The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


3. Luke


I and Dad decided to go to the beach, because no one had been there, and it was a private place to talk. We sat down, and focused at the clear blue sea ahead of us. We were still communicating of course, but it felt weird. I never really spoke to my dad that much. So to be truthful, it was a whole new experience for me.

        He had explained how my Grandfather had rescued only a few people of my kind, and they called themselves ‘the survivors’, afterwards- but someone in an agent force, had decided to take revenge and kill the remaining ones left. Someone clearly hated these people, but dad claims that they hadn’t done anything for Jacob to make him do this.  I was listening really hard, so I had every single detail, because dad thinks I would meet them soon. And I was counting on it, they seemed pretty cool.  Whilst listening to my Dad’s story, I threw pebbles in the sea, and they were gliding across the water. He was saying that the three people in my dream, they were like me. They were trying to communicate to me, trying to warn me. And I ignored them.

        ‘The dream, that was not real. It was a message though, because you kept locking the people out, they were trying to tell you what’ll happen- if you ignored it completely. You would be alone, the only person with those powers.’ He sighed, he still was… depressed. He looked lonely, as if I and mum weren’t just good enough for him. I shook my head out of that thought, because well, that scared me.

        ‘I want to help, but what do I help them with?’ I asked- that question annoyed me the most, because I felt utterly helpless.

        ‘That’s simple’ a deep male’s voice came from to my left hand side. I turned to look at him, so did dad.  I recognized him; it was Steven, the guy in my nightmare.

        ‘Did you give me that message-?’  I started, he got my gist. He grinned, and flashed his white teeth at me.

        ‘Hell yeah, what did you think? Pretty cool huh, figured it out a few weeks ago. I’m Steven, as you know. Your grandfather’s right-hand man, considering I’m nineteen ha… anyway, let’s get to business- Chris, mind if I take it from here?’ Steven spoke; his voice sounded exactly the same as it did in my dream. Deep, British- a guy’s voice any other guy would kill to get, because girls loved that sort of voice around here. He folded his arms, and yet he still looked serious and cool.  I turned to my dad, and he nodded at Steven.

        ‘Be safe, okay?’ He asked me, and I nodded. I highly doubt that’ll happen, because I just had that strange feeling, something crazy- and indescribable that something wasn’t going to end well.

I got up, and Steven walked towards me, and stood behind me, placing his hand on my shoulder.

        ‘Ready?’ He asked; to make sure. I nodded; I didn’t know whether I was ready or not exactly. My eyes widened in surprise as I felt this strong, electricity wave course through my body, I froze still, but I felt like I passed out- but in less than thirty seconds I was somewhere else. 

The room was large, and simple. It looked like a computer generator area, in an old abandoned warehouse- with useless wooden crates stacked in corners, having room for electrical equipment.  There were other people there, and the girl in my dream, Bonnie, was the first to greet me. She didn’t feel embarrassed of the fact that I felt like she was stalking me in my mind- she was smiling.


I looked at her, and smiled. ‘Bonnie,’

Steven looked at us, with his eyebrows raised. ‘We need Franz, where is he? Franz!’ He called him, and Franz popped up from behind a few motherboards, and looked confused.

        ‘Yeah?’ He shrugged at Steven, walking over towards the group. I looked at him, as he faced Steven, then me.

        ‘Oh, hi Luke.’ He greeted, plainly. I felt like everyone knew me, as if I had been here. Which I hadn’t, and I felt awkward about it. I smiled and nodded at him, as a greeting gesture. Bonnie looked towards Steven.

        ‘What are our plans?’ She asked, quickly. Maybe it was too soon, because Steven looked frustrated now.

        ‘How many times do I have to tell you this? I don’t know just yet, I’m thinking!’ He snapped at Bonnie, who looked at him in surprise. She wasn’t scared, but surprised.  I didn’t technically have a plan either, because I hadn’t had any idea who I was up against.  Bonnie gulped slowly, and looked down.

        ‘Well… okay, I’m just going to leave you to train your newbie.’ She replied towards Steven, she sounded defeated- heartbroken. I don’t know, because I’m a guy, but I personally thought she liked Steven. Franz was just stood there, being awkward- and he hadn’t said anything. Franz didn’t know much English words, but he knows the basics, and a few cursing words that he picked up on the way.  He was interested in anime, and manga. Because all the drawings he drew, had that same style of drawing. Which I presume that was what Chinese people drew like.

        Bonnie smiled faintly at me, and walked off after I reflected her smile back at her. She walked to her office room, which was on the left hand side of the wall, on the first door.

Steven sighed frustratingly, and threw his hands up in the air. ‘Damn that girl’s beautiful, but, I won’t hesitate to kill her if she asks me one more time about the plan.’ He complained, clenching his fists, and releasing them afterwards. He turned towards me, and this time it was completely awkward.

        ‘We start your training tomorrow, can’t back down now dude.’ Steven placed his left-hand on my shoulder, and explained doubtfully, yet briefly. I looked at him, raising my eyebrow.

        ‘I didn’t even agree to any of this,’ I explained, shrugging my shoulders.

Steven studied me for a second, and he grinned slightly. ‘Well, gotta make up your mind,’

My eyes widened in shock, as Steven released pressure on my shoulder, along with electric waves consuming my body again. It didn’t hurt as much as expected this time, and my mind was still blank, filled with questions that I didn’t even know was relevant to this situation. Hell, I didn’t know what I had gotten into. I noticed I was glitching out of the room, and my voice whenever I tried to tell him to stop, blanked out in numerous places as if a music CD was crashing. 

I fell helplessly into my room, with hands and knees on the ground, as my landing position. My head hurt, and I groaned. I closed my eyes and opened them, just to adjust them. I looked up at the nearest window, seeing it was cloudy. It always is around here, so it wasn’t really surprising.  I sighed, and remembered I had to meet Tyler and Matt today, and I had an hour to get there.  I thought it was a good idea not to tell my mates, because they’d think I’m weird and one of those crazy weird-ass nerds at our school.  I decided that would be a good idea not to tell them, because they’d never look at me the same way as they did back at school.

I wanted to just teleport to them, but I didn’t even know how to do that yet, and I didn’t know how to do any of the stuff I can apparently do. It was sad, if I had that particular power, I should really know how to use it. 

I decided to pull myself together, without looking like a complete retard; I got up, rubbing the dirt of my outfit. I still felt weird and all over the place though, I honestly had no idea how or why they chose me. I’m just an average teenage-boy, hoping to do well in life, and try not to get myself killed or arrested- or at least framed.  I walked to the door, and took a deep breath. I turned the handle, and it made a clink sound, to tell me that it was open, and I walked right out into the hallway. My mum and dad were arguing about me again, that’s funny- dad seemed perfectly fine with me upstairs when I smashed the mirror, and now he’s gone crazy. I rolled my eyes at that thought, it would be just better if I had left. Considering I’m seventeen, I’m legal to move out anyway. My parents were down in the family room, and the door was shut,  I pretended that I was still in that ‘warehouse’, with Steven, so I could stay out longer.


I quietly opened the front door, and quietly closed it, only leaving a slight sound, that my parents couldn’t possibly hear whilst they were shouting like that, even with the door shut. Even if they did hear that sound, they must’ve had pretty good hearing for their age, considering they’re like, thirty-seven. I pulled out my phone, just to check the time, and realized it was gone half one, and Tyler had texted me at nine in the morning. 


Yo man, meet us at the George’s Alley three o’clock, near by the cake shop, and then we can go to the pub after. You gotta come, important news.



 I glanced down at the phone, looking confused, it must’ve been important, because Tyler never really gave a damn about his life. But he still manages to get good grades and everything, and that was the part I didn’t truthfully get.  I tucked my phone in my trouser pocket, and continued walking. The cake shop had only been five blocks away, and George’s Alley was its next door neighbor. I didn’t know why he wanted to meet down there though, that place was real bad news.  That’s where mainly all the jack-asses go, I don’t know why he would chose that destination to tell the news. I felt it was getting colder, and in the distance I saw Tyler leaning against the wall’s entrance of the George’s Alley, with another guy- it was possibly Matt. I walked closer, to get a better look; Tyler looked in my direction, and put his arms in the air, as if he was happy to see me. He was grinning, and Matt was laughing.

        ‘Was up bro?’ He handed his hand, and I shook it, smiling, he pulled me in for a man-hug, and patted me on the back. Matt repeated of what Tyler did, we seriously looked gay. But I couldn’t help but smile at my two best friends,  who had been there for me ever since I was twelve, we had been best buds ever since.  I looked at Tyler, and raised my eyebrows, failing to keep a straight face.

        ‘Meh, family issues again,’ I said simply, shrugging my shoulders, and looked around for any strange events occurring, just to make sure. It was a dangerous place after all, maybe he hadn’t seen it.  Tyler looked at me doubtfully, and sighed.

        ‘Anyway, there were these people in suits- they were talking about you,’ Tyler explained, he seemed hopeful. I wasn’t too fond of the idea about it.

        ‘What?’ I asked, sternly.

Tyler rubbed his hands together as if he was cold. ‘I don’t know, they were talking about these survivor guys, because of I don’t know- you had an effect of the laws of physics?’ He told me that, as if he never knew physics even existed. Tyler folded his arms, glancing at me, as he raised his eyebrows. He was better at pulling a straight-face then I was though, I’ll give him that. 

        ‘You might of miss heard them wrong,’ I lied instantly. I was good at that, because they didn’t really know what believe. They just believed anything that was said,  and went along with it. Tyler wasn’t buying it.

        ‘No bullshit man, truth- no one just goes right out and say that.’ He was annoyed, frustrated. He was serious about this; I clenched my fists together as I folded my arms, trying to think of an explanation that sounded believable. Tyler’s eyes widened in confusion, as I turned round to see who he was glaring at, they were people in suits. I quickly turned to face Tyler.

        ‘They’re after me,’ I whispered quickly. Tyler grinned, a weird grin.

        ‘What did you do?’

I rolled my eyes at him. ‘I didn’t do anythi-’

        ‘Over was listening in there! That’s the guy that eaves-dropped in our conversation!’ A voice yelled towards Tyler from behind, I spun round, seeing three suited men, and they had been armed with guns. They were pointing to me, and Tyler. Matt, who wasn’t there anymore, was on the run. We both backed up slowly, panicking. But the more we tried to move faster, the more they walked quicker. We took a stupid turn, and went to through the alley way. As we started running, we thought we won- but it came to a dead end. I noticed that the smell, was… nauseating, as if there were left-over food, rotting, and big rubbish bins, and metal bins, random wooden crates covered  in cloth, and right towards us was a brick wall, decaying and plants growing  out of it. We were trapped, we spun round quickly, seeing the tree suited men, turning into the alley, fists clenched, they were in a hurry. When we stood four inches apart from them, they all stopped at the same time, arms folded, armed, and held their ground.

        I turned to face Tyler, who was panicking, scared- and he had no idea what was going on.  I was completely normal about it, because, well I was trying to stay calm.

        ‘Luke, the chosen one, Jacob is expecting to meet you soon’ The first one explained expressionless, he sounded completely stone cols harsh. The one on the right, switched his head to face Tyler.

        ‘Jacob also wants to desperately meet this… parasite, speak your name.’ He demanded, after insulting Tyler.

        I looked at Tyler worryingly; he gulped slowly, and took a deep breath.

        ‘Tyler,’ He answered, clenching his fists slowly. His jaw was tense, his eyes were swollen- he was beginning to sweat. The right-hand man smirked.

        ‘I’m going to take your friend; you can’t back this one out.’ He explained, tapping the gun on his free palm, looking down at it hopefully, and to me doubtfully. I shook my head.


The man looked up, surprised. ‘No?’ He asked, as if he hadn’t heard of that word, and it seemed to be me more of a question.

I nodded, and shook my head. ‘He doesn’t have anything to do with this,’ I pleaded; Tyler placed his hand on my shoulder, and nodded- as if he was trying to give me a message.

        ‘Its fine, man, save yourself- I’ll text you as soon as something happens,’ He explained, his eyes looking at me, full of hope, yet not. He wasn’t certain about this.

I shook my head again. ‘No way- don’t try to be a hero-’

        ‘If your friend doesn’t come, I’m going to have to shoot him- bosses orders,’ He explained, expressionless again.  Tyler’s hand slowly came off, and he looked at the right-hand man- he was stone, frozen solid, he looked… alone, scared.  I shook my head continuingly, repeating that he can’t go, the main-suited and left-hand man, went to grab Tyler, and gripped tightly on his arms, with both hands, whenever Tyler tried releasing himself, I could see that they gripped tighter,  it was causing him pain. The right-hand man, stayed, facing me, making sure I didn’t do anything stupid to get in the way. Steven I tried communicating with him, no reply. I wasn’t doing something right.

Steven I said, in my mind.

What? A different voice, I gasped.

The P.S.A.F took Tyler I informed him.


I sighed helplessly in my head my best friend- he found out about us

Where are you now?

I’m at George’s Alley, one of the guys are still trying to figure a way to capture-


I cut out of my thoughts, seeing Steven glitch into the alley, as he teleported, he walked, clenched fists, eyes wide, jaw tense with anger- he was walking to the man, and he hadn’t noticed until Steven tapped him on his broad shoulder. The man looked confused for a second, and turned around. He then suddenly got back in balance, and held his ground.  Before the agent could do anything, Steven swung his arm round, throwing his fist- trying to aim for the centre of his face, he missed, and hit his cheek instead, he must’ve hit him pretty hard, because the agent’s face, twisted in pain, and he stumbled backwards, against the wall. Steven didn’t say anything, but as soon as the agent got up, he ran towards Steven, and lunged at him, he failed- Steven grabbed the agent’s arms, just above his elbows, and gripped on them, twisting them- forcing him to turn around, and the agent was facing me, instead of Steven himself. Steven was definitely pissed.  The agent grunted, trying not to complain about the pain like a baby, he was clenching his jaw, trying to resist the pain.

        ‘What the hell are you doing with the rest of us?’ Steven demanded. The agent chuckled, and tried to smirk at Steven.

        ‘Y…you, think… I’m going to- tell you?’ He questioned, he was definitely trying to get Steven pissed. I moved slightly, panicking, thinking of a way to help Steven, but I ran out of ideas. Steven released the agent, and shoved him violently. The agent fell and rolled fetching up with a painful slam against the wooden crate that was up against the wall. The agent was seriously scared this time; Steven had looked much bigger than him as the agent was sprawled across the ground, in pain. Steven kicked his arm.

        ‘What the hell are you doing?’ He asked, sternly, glaring down at the agent, clenching his fists again. The agent covered his face uselessly by waving his arms a few inches away from his face. He was heavily breathing, gasping for air.

        ‘We’re- we’re find a cure, to-’

Steven kicked him again. ‘A cure for what, why do you need us?’ Steven hissed, his teeth gritted together, the agent was shaking violently.

        ‘A cure… so- we, can… we can, cure your powers,’ He replied instantly.

Steven’s eyes widened in alarm and hatred, ‘You’re killing us, we can’t be CURED, and therefore, you’re a dead man.’ Steven kicked him again, and retrieved his gun that fell to the floor when the agent had been pushed down.  Steven aimed at the agent, who was scared stiff.

        ‘Please- don’t! I have kids,’ He screamed as he pleaded. Steven cocked his head, thinking of something to say.

        ‘Then what would you do if they were like us?’ Steven asked, lowering the gun slightly. The agent didn’t say anything, but he was seriously thinking. The agent closed his eyes tightly, and a single tear came out.

        ‘Just… shoot me quick, I’ve killed three of you… and I’m not proud of it, so please, end this for me, I see them. I see them, they’re asking me to help them, they’re screaming, please.’ The agent was begging, Steven put the gun in his pocket, and looked down at the agent. I looked confusingly at Steven, thinking of what he really has in store for him.

        ‘I’m not going to kill you. I’m going to make you suffer, by the visions and paranoia from the innocent people you’ve killed,  I’m going to give Jacob a little message- tell him, I’m coming. And nothing can stop me,’ Steven lowered himself down, gripping the agent’s hair, pushing his head up against the wooden crate, and he groaned in agony. The agent nodded forcefully, and Steven released him. Gripping his arms still though.

        ‘Go now, prick. I don’t want to see any of you round here,’ Steven said, with a dreadful grin. That sounded awful, coming from him. And as the implication sank in, I immediately felt sorry for the agent, considering he had admitted to murder- I just had that feeling, he had been forced to. Steven released the agent, and the agent looked scared, and ran off to his black, Volvo car- the latest module. Steven didn’t look at me as the agent was running; he didn’t look at me for after five minutes. And when he did, he looked… different.

        ‘What happened when I was gone?’ He asked suddenly, his voice was trembling with anger, I was scared, as if he would’ve done the same thing to me, as he did to that man.  His fists were still clenched. I gulped slowly.

        ‘They, said that they wanted to meet Tyler too… they were just giving us a warning,’ I said, Steven made a hissing noise. Like a very angry, dangerous and venomous snake. I moved backwards slowly.

        ‘Did they say why?’

I shook my head; they weren’t obviously stupid enough to give out their ‘master plan’, to us.  Even if I was one of them, I wouldn’t give it away so soon, only if I was being threatened, and getting beat the hell out of. 

        Steven relaxed a little bit, and folded his arms, taking a deep breath, and sighed. ‘We need to get our shit together,’ He realized, and glanced up towards the sky that turned dark now. He looked back at me. ‘Text your dad to say you’re staying at mine tonight, we need training- but don’t say training,’ Basically, Steven wanted me to lie. I realized I didn’t really lie at all to my parents, but I didn’t really have to, because they really never paid any attention to me at all.


I pulled out my phone, and Steven walked over to me, just to make sure I was texting my dad and no one else.


Staying at Stevens tonight, won’t be back for a while.


I put my phone away, and looked up at Steven and nodded, as if I was ready. And I had been, I was so full of rage and hatred, I needed to learn my skills. Steven placed his hand on my shoulder again, sending electrical waves, and teleported us back to the HQ.  Franz and Bonnie had already been there, sitting down on their computers, swirling around to face us, they looked alarmed. Steven’s face was angry, and he hadn’t shown anything else.

        ‘Sorry about Tyler,’ Bonnie apologized, silently.

        ‘It wasn’t your fault.’ I replied, she looked a little guilty. As if it really was her fault, that someway eased some of the tension in Bonnie’s back, and shoulders at least. She was seriously worried.

        ‘Yeah well, I’m ready to take this guy down.’  I shrugged.

Steven raised his hands, ‘Whoa, whoa, we need to come up with a strategy to actually kill Jacob- we can’t just march in there you know, we don’t even know where they’re hiding.’ He realized, that had been clear to us. But we didn’t know how exactly to plan out either. Franz stood up from his chair, and folded his arms.

        ‘I tried tracking them down on the computer, but they’ve blocked there tracking system with passwords, it gives of some virus, I’d imagine- if we even did try to hack into it. So computers won’t work with the mission.’ Franz explained, dully. He felt ashamed, but I felt he felt that he was sorry, that he wasn’t any much use for this task.  Bonnie bit her lip, and her raccoon eyes widened, as if she had an idea. She folded her arms, as she sat down.

        ‘I know someone that used to work there, he claims that he never wanted the job- and he was framed for everything, so he managed to escape.’

I looked at her, hopefully. ‘Do you know where this guy is?’ I asked, Steven looked at me, and then raised his eyebrows towards Bonnie.

        She looked down, and her face, turned doubtful. ‘No, but I know his name.’

Steven folded his arms, making himself feel comfortable, looking intrigued.

Bonnie looked up at the both of them ‘Brandon Rosser, I met him once in a café, as well as a bar. I think that the bar is his local stop.’

        ‘What bar?’ Steven asked.

Bonnie smiled a grin. ‘You do like asking questions, I think it’s “the bull’s horn,” I can’t remember,’

Franz looked like he recognized the place. ‘Oh, you mean The Red Bull, right? I remember, that’s where me you, and Steven had a small celebration.’

Bonnie nodded; she looked a little embarrassed that she made a mistake. She turned to face the computer, and looked up Brandon’s name. It came up with Facebook and twitter suggestions, and news articles. 

        ‘Hold on, Bonnie- log on to your account on Facebook, and ask if he’s available to meet up, we need information to find out where this Jacob guy is- maybe he knows something.’ He realized, and glanced at the screen, reading the text without leaving the slightest trace of meaning behind. He put his hands behind his back, trying to feel relaxed. Bonnie nodded, and searched up his name in the people finder. She clicked on the third profile, and recognized it was him.

He looked like a rocker, studded leather jacket, and black leather jeans, topless, showing tattoos, and he wore Doc Martins, his hair was dark, and grey in a few patchy places. He was holding a twelve-string electric guitar- and it was electric blue.

        Bonnie clicked on the ‘SEND A MESSAGE’, button and wrote:


Hey, it’s me, Bonnie- the girl at the pub, I was wondering if you were free at all? Xxx

She made it sound like she was flirting with him; he had seen the message a few minutes later. Steven looked pleased.

Yeah, whys that? Looking for a good time? Xxxx

Bonnie gagged at the screen, as if she was going to throw up. Franz laughed, a good one at that too, it was a good laugh- that I piled on with him.

Bonnie shot an evil glare at the two of us.

Maybe, I need to ask you a few questions… first xxx

He saw it instantly, but Brandon hadn’t replied after a long time. He gave of an impression that he knew we were on to him.

Where and when?

That’s funny; he hadn’t put on any kisses at the end. Bonnie decided that the pub would’ve been a good place, and she told him in an hour, he told her that the drinks were on him. She rolled her eyes, looking disgusted at the screen.

        ‘You’re the one that came up with the idea of having sex with him, don’t put this on me.’ Steven couldn’t help but laugh, and that made Bonnie even more pissed as usual. Bonnie logged out, and went to punch Steven, he didn’t flinch. It was a gesture, like the way girls try to say ‘Shut-up-or-you’re-getting-it’.  I grinned, I couldn’t help it. I knew we were on a mission, but it was always a good thing to actually have some fun.  Even Franz agreed it was a good idea for Bonnie to sleep with Brandon, that way; Bonnie could get more information out of him.

        ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this…’ She muttered, and sighed in disbelieve, shaking her head. Steven turned to face her, holding her by her arms, softly.

        ‘I need you to, unless you have another way of getting information- I need to stop this once and for all.’ He pleaded her; Bonnie was useless at holding her guard. Bonnie sighed again, and nodded slowly. She wasn’t looking forward to it; I could see that look in her eye.

She went to retrieve her motorbike keys, and black handbag. She looked at all of us, worryingly, as if she wasn’t going to succeed.

        ‘I’ll be back soon,’ she said, gulping in air.

I smiled faintly at her, ‘I’ll walk you to your ride- I have a feeling something will happen,’ I insisted, Bonnie nodded, and she led on first, pushing the door forcefully, and it swung open, making it bang sound, left behind. She walked, one of those, sexy walks. That’s all I can describe it was, I didn’t notice that she was gorgeous, until now. The black motorbike was leather, and made her boobs look bigger, and her ass much nicer. I followed on after her, trying to make myself look intimidating. Loads of people stared, mouths open, looking confused.

Her motorbike was silver Ducati, I even had my mouth open in surprise, it was a fast ride, but I didn’t think she’d have that. Bonnie smiled wildly at me, and placed the helmet that was resting against the motorbike handle, and put it on.

        ‘I’ll be back soon, don’t miss me too much,’ Bonnie winked at me.

I couldn’t help but look like an idiot. ‘Oh please, I think it’s the other way round.’ I insisted.

She laughed ‘Whatever you say, newbie.’ As she started the motorbike, the engine let out a small growl, and eventually as she picked up the speed, it turned into a roar.

I stepped backwards a bit, so I wouldn’t get in the way of her backing up. She did know how to work the motorbike that was for certain.  I smiled stupidly to myself, and walked back inside when I couldn’t see Bonnie’s existence anymore.




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