance between us. He sounded shaken, paranoid; he looked like he hasn’t showered for days. He looked… insecure, and neglected. I almost felt sorry for him.

        ‘Easy there man, I’m not going to hurt you- I’m like you.’ I explained soothingly, Will wasn’t buying it. He screamed at me, and ran to the end of the room, and pounced, screaming in agony and glitched out of the room, as if there was no signal on a TV, and it was trying to find some. He left the room, leaving behind awkwardness in the room. I teleported back to his room, and he wasn’t to be seen there. He must be in the walls, I figured. I hurried down the stairs, Leath looked at me hopingly. Somewhere in the walls, positive. I told him in his mind, he looked at the door, and pulled on his collar, and opened his mouth.

        ‘Fellas, he’s in the walls!’ He ordered, and I looked at him worryingly. I walked, in a blink of an eye, the S.W.A.T team kicked open the door, armed with pistols and shot guns, and they scattered around the area, a few ran up the stairs into his room, I ran after them, wondering of what they were doing. They were in a position, looking alarmed and around the place. I raised my hands up. Will made a stupid mistake, by making a single silent thump as he probably panicked when he was crawling through the walls. One of the agents fired the pistol three times, making three holes in the walls, and two in the ceiling. I covered my ears, hearing the noise damaged my hearing.

        ‘Whoa, whoa, don’t kill him!’ I ordered they all lowered the guns and walked out of the room, informing Leath that there was no sign of him in the walls and ceilings.


I teleported back to the Phantom society, and stormed into Sam’s office, and swung open the glass doors forcefully, and he hadn’t seemed to be scared or shocked. He was focusing on a crossword puzzle.

        ‘You were ordering people to kill a seventeen year old kid.’ I snarled at him, giving him the finger with one hand, and my other clenched. Sam looked up at me, and clutched his hands together, and pulled himself comfortably on the desk.

        ‘I do not tolerate people barging in my office, as you’re new, I’ll let you off. But those were my specific orders; it’s how the rules in our society work. If they don’t answer, they die. Jacob’s rules, not mine. If you don’t obey, I’d have to kill you myself if I wanted, but I can’t.’ Sam explained as if it were a good thing, I clenched my fists, and raised my arms in the air and scratched my head, thinking of words to say to that. I couldn’t think of any.

        ‘There’s no way in the hell I’m helping you kill a neglected seventeen year old kid,’ I gritted my teeth together, glancing around the room, worryingly and pissed. Sam’s face turned angry, his eyes were wide, full of hatred.

        ‘Then leave my office. I’m doing this as a good favor to humans, I don’t care about your kind, they’re… parasites, and deserve to die. Be gone; don’t make me attempt to kill you.’

I stormed out of the office, slamming the doors behind me; I was walking through the iron plated hallway, looking as if I was taking revenge. I wanted to, so bad. But I couldn’t do it without my so-called friends. There was no way in the hell I couldn’t. I teleported to the subway station, I had taken the train to the nearest destination to the Hilton’s hotel. 

Steven I tried communicating with him in my head, no reply. Fine, if you don’t want to talk- I’m coming to you I shrugged my shoulders to myself, then ran past the silver resting pole, I gripped tightly on it, and jumped into a portal, I somehow magically formed- and stumbled on the apartment floor. I rolled onto the floor, and pulled a muscle in my hand, I held it out in agony, glancing up noticing everyone, slowly got out of their seat- walking in a circle around me, and I wasn’t surprised that Brandon didn’t join in the circle, though. Steven glared at me, folding his arms, legs apart, and the others behind him stood firmly on the ground, with no expression in their faces at all.

        I got up quickly, rubbing the dirt of my trousers, and looked at Steven, alarmingly.

        ‘You’re not welcome here anymore,’ Steven started, looking towards Bonnie, and Franz- Bonnie looked guilty, Franz had an evil glare on his face. I gulped slowly, and sighed.

        ‘Steven, I didn’t have a choice, they were going to kill Tyler-’

        ‘You think your special, don’t you Luke? We all don’t have family any more, we had to make choices, whether we stay- or run. Ask Bonnie how she had to leave her mother behind, ask Franz how he had to leave his little sister- ask Emily, who had to leave her entire family behind, we made those choices to protect them, and ourselves, this is your doing, you just  wanted to save yourself. You honestly think that they’ll keep Tyler alive if you follow their orders? Huh, you must be more naïve than I thought you were; I’ve worked there- I had too for information. You haven’t even scratched the surface to see what they can do! Fifteen minutes in there again, you would rather be in hell rather than working for that bastard!’ Steven roared, screaming at the top of his lungs. I stepped back, defeated. I clenched my fists, resisting from crying- I tensed my jaw, to resist my chin from wobbling. I swallowed a huge gulp of air down my throat. He aimed a fist at me, luckily Emily gripped on his wrist, and pulled it away firmly. 

        ‘Steven you’re acting like a complete drama queen why won’t you stop this shit now, and make-’

        ‘No. We can’t trust him anymore,’ He snapped instantly at her. Emily froze, slowly releasing her hand of his wrist.

        ‘But… but, he can get more info about-’

        ‘So he can get information from us, to them? So he can get information from us and hand back to that jackass?’  Steven snickered, locking his gaze onto Emily who looked dead, and utterly lost.

        ‘Fine, if you want me to do this myself, I will. I’m not going to take any stupidity, I’ll do this myself. Oh yeah, here’s a heads up- they’re trying to get a seventeen year old kid executed, so- you save him… do your thing or whatever, I’ll distract Sam, and kill him. Simple.’ I then decided to quickly teleported out of the room before they can object any of my orders. I decided to go into Will’s attic, to find him there. I had hoped of course, but that died. He wasn’t there… but someone else was, his arms were folded, he had been armed with a pistol- and three guardsmen in blue suits and a black tie. I gulped slowly, and tried not to make any sudden movements.

        ‘So, liked the picture I sent you?’ He smirked, giving of an evil grin that sent me an urge to run.

Jacob. It really was him; I’d expect to meet him somewhere less… small, his office perhaps.

        ‘No point of looking for Robert either- I killed him then too,’ He informed briefly. I had a sudden urge of rage consume me- I gulped slowly, and I realized I was sweating. I didn’t say anything; I decided to let him do the bitching. He seemed to be that sort of bitchy person, red t-shirt, black trousers, converses; he had a Mexican like moustache and small beard that only covered up his chin. He had brown, chopped up messy hair as if he hadn’t done anything to do it. He looked confident, and some parts of me felt outnumbered. Jacob started walking around the room slowly, making me feel more intimidated than I already had been around him. Will wasn’t anywhere to be seen, but Jacob must’ve been in my head, as if it was that predictable of him, he seemed like a guy that would honestly do that. I kept my guard straight, and defensive. Its okay I told myself, the group must be looking for him now- Will can’t be dead.

        ‘Why are you doing this?’ I found myself asking. Jacob suddenly stopped, facing the wall ahead of him, and spun around to face me. He looked at me doubtfully.

        ‘Such a stupid question, I want fucking revenge.’ He answered plainly, but as soon as he mentioned revenge, power consumed him. Considering he was meant to be the richest kid in New York, it didn’t seem to make him at all the slightest of happiness. I raised my eyebrow.

        ‘By killing me?’ I explained. Jacob’s eyes flashed with frustration, he grunted and waved his hands helplessly and lunged towards me, gripping me at my neck- and forced me up against the decaying wall, leaving me awkwardly dangling in the air.

        ‘Your granddad, Robert- murdered my dad, with a flamethrower, it’s not something so easy to get over with, and I’m taking revenge on you, a family tradition. Brothers from another dead dad- killing for survival.’ He gripped tighter, and pushed me up against the wall with all his force. I kept my gaze on the floor.

        ‘You know,’ a familiar girl’s voice started from behind. Jacob’s face turned into something cold, and slowly turned round to see who had interrupted his master plan. My hope soon rose, it was Emily.  She had her arms on her hips, striking a confident pose as she smirked wildly at Jacob.

        ‘All this revenge shit, makes you sound super old.’ She finished, Jacob seemed to look alarmed, yet scared. He had been scared of Emily, which was a total surprise for me. Jacob threw me onto the ground as if I was a waste of paper. I groaned in agony, trying to get up- but my coughing was preventing me too.

        ‘Impossible, your dead.’ Jacob sounded shaken, gripping on his own wrists, resisting from screaming. Emily let out a shaky laugh.

        ‘Dude, I’m pretty sure I’m far from dead as you’ll be soon.’ She informed him, crossing her arms. Jacob screamed at her in frustration, and ran up to her, giving her the finger.                                                                                                                                          

        ‘You little bitch!’ He started, yelling. ‘This was meant to be a fair fight. Gah, you shouldn’t be here!’ He pounced at the wall, teleporting probably back to his hideout- along with his three guardsmen. Jacob must’ve forgotten of how he was also armed with a pistol. Emily rolled her eyes from where Jacob teleported out from, and ran towards me, and knelt down looking lost.

        ‘How did you scare him-?’

        ‘No time for talking, he’s out to kill you for real. But he can’t get past me, because I’m his fucking cousin. Joy, yeah. Anyway, Steven and Bonnie are outside, Franz is still back at Headquarters, computer system stuff, giving us information, the other thirteen in our group our fighting Sam, and the agents- they’d be able to-’

        ‘Did you say no time for talking? Let’s get the hell out of here now!’ I interrupted her before she can go into full explanation.


We charged at the wall, same teleporting position- and ended up at Steven’s office in the Headquarters. Something wasn’t definitely right down here, otherwise our instincts wouldn’t have brought us here.


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