The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


13. Franz


I was tracking down people. Not just Jacob and Sam, there were obviously higher people than there were seemed to be. I paused, suddenly turning around seeing Jacob and three blue suited men. I danced backwards slightly, as I was alone- this could be the easiest option for him. They were going to kill me, and I knew it. I flicked of the computer, before Jacob could nose around for any more information. I gulped slowly, as Jacob was pacing fast towards me.

        ‘Oh look at that!’ He scoffed, and faced his three guardsmen, and focused back towards me again. ‘The third wheel of the group, where’s Brandon? I’m going to kill him first, then you, just so you can say your goodbyes properly.’ Jacob hissed, he sounded really mad. Considering, I didn’t really have a part to play in this- my eyes widened in alarm; I held my ground and crossed my arms.

        ‘Oh, you think I’ll tell you? There’s no way. You’re just a jackass who thinks he can rule not only this city, but the world. Pfft, please, think straight before you get yourself killed.’ I motioned my hands slowly towards a wooden plank, levitating it slowly so he can notice that a floating piece of wood was coming towards him. I forced myself to whack the wooden plank across his temple, he stumbled to the ground in agony, and I noticed he was wincing. I blinked in surprise; he hadn’t seemed weak at all. Maybe it was because the agents were broad and muscular. A bullet glided past me, stroking the edge of my cheek, aiming for one of the agents in the center, and it was a perfect headshot. I spun around, seeing Brandon, legs apart, a gun pointing straight at the agents, firmly gripped, and looking angry.

        ‘I advise to leave, whilst you can.’ He said, keeping the gun straight high. He was smirking at them; I relaxed a little bit, and got back into a normal defensive position- and clenched my fists tight, glaring at the agents whilst we were armed. Jacob was still on the floor, struggling to get up. I rolled my eyes, his groans formed into something like an evil smirk. He managed to pull himself together, and he was snickering wildly at Brandon more than he had focused to kill me.

        ‘Brandon, what happened to you? You were so fond of killing these… these fucking pests; they don’t even have a name. What changed?’ Jacob was asking his last minute questions, I suspected. He folded his arms, and cocked his head slightly to keep his gaze up on Brandon. I knew what he was doing; he was trying to make me Judge Brandon, by emotionally manipulating him from his past. Brandon let out a nervous chuckle, looked towards the ground for a few seconds and looked back up again. I gulped slowly.

        ‘Well, you should really look back now,’ Brandon smiled, slyly. Jacob danced backwards a little, turning around seeing Emily and Bonnie, striking a firm, but scary pose. 

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