The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


2. Jacob

I sat down on a swirly chair, and a table was a head of me. Also in front of me had been one of my new recruits, Nick. He sat down facing me, looking confused and scared. And to me, that had been a good thing. Because I know now, he thinks I’m a threat to him, and I’m powerful. We were sat in a non-magic room, where I blocked of any sorts of abnormal freaks that can use abnormal powers. I had two guardsmen by the doors, so no one gets out. I took Nick by force, because he didn’t obey my orders.

        ‘Who are you?’ Nick asked, shaking. He was attached the chair, because I strapped his hands down with silver metal straps that I can only release him from.

I smiled at him, and he hadn’t smiled back. How rude, I thought to myself.

        ‘I’m Jacob Wood, I run something called “P.S.A.F”, which is Police Secret Agent Force, but we’re not police for the outside world, and we’re not technically police, we call ourselves that to stop… abnormal humans that possess evil powers,’ That sounded weird in my head, and unbelievable.  Nick laughed nervously, and was sweating more than usual.

        ‘That’s hard to believe,’ He spat, literally. I opened my eyes slightly, and wiped the drool of underneath my eye, and smirked at him.

        ‘It’ll end well for me, because well, people who lie to me… don’t usually last long,’ I explained, intimidatingly. Nick was scared of me, and he hadn’t shown it in his facial expression. It turned into something hard, and his head was lowered down, and his eyes were focusing on mine. His mouth was tight shut, breathing heavily and shaking though. I knew what he was doing. He wasn’t human.

        ‘I can see you’re trying to read my mind,’ I started, slowly retrieving my pistol out of my trouser pocket, and cocked it. Nick’s eyes widened in alarm, and I aimed it at him quickly, and I hadn’t shot him yet. Because I wanted to say something.

        ‘It’s your loss,’ I smirked, and pulled the trigger. I did a good aim, I aimed at the center of his head, and I got it. It left a small hole from one end to another, and blood squirting out of that particular space, his head flopped down and his eyes were wide open. I didn’t really gain anything of murdering, but I believed I was making a good place with no supernatural abilities that were secretly lurking above humans. They didn’t call themselves humans either, they called themselves ‘the survivors’  because they believed I killed all of them that they thought existed amongst themselves, and I had done to some of them. But I kept them hostages, only because I needed test objects. I am inventing a cure, a cure for them. So they can be back to the way they were when they were fourteen- because that was when there powers are usually intact and fully ready to use.                                                                                                                         

I didn’t really care of the fact that I shot Nick, because I never trusted him anyway. I clicked my fingers and one of the guardsmen looked up, as if they knew I was recruiting him.

        ‘Max, take him in the dumpster where the other unwanted bodies are, I don’t want to see him’, I ordered harshly. He nodded once and unfolded his arms, walking towards the body and released him, throwing the body over his shoulder and walked out of the door. Then soon Karisa, my office lady receptionist came in. I looked at her, and stood up quickly. Hoping for good news.

        ‘Luke Clarke is fully completed, he is now no longer human, the war will be coming soon,’ she informed,   I frowned unhelpfully, and walked quickly over to Karisa, who was backing up alarmingly. And she should be alarmed, because when she found herself up against the wall, I pushed her up more as I tightened my hands around her neck, making her gag and struggle for air.  I knew that would happen soon, and I wasn’t pleased at all about it.  I was pissed, so that was why I started strangling her.  I looked up at her, and made her look at me. I knew there was a civil war coming soon, so that’s why I’m going to do everything in my power to win. Win and rule this city, and everyone in it. I needed Karisa to stay alive, so I can frame her for everything. And to me, that had been an excellent plan to start off with first.  

        ‘Then get prepared before they do, and we’ll kill them!’ I roared at her face, maybe releasing my spit a little towards her face, I was scared. Surprisingly enough, because well, I wasn’t certain I would win this war this time. Karisa gagged, and struggled to release herself out of my grip.

        ‘Yes- will, do- if-i-can, stay-alive,’ She choked, because I had held of her. I let go of her, and she dropped helplessly to the ground coughing and breathing heavily for air, she was worried, and her face was turning cold. That was what I liked to hear, someone who obeys me at all times. But Karisa had only been a small useful resource for my plan, and I wouldn’t even need her much longer. I could simply just find another informer.

        ‘Good, because, well. I’m winning this thing; Steven won’t stop me this time.’ I looked down at her, explaining briefly as if it was my new year’s resolution.  I walked around Karisa, who was on hands and knees on the ground, slowly getting up. And I was smirking, and grinning at myself, and completely avoided all double windows that held my test objects in, and they weren’t even bothering trying to escape. Today was my happy day. 

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