The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


10. Luke

The detective, escorted me into the main part of the system, where there were agents, and security cameras, and the touch screens on digital systems where they tracked people like me down, but they claimed to call it a good thing. I held my eyes gazed up on everything, being alarmed of what they had in stock for me.

        Steven I asked for him in my mind, no reply. I tried again, Steven.

        Thank the lord you’re okay, what’s going on?

I gulped slowly, I wasn’t really paying any attention to what the detective was saying, and I didn’t really care.

I’m forced to join the Phantom job thing

He didn’t reply after that, which made me full of doubt. I gulped slowly, looking at the advance technology that I didn’t even know existed, and they were searching for people like us. And I had no idea, I paused when the detective stopped, facing at the huge flat screen. There were seven squares, showing filming of security cameras. I noticed, most of them were focusing on one particular person. 

        ‘I take it; you want to know why I brought you here?’ He asked, rubbing his hands together.

I didn’t say anything after that, I nodded firmly. The man studied my face for a second, and glanced up at the screen.

        ‘We watch everyone around the globe, this is the main part of where we… let’s say watch people like you. We understand that there are good ones, but they won’t be for long you see. Once that particular person realizes that he has been fully formed, and no longer human, sometimes they go out of control. This is why we’re here; we’re protecting the human race. Because we don’t know when they’ll exactly strike, this interesting thing, has robbed banks and restaurants, by controlling someone as their victim, framing them and he stands out in the crowd. We managed to track him down, his name is William Harley, turned seventeen a few months back, march. Went missing after his dad left him, and his mum went crazy. He’s supposedly meant to be taking pills, because his mother doesn’t even know he’s fully transformed- she thinks this was inherited from his father.’ He explained, walking around the room. I noticed he was in a chute of some kind, probably inside the walls. He looked scared, alone. I almost felt sorry for him, but I knew how he felt. My dad died, and I don’t know my granddad. It sounded similar.

        ‘What do you propose we do, sir?’ One of the workers asked, gulping. The detective thought about it for a second.

        ‘Track him down, interrogate him, if he refuses… well, you know what to do.’ He turned to face me, explaining it. He gave me the impression that if he didn’t go into questioning, it wasn’t going to be pleasant. I gulped slowly, and began to sweat.

        ‘May I, you know, come?’ I insisted, he looked like he was going to be alone. The detective turned to face the worker, and back to me again, and shook his head. The worker, he looked as if he needed some help.

        ‘I’ll keep him out of trouble, Sam. It’ll be… a brief, thing of what we do.’ He explained, the detective, Sam, bit the inside of his cheek, and held both of his hands, glancing down at the ground. He sighed, and looked at me.

        ‘Stay out of Leath’s way, look around the house. Don’t do anything stupid,’ Sam ordered, walking closer to me to make me feel intimidated. I gulped slowly and nodded.

        ‘I’ll teleport us there, easiest way.’ I told Leath, he nodded, and I placed my hand on his shoulder; and forced electrical waves over his body, he froze, I made both of us run into an open wide space and glitched out of the room after we pounced. 

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