The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


1. Luke

I stared at the ceiling as I was sprawled across the bed.  It was pretty hard to focus though, considering my room hadn’t had much light in it. I couldn’t really sleep, and truthfully I had no idea why.  Maybe it was because school was coming, it was a Friday night after all. So this was the last weekend, of our holiday.


There was a strange, creepy vibe from my thoughts, the person who echoed my name, was a female. It was normal for me to hear voices of course, it started happening to me since I was fourteen, so yeah. It was pretty normal. I glanced over to the alarm clock, it was around three am. And yet I still couldn’t sleep, it was a Friday night, and nobody hadn’t even mentioned to me of anything about a party. So I figured there wasn’t any.

I know you can hear me, stop trying to blank me out. I closed my eyes tight shut, trying not to obey the voice’s orders. I didn’t particularly know why that voice was bothering me so much; I hadn’t killed anyone so that’s definitely not paranoia.  Something in my head was buzzing, and the loud ringing noise in my ear got louder and pitcher. I was beginning to sweat heavy, and soon after it was beginning to get painful. I squeezed my eyes tight shut, forcing my head down with my hands trying to resist the pain it was causing.  I groaned in agony, struggling to breathe. The pain was… indescribable, it felt like torture, that’s all I can think of right now. I had trying to resist the noise the most, because that was what was making my temples on my head sting the most. I moved my brown fringe up, making a few strands of hair stand up whilst the others were slowly falling back down again in their own pace.

        ‘Shut up!’ I hissed, and it obeyed, surprisingly enough. But it did try to continue communicating with me through voice.  I honestly had no idea who this girl was, or why she had been messing with my head. I was just an average teenage boy, slacking through his homework, and a partier. I hadn’t really had many real friends, well to be honest any at all. I had been popular, which had been great and everything, but I still felt alone. My family was hell; they never really listened to me. And it sucked every minute there. My mum would always take my dad’s side in every pathetic excuse that he’d manage to find just to get me into trouble.  My sister had turned into a prostitute and was the bitch at school, and she didn’t want me making her look like an embarrassment so she made me join the football team- the only friends I think I have is Tyler and Matt, but they seem to follow me everywhere, as if they were my personal private body guards. They were built for it, I guess.  They both had a fighter’s figure, muscular and well-built. Tyler was colored, and matt had been white- I’m fairly tanned. We do make a strange team, but we didn’t care what other people thought. 

I sighed in annoyance as the rain came rushing down, and the wind was smacking the rain making the rain trying to free itself by trying to force open my bedroom window. I rolled over to my side, and pulled the duvet over my face and squeezed my eyes tight shut, and eventually I managed to get to sleep. 

In my dream, was more like a nightmare? There was a female, tanned, brown silky hair like velvet, she was wearing a black motorbike suit, and there was two men holding their ground beside her. One of them had been Chinese; he wore a ‘YOLO’ polo shirt with a black and white squared unbuttoned top over it with baggy jeans. The other guy was English, pure posh accent at that too. He wore a black long-sleeved top and black skinny jeans, he had honey-blonde spiked up fringe, and his hair was flat at the rest. There were other men there too, but they were in suits, and they looked serious. One of the suited guys in front- the leader, had a pistol, aiming for the English guy.

        ‘You failed,’ the leader smirked, and cocked his head side wards. I could see the English person swallowing slowly, raising his hands in surrender.

        ‘Rot in hell, Jacob.’ The British one spat at the leader, who was presuming Jacob.

        Jacob slightly laughed, and looked at the ground, and back up at him again. ‘No Steven, I think you’ve got it the other way round.’ He slowly pulled the trigger, releasing a single bullet.

        ‘No!’ The Chinese person roared, and suddenly everything stopped. His eyes were wide, in alarm, and the bullet was being stopped by him. Jacob’s team was completely frozen, but Steven’s team was still in control and moving. The girl looked over towards the person who stopped the bullet.

        ‘Franz,’ she said, with a low voice. Steven and Franz both looked at her, but the bullet was still frozen.

        ‘Let’s teleport back to HQ,’

And they had, it was strange, and they teleported in a static zig zag, like they were glitching out of a computer game. 

My eyes slowly adjusted open, as my alarm went buzzing off.  It was too early to get up, but I remembered I was needed somewhere today, Tyler’s place, we were planning to go out this evening. So at least I won’t be bored tonight I guess.  But frankly, I wasn’t particularly up to it.  I laid in bed for an extra half an hour, so I can wake myself up. I didn’t want to go down stairs too soon, my dad was still downstairs, and he was meant to be going to work.  It had been pretty frustrating that my dad was everywhere I had been.  He even had spies, to ‘protect’ me- I just think it’s so they can inform my dad if I was doing drugs or some crazy stuff, and I don’t. I gripped my hand on my duvet and pulled it off me, I noticed I didn’t have a top on, yet I had my bottoms on, which had been tracksuits. I decided to make myself look human for once, by throwing on something casual, yet stylish on. I went with Steven’s look in my dream, but the closest thing I had was a grey t-shirt and a black leathered jacket. It’ll do I guess, and I threw on skinny jeans. I crept to the bathroom, trying not to focus on the yelling and screaming from my mum and dad. Of course I cared, but I wasn’t really bothered. They weren’t going to last long and they knew it themselves. I styled my brown hair- I looked like a prick.  So I moved my fringe to one side, and combed it flat.

Luke, seriously we need your help.

The same female voice, I placed my palms on the edges of the sink, and gripped tightly on them. I stared into the sink, and glanced up in the mirror. I gasped in alarm and confusion seeing the same girl in my nightmare, and she looked scared. Frozen.

        ‘They’re coming to get us, and you.’ She hissed, but it wasn’t a bitchy way. It had been severe warning, a message. I spun round quickly, facing the bath- no one had been there. My heart was racing fast suddenly, and I was breathing heavily. I tilted my head to the floor, and turned to face the misty mirror again. Making me jump, she was still there.

        ‘Go away!’ I demanded- she didn’t.

        ‘We need you, you need to help us, like your grandfather tried to,’ she pleaded, hearing my grandfather from her was a shock. He had been dead for three years now, and no one ever spoke of him since after the funeral. I got angry, and clenched my fists tight together.

        ‘Leave me alone!’ I roared, and aimed for the mirror. My fists were accurately in the middle, and tiny bits of glass decided to sink in to my knuckles, making small marks and droplets of blood trickling down from them. My jaw was tightened in anger, and the mirror had been cracked in numerous places and mini circles formed that looked like they had been a ripple effect had been left behind. I looked at the mirror worryingly, and realized that it was broken. My mother came rushing in, with a face of betrayal and sheer horror; she raised her hands to cover her face, trying to not look at me as well as the mirror.

        ‘It was an accident m-’

        ‘Don’t, you dare say it was an accident! It never is with you! It’s not the first time you’ve done this- please… please Luke, tell me what’s going on!’ Mum cried, yelling in frustration. I clenched my jaw together, keeping my eyes on mum. She’s right, it had happened before, but it was in school, in year ten. I got excluded for three weeks- I lost control. Dad peered through the door, and his eyes were just as widened in surprise as mum’s was. Dad soothingly placed his hands on mum’s shoulders, and moved her out of the bathroom- she was sobbing, so I couldn’t honestly tell her whilst she was like that. Dad seemed pretty normal about it- although his eyebrows were raised in confusion, glancing at the mirror.

        ‘How?’ He asked simply.

I looked at the wall ahead of me. ‘I was seeing things; I got annoyed and lost control.’ I replied instantly, I was obviously scared of my dad. He would’ve grounded me for ages if I had a pathetic excuse.  Dad face turned into something cold, and alarming.

        ‘Seeing what things, Luke?’ He asked demandingly. I didn’t know how to put it exactly in words; it was completely crazy and hard to explain.

        ‘A girl- she keeps on telling me to help her-’

        ‘What did she look like?’ He asked instantly.

        ‘I, she was tanned, brown hair, black motorbike sui-’

Dad looked down suddenly and sighed, placing his palm on the edge of the bath. ‘I knew this would happen… I didn’t figure too soon, have you… done anything abnormal?’ He questioned, he looked worried, at the same time was keeping his calm. He seemed to know what I was dealing with, and I completely had no idea what to believe. I haven’t done anything abnormal, and I’m certain that I won’t anytime soon.

        ‘No, not yet I don’t know, why?’ I shrugged, being normal about it. I wasn’t lying, but Dad studied my expression slightly frowning at me, he had little hope that I did.

        ‘You’ve inherited something out of my dad, in your case, granddad.’ He explained simply, but he seemed worried about it. I looked at him, confusingly. Because- I had been confused.

        ‘And that’s why you’ve been…seeing things, I can’t really explain it. But you have… supernatural abilities that only a few humans possess.’ He sighed and sat on the edge of the bath, placing his hands on his lap. I was suddenly intrigued; I turned back at the broken mirror and towards my dad, who didn’t seem at all pleased.

        ‘The lady in your head is Bonnie, she is like you. She possesses unnatural abilities; she’s trying to contact you.’

I raised my eyebrows, ‘Wait, what kind of abilities?’ I asked, before getting into any details of the story. Dad sighed and looked down.

        ‘Your powers effect the laws of physics, you have telekinesis, and you can use, force, push, pull, and stop and also teleport, with just your mind- and you can communicate with others that possess the same abilities as you do.’

Great, I thought. I affect the laws of physics, and I can teleport. I feel like this isn’t a good thing at all, no. It wasn’t a good thing at all; I won’t be able to control any of this stuff. 

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