The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


7. Luke

I was walking home with Steven, just to grab my laptop and a few stuff.

Steven was skipping, as if we were on a date, and he looked extremely gay. This couldn’t stop me from joining in. I needed to get a few stuff anyway, New York is a killing central city, where all the bad guys usually end up on.

        ‘So, when we go to New York, we’re definitely getting a Star Burger, first at least. We won’t be able to eat whilst kicking Jacob’s ass’ He explained, he was smiling for once. Maybe getting out of that place, gave him peace for a little bit. I nodded, and he offered me a hand, and I shook it. I felt my phone vibrate in my trouser pocket, and I dug into it with my hand, and pulled it out. Dad texted me, I smiled happily as my dad replied, maybe he was going to give me some information.

        ‘Ah hold on, my dad,’

There was an attachment file, so I pressed on that first. My face turned in defeat, betrayal. I dropped the phone as we were stood on the grass, it didn’t break. I still had my hand out as if I was still holding the phone. I didn’t look at anything. I was stood frozen; I slowly kneeled down to the ground, and buried my head in my hands. I hoped I didn’t really see that image. I hoped it wasn’t a real image. Steven knelt down to get the phone, as he held the phone out, I glanced slightly towards him, and his face, was in pure hatred, his other hand was clenched tight, he didn’t drop the phone like I did.

        ‘He’s dead,’ I started, mumbling. ‘My dad’s dead! He killed him.’ The words, felt strange, as I yelled them, I didn’t know how to explain how it felt, but in the first time in ages, I cried. My face felt hot, I was shaking, and I felt alone. I don’t know about my mum, but I wasn’t counting on her being alive either. Matt was in that picture, dead. Steven’s jaw was tense, he wasn’t looking at the picture this time, and he was looking at the message, and read some of it out loud.

        ‘I’m back, motherfucker, can’t back down now, you better be ready,’ He sounded angry, frustrated. As if he wasn’t at all feeling sorry for my dad, although he had been. I hoped.

Steven threw my phone, and it landed into the centre of the path. I didn’t care that I was phoneless right now, his fists were always clenched in times like these, I realized.  I cried, and I was screaming and sobbing. It was painful to breath, I was struggling. Steven knelt down, and placed his hand on my shoulder, I looked up.

        ‘I’m sorry… about this, but one thing is for certain- we definitely need to kill that prick before he kills anyone else.’ That was for sure, I nodded, I was still crying. Once this is all over, I’m going to give my dad a funeral. A proper one, at that… I glared at the ground, and buried my head in my hands again, and continued crying. Steven sat down, looking at me with guilt and sorrow. He started crying for a little while, to show he cared for my dad. He was a good man; he didn’t deserve any of this. And it wasn’t even his fight. 

I’m not going back home, because it won’t be safe. Jacob would still be there, probably robbing my house if he could find any money. He might even take my Xbox- he probably smashed my guitar my dad got me for my birthday last year, and that was Artic monkeys exact replica the guitarist uses.

        ‘Come on, Luke, come on, we need to head back.’ He insisted, lifting me up to get my head back in order. That was highly impossible, I’ve just seen a picture, of my dad, slaughtered and tortured to death.  What kind of person would do that exactly? A dead man, Jacob. He would soon be dead, and all of this would go away.  Or at least I hoped. He placed his hand on my back, and teleported home. And that was where I belonged, really. I can’t look at my house, due to the fact my dad was slaughtered in my very house. My dad only wanted to protect me from this, and I treated him like a pile of useless dirt. I didn’t know really, how to explain how I was feeling right now. I was lost, that was what all I could think of. With my dad gone, I don’t think I can do any of this. What does Jacob want from us? When did my dad come into any of this? Why did I come into this?


As we arrived, my eyes felt weak, swollen, as if I couldn’t see anything. It was a blurry image. Everyone was counting on me to defeat Jacob, and I was going to. Bonnie opened her arms wide as I entered her area; I walked into her and wrapped my arms around her. I poured my eyes out again, I looked like an idiot. Bonnie was calming me by saying everything was going to be okay and hushing me. I peered over to Franz and Steven, who had their heads down, they walked slowly over, feeling sorry for me, they went to join in the hug.

        ‘We’ll be alright,’ Bonnie said, it sounded more like a prayer. ‘We’re all family, we’ll be okay.’

Somehow, I didn’t think it’ll be alright. I didn’t know what to think or feel. Steven released himself of the hug first, then Franz, and then Bonnie, we formed a circle. I looked down to the floor, eyes squeezed, and I tried forcing back the tears.

        ‘We’re going to defeat that motherfucker!’ Steven roared, and cheered. Everyone nodded, and agreed by shouting ‘yeah’, and they were fist pumping the air. Steven forced his hand out, then Bonnie placed hers on his, Franz did after. I looked at the hands.

        ‘You in this?’ Steven asked me, I nodded, and put my hand in their like a fist. We lowered all of our hands down, and pulled them back. We then, at the same time, clapped our hands together, as if it were our own personal hand shake. This is it, our revenge on Jacob. If he hurts us, we hurt him back. He better be ready, because when he notices we’ll be arriving, we want to see him beg for his life.



The day went on as we were planning, Brandon entered the place for more information he gathered. He was explaining how to get to the Hilton’s hotel; we were taking an electric train, because the plane would be too expensive, and taking the train, took seven and a half hours to get to New York. We brought at least a two grand with us; we’d be there for a while. We had to drive, and there was only a certain amount of room in Steven’s black Porche, so Bonnie insisted taking her motorbike. She didn’t go anywhere without it anyway, I was in the front with Steven, Brandon and Franz were in the back. No one complained. We just kept on thinking about how we would kill Jacob. For making all of us suffer for no reason. Jacob was rich. As far as I’m concerned, it didn’t make him at all the slightest bit of happy.

        ‘There, there’s the train station’ Brandon pointed out the window towards the left; Steven pulled up in the parking lot, and was the first to get out. Then we all did, Bonnie drove in a few seconds later, and pulled of her helmet. Her hair was in a ponytail, and it was dark brown metallic colour, it was shiny. We all had to pay our tickets this time, for all of us; we had to put seven pounds together. It was kind of cheap, thirty five pounds- for a seven and a half hour journey.  We all nodded, and the train came in five minutes later, we pulled ourselves on the train, and we all sat around a mini table that had three seats on each side.

        ‘So, what are we going to do when this is all over?’ Bonnie asked, sounding worried. I picked her hand, and held it soothingly.

        ‘We stick together,’ I smiled at her, Bonnie smiled faintly back. There was a girl sat behind us, she looked at least fifteen. Mousey-blonde hair, fringe, blue eyes, pale, black t-shirt, and shorts with black tights underneath the shorts. She tapped my shoulder.

        ‘Need any help?’ She offered, I raised my eyebrow.

        ‘Have you been…?’ I didn’t know how to ask, without sound like a complete douche.

        ‘Spying? Not exactly…but I have powers to, y’know. But that dick killed my mum, dad left when I was four. He probably wouldn’t give a shit about me, but you’re talking Jacob talk right?’ She explained briefly. I felt sorry for her in a way, considering I didn’t know her. I turned to face Steven, who was completely stunned to see her, or maybe she found her hot, I don’t know, but his eyes looked shiny.

        ‘Hey, Steven… Sorry about Michael, I wish I could’ve stayed… but he told me not to, because I was twelve.’ She knew my granddad? So that was why Steven looked stunned, and shocked. Steven nodded slightly, or at least tried to; he was too shocked to see her again.

        ‘I thought you died… Emily? You jumped out of the building…’ He sounded like he had just seen a ghost. Emily, the girl, smile turned into a frown.

        ‘I had to fake my death, the agents were grouping me, I was on my own, I couldn’t honestly-’

        ‘You could’ve called me,’ Steven snapped, making Emily jump.

        ‘I forgot…’

Steven rolled his eyes, he looked like a ghost. ‘You can’t forget to call someone when you pretended to fake their death, that was one of the reasons I wanted to kill that jerk,’

I looked at Bonnie, who was just as confused as I was. Brandon wasn’t paying any attention, he was in his headphones, so was Franz, he was also too focused in drawing. An awkward silence fell up on us.

        ‘You know what, I asked to help, and you’d need me Steven. You know it, so don’t back down this opportunity to regain my trust again,’

I looked at Emily, then towards Steven.

        ‘I want you to come, but how old-’

        ‘Fifteen,’ She interrupted Steven instantly, as if she knew he was going to ask how old she was. I nodded at Steven, and decided to let her come along.  Steven gulped slowly, and rubbed his palms on his black leather jacket. It would probably be a huge mistake letting Emily come along due to her age, but we need all of the allies we could get.  Emily grinned, and went to sit by Steven, he looked awkward. I didn’t know he would be scared of a fifteen year old girl. Steven gave up, and decided to let Emily come along. Not just because he wasn’t ‘scared’ of her as he was back then, because apparently we need the help we could get. That wasn’t his real reason at all.

        ‘Oh please, Steven. You used to let me beat you up as if you were my personal punching bag.’

I couldn’t help but laugh, nor did Bonnie. Steven looked really embarrassed, which was the funny part in this.  Brandon kept on making whiny noises at him, and patting Steven on the back. Emily sure did know how to get to Steven that was one thing certain.

        ‘Only because you were twelve! I couldn’t-’

        ‘Yeah, yeah, considering I helped you train, you wanted to learn my moves, and powers. Speaking of which, did you actually accomplish any of my Kick-boxing moves?’ Emily was treating Steven like a ten year old girl, it was funny. Steven glanced down at Emily, a cue for her to be quiet, I suspect. Emily didn’t listen to his orders, like we would. Emily sat there smiling her face off, and Steven couldn’t even pull a straight face when Emily was tormenting him. He let out a big, fat grin, and punched her softly in the arm as if it was there secret thing. Emily repeated, but softer (Probably because Emily didn’t want to hurt him, or make him look like an idiot in pain) I looked at Bonnie, she was smiling at the two of them, when she caught me smiling at her, she smiled back. Brandon made gawking noises, and mimicked a knife chopping of his head, and laughed afterwards.

        ‘Steven, really flirting with fifteen year old girls… you my friend, I am slightly worried about you.’ Brandon was joking around of course, although it wasn’t a good thing to joke about. Steven glared at Brandon, who immediately closed his mouth. Steven still didn’t trust Brandon, which got to me too. I trusted him slightly, but I wasn’t too sure about that either.  So in a way, I haven’t fully trusted him.





We decided to book our own apartment in the Hilton’s hotel, which was the penthouse, we had enough, which was good. Bonnie and Emily shared a bedroom with two double beds, I and Steven, shared a bedroom with two beds in it, and Franz and Brandon got awkward about sharing the master bedroom, so Brandon took the couch instead.  It took no longer than ten minutes from a taxi to get to the Hilton’s hotel.

Steven and Emily went of training again, because Steven practically begged her to train him. Franz and Brandon went to the library, and other places to find out information about telekinesis and stuff, we were taking it serious. Of course there had been the occasional fooling around, but it was good to have fun and not train constantly twenty four seven. We didn’t have a proper clue on what we were up against.

I was outside on the balcony, the barriers were made of fiber glass, and the height of the barrier ended just underneath my hips, I rested my hands on them, and gripped them slightly. The slide-doors slide open, and I turned round seeing Bonnie. She was in a black, silk dress that looked like it was hard to breathe in. She was smiling, and she walked over next to me, and looked up at the moon. She sighed happily.

        ‘Wow, we sort of have our own family huh?’ She tried making conversation by turning her head to me. I looked back down at her; she was three inches smaller than me.

        I nodded faintly. ‘Yeah, we sure do. Who is Emily, exactly?’ She must know Emily, if she helped defeat Elijah. Bonnie frowned slightly.

        ‘Steven’s old best friend, and partner in crime, despite the age, they stuck together no matter what. She was like a younger sister to him, Steven always looked out for her, and she’d always look out for him, I’d always look at Steven now, he looked alone.  I almost felt sorry for him; we all thought she wouldn’t have survived that jump though. I had no idea why she came back, but Steven looks happy. Emily seems to have something over him, like he likes her. That’s crazy though right, he’s an adult, and she’s a fifteen year old girl. Well, Steven’s eighteen’

        ‘He told me he was nineteen?’ I interrupted her confusingly. Bonnie opened her mouth and sighed.

        ‘He’s nineteen in a week, so technically yeah, but still he’s eighteen.’ She explained briefly.

I looked down, and noticed it was high. New York was the city that never slept.

        ‘We need to sort keep an eye on Steve, you know why, right?’ Bonnie finished, of course I did. But I don’t want to be the one breaking the news for him. The fact is, if he does anything to Emily, if he really did like her, he would get done for it if anyone found out about it.

        Bonnie placed her hand on my cheek, and leaned in for a kiss. It was unexpected, coming from her. I wrapped my arms around her waist, whilst she pulled herself inwards, wrapping her arms around my neck. Her left leg slowly lifted up, as if she was enjoying this kiss. It felt awkward, at first. But it was my first, surprisingly enough. It was perfect, electrifying. I soon released the kiss, and pressed my forehead against hers.

        ‘What was that for?’ I couldn’t keep myself from smiling, either.

Bonnie smiled faintly, and shrugged. ‘Well, I just wanted to know what it felt like, know.’ She replied, looking guilty about it.

        ‘And how did that feel like?’ I asked, just to make sure she really didn’t feel anything at all, and it was just for because. 

        ‘It was… great, you’re a good kisser.’ She insisted, and kissed me again. She walked out of the balcony, leaving me staring at the stars.









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