The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


5. Luke

Steven was teaching me mind skills; I was getting the hang of it. He threw a pencil at my face, and I thought to stop it, and it froze when I stared at it. As if myself, Steven and Franz were in a picture, and we were walking, and everything else wasn’t. It was awesome, Steven grinned.

        ‘Damn bro, you’re getting good. Now, let’s do the pulling skill.’ Steve clasped his hands together, as if I was really a good use to the plan. I felt proud of that, and couldn’t stop smiling. I’m coming back, in one minute, max. Brought Brandon along, tell Steven, can’t seem to reach him. Bonnie’s voice explained in my head, I lost my focus, and the pencil dropped the ground helplessly, and everyone else around us had started moving again. Steven saw my expression changed, from concentrated, to alarm.

        ‘What?’ He asked, wondering.

I looked at him and nodded. ‘Bonnie’s brought Brandon here,’ I glanced over to the door, and Bonnie swung it open, with Brandon walking right behind her, looking around the place as if he had never seen anything like it before. As soon as his gaze met mine, he was shocked.

        ‘Luke? Glad to meet you at last, yes… Jacob did have a huge grudge against you.’ Brandon greeted, and gave me a piece of information I had already known from the start. I had no idea why, so I felt like asking him.

        ‘Meh, simple story really. Your granddad killed the original agent boss, Elijah, who was his dad, he wants to take revenge.’ He explained it as if that was all there is to the story, and that wasn’t all there is to the story. I looked over towards Steven, who was well aware of his appearance, and he had been alarmed.  Brandon looked… strange, as if he wasn’t bothering of helping us. It would seem that way, to me anyway. All eyes turned on me, as if I was there leader. They looked hopeless, and waited for me to think of a plan. If they want a plan, I’d need to plan one out for them. They were counting on me, and I was completely stuck. I gulped slowly, the pressure sank in. It wasn’t just a game, it was real, we weren’t immortal- we weren’t technically human either. 

        ‘Okay, Steven- got any ideas? I sorta need some, plan ideas. In that case, we’ve gone this far- which isn’t technically far at all. We need to think, think logic.’ I explained, trying to encourage that there was hope. ‘We can’t just march in there and kill Jacob there and then, he would’ve figured out traps, and his strategy. It’s no movie, a comic book- it’s real. We only get one shot of this, so- whoever turns their back on us, they’re not coming back. So who’s in?’ I said, sternly. I was only asking, because I felt it was a cool thing to say. Not only that, I needed to make sure. I needed one person the most thought, but I couldn’t have him. Tyler, although… Matt could be a use. But I highly doubt he would help in any of this. Bonnie was surely thinking about this, and so was Franz. I wasn’t sure about Steven, he didn’t show any expression, but I could tell he had something on his mind, from the way his eyes were looking at the ground, thinking of the right words to say. Bonnie stepped in closer.

        ‘I’m so in,’

Franz, he couldn’t really speak any English, but he stood in. ‘Hell, I don’t want to see him dead, I want to see him suffer,’ I smiled in that response, considering Jacob hadn’t really done anything to me, but I was willing to help them, I mean, come on. He killed my granddad that was at least an excuse.  I felt like we were doing something right though, you know? I looked towards Steven.

        ‘How are you going to do this exactly and what’ll happen if we can’t kill him?’ He asked, it was a test- I could see that when he was smiling at me secretly. I raised my eyebrow, and thought about it.

        ‘Let’s see what the future unfolds?’ I shrugged, it wasn’t really a question. But I somehow made it sound like one. Steven smiled, and revealed his hand, and I took it. He was grinning, so was i.

        ‘Hell yeah,’ Steven said, laughing at the end. It was more smirking, but I knew what he was talking about, when he stood there and let out a laugh. I sort of knew what we were up against, and it wasn’t anything to laugh about. We don’t know how to do this, that’s why I said to wait for the future. Brandon didn’t look to keen on this either, he wasn’t smiling, he was deadly serious. He gestured the office, for a private talk. That was when the laughing stopped, because their hope died.


Brandon sat down on the desk chair, and flicked on the light, leaned forward and clasped his hands. I looked at him, raising my eyebrow and I folded my arms. The tension in the air, it was serious. This wasn’t any game, although it seemed like one. Brandon slightly opened his mouth, and closed it, thinking of the right words to say. He took a deep breath, and sighed.

        ‘You know, you’re going to have to out smarten Jacob, right? He may seem like a prick, and an idiot, but he’s smart. He has traps set over the hideout, the powers you and others, have been blocked out, and it’s not anything special. It’s the walls, it’s made of metal, and foam, and its sound proof too, so it just looks like an ordinary building in Washington.’ He started, I turned over to the door, when it opened Steven walked in, eyes wide, mouth open. He looked, alarmed.

        ‘What’s going on?’

I looked towards the ground, hoping Brandon would save me to do the explaining. I didn’t know how to outsmart Jacob, but I’m pretty certain, Steven, he could. That’s if he actually does know him.

        ‘I was just explaining to the newbie here,  that your team would have to out smarten Jacob, and his body guards, to actually get to the lad himself, you can’t just march in there. Traps, are set everywhere… believe me, I should know.’ He said newbie as if I was a complete idiot, he was shaking slightly, and he was pretty scared. Steven’s hope was the first to die; there was no hope in him at all. He spun round to the wall, and planted his fist in the wall, and screamed in defeat. I looked surprised, and turned towards Brandon, who was just as surprised as I was.

        ‘Great! What are we going to do? There’s… twelve of us, thirteen counting the newbie, and he doesn’t know anything yet! And there’s a whole army of him,’ Steven sounded… angry. His face turned icy, and stone-hard. He spun round to face me; he looked as if he was going to cry. But I can see that he was holding back his tears.

        ‘Steven, don’t. You’d need to think straight, you can’t let that guy get to you! Just, calm the heck down-’

        ‘No! It’s just bullshit, and I thought, I thought that I can defeat him. But no, we need more people,’ Steven roared, after he yelled, he stormed out of the room. Not letting us get the chance to answer. Brandon sighed, doubtfully. He raised his eyebrows, and noticed that there was a coffee maker in the room. He clasped his hands together, delightful, and crept over towards the coffee maker, as if I wasn’t there. I glanced at him.

Brandon finished preparing the coffee, and he turned round to face me, as he took a sip.

        ‘Brandon?’ I asked, raising my eyebrow. He had changed into a completely different person.


I gulped slowly. ‘Are you feeling okay?’

        Brandon smiled, a weird, indescribable smile, and dropped the coffee mug on the ground, making me jump. ‘Never felt alive before, I know where to find Jacob- I don’t know how, but maps are crawling into my head like a centipede!’ That was disturbing, coming from him. But that was definitely useful. But something wasn’t right. How has he suddenly figured out to find Jacob’s lair, but we haven’t? Franz had tried tracking his hideout down, but they blocked it off completely.

Brandon frowned slightly. ‘But it was only to his apartment…not the hideout…’ He sounded helpless. But that was good; we could at least find some stuff there. But who or how did he get the maps? That gave me a weird vibe that someone was trying to lead us into a trap, or trying to help us. My eyes grew wider.

        ‘Where is it?’

Brandon smiled again, and laughed. ‘Hilton’s hotel,’ He meant Paris Hilton. How were we going to get there? That had been in New York, so why was his HQ, was in Washington? I couldn’t believe my eyes, the fact that somehow he had maps transferred into his head, and he hadn’t even been there. Brandon nodded, still smiling.

        ‘Look at that, we’re going to New York.’

I gulped slowly again, ‘Why should we take you, might I ask?’

Brandon looked hurt; he placed his hands on the desk. ‘Well, my friend, you might need guidance, as for I have maps.’

I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. But he knew, I was thinking of taking him along. I nodded slowly, and smiled faintly. I walked out of the room, looking utterly lost and confused. As I entered the main part of the building, I could see that Bonnie and Steven were arguing, about the plan. They were saying that they could gather more allies, but Bonnie didn’t want to put people’s life at risk. As soon as Steven noticed I was there, and his expression turned into a false smile.

        ‘Guys, it’s no time to argue.’ I insisted.

Bonnie sighed, threw her arms up in the air, and walked off. Steven walked towards me, he wasn’t close, but he was close enough that I could feel his breath on my face.


He was asking for information, of course. ‘We’re going to New York,’ I replied, instantly. It wasn’t a holiday, but, business.  That sounded weird, even in my head.

        ‘We’re taking Brandon though,’ Steven’s face turned annoyed, and frustrated. He really didn’t like Brandon at all.

        ‘Then I’m not going,’

I rolled my eyes in disgust. ‘You’re acting like a teenaged girl, seriously dude. Am I going to mother you? Here’s what the deal is, he’s got maps in his head, we need him for directions, he won’t give me them. He wants to go. All I know is, his apartment is in Hilton’s hotel, that’s a start right? We need to go there, to find any information to find his HQ’s, get back Tyler, and get back the others.’ Steven wasn’t buying it; his jaw was tense, gritted teeth together, thinking extremely hard whether to trust Brandon, or me. Steven gave up, and sighed.

        ‘How do you know whether to trust the guy?’

I shook my head. ‘I don’t, but we can give him tests, and if he passes them, then maybe we can.’

Steven rolled his eyes, ‘It’s not a game, and you should know, Luke.’

I nodded slowly, and gulped, taking a deep breath. I didn’t know how to explain any of the tests, but I’ll probably think of some on the way.

        ‘Get your stuff ready, we’ll be going soon.’ Steven demanded everyone. Mainly directed at me, Bonnie and Franz.

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