The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


8. Emily



Emily was sat alone in the living room, Bonnie didn’t really communicate with her- she headed straight to their room. She decided to make herself an American style coffee, mocha. She sipped it though, it was hot. Not so long after, Steven arrived, as for he went out to find anything. She smiled awkwardly at Steven. They hadn’t been alone, not since after she faked her death. Steven walked to the center of the room, and the tension in the air was growing more awkward than usual.

        ‘Why… why didn’t you tell me that you were alive?’ He asked her, holding his ground, he folded his arms, he looked… defeated this time. Now that they were alone, they had a proper time to talk about it.

        ‘You remember how I told him that I’ll go, because he didn’t want me getting hurt at such a young age?’ She started, placing the mocha down on the kitchen side, walking to face Steven. Steven nodded, biting his lip, thinking really hard. She let out a deep breath, and held her hands together.

        ‘I thought, if I pretended to be dead, no one would think of me when I was gone, or at least forget about me, because I didn’t really help. So I faked my death, in order to survive, or getting tracked down by one of Elijah’s new recruits or whatever,’ she explained, her heart was racing. She was nervous, she didn’t know how Steven would answer to that, but he was thinking of something to say, without getting into an argument.

        ‘You knew I cared about you, you knew, you knew that I wouldn’t forget you… so why pull that trick?’ He sounded hurt, alone, his eyebrows were raised, and his eyes were teary, his lip was trembling. Emily looked alarmed, and surprised.

        ‘I didn’t think anyone would, don’t take it personally.’ She tried walking out the room, and into her bedroom, but Steven stopped her by grasping on to her wrist, and she immediately stopped, and turned her head around to face Steven’s worried and upset self.

        ‘It was a good idea, because I liked you. And I can’t, you see, it’s bad for us to grow closer, I’m an adult now… you were just a kid when I last saw you, and I was about fifteen turning sixteen,’ He made a stupid mistake saying that, because Emily blushed. She felt weak this time, like there was no escape. She opened her lips slightly, and tried to say something, but she couldn’t, she was going to cry. She could tell, her face felt hot, she was shaking, lip trembling, and her chin was wobbling, and four tears came rushing down like a waterfall, and she went to hug Steven, one of those, I’m-so-sorry-hugs, and Steven cradled her in his arms, shushing her, and caressing her hair. Emily placed her hands on his broad, muscular chest, and glanced up at Steven, and by the reaction, he glanced down, smiling faintly.

        ‘How about after all this is done, we all catch a movie? I’m thinking the new hunger games would be awesome, but I’d let you choose,’ He insisted, smiling, trying to make Emily smile. And he had. It was more of a doubtful smile; Steven studied her for a second. No one said anything, but they stared in each other’s eyes, waiting for someone to say something. Considering they were just being aware that the fact if they done anything passionately, Steven would go to prison if she babbles. And she wouldn’t dare, never.  Steven gulped slowly.

        ‘Well, I guess it’s okay to break one rule,’ He leaned in, placing his forehead on hers, and pressing his lips on hers as well, Emily caught her breath, and she lost her balance.  His lips were warm, damp, and soft. She didn’t want to remove herself of him, and that was bad. But she loved it.

        It grew deeper and deeper until it turned serious. Emily gasped in his mouth, and a few seconds later he did as well, the kiss grew faster. It was serious kissing, not a peck like you used to get from your parents when you were little, but this, this was a whole new level. It weakened her, her knees trembled, and she held on to him for safety by gripping on to his black leathered jacket. This is so bad, she thought. The others, if they found out, won’t like this.  He moaned, moaned! This sounded really hot. Yep, we’re in trouble. Steven released the kiss quickly than expected, his face was flushed, and his mouth was damp still, and his eyes were widened in surprise.

        ‘I’m sorry,’ He walked out of the room, and into his bedroom, and he apologized quickly. It was awkward after he had said that, but her heart was beating so fast and it felt like it was trying to escape from her chest. She was breathing fast, and her head clicked towards where Luke walked in, probably going to his room.

        ‘What’s wrong? You’ve looked like you’ve seen a ghost?’ Luke shrugged, he looked worried of her. Emily gulped, and tried to smile.

        ‘Nothing, just… thought of something terrible, of mine and Steven’s past, that’s all.’ Now, Luke didn’t buy it, but he didn’t really engage with conversation either, he said okay, and walked to his bedroom. Emily sighed and rubbed her hair backwards, and walked out of the door, hoping for fresh air.


Of course she left a note, she wanted to get coffee, and she was obsessed with coffee, considering she had just one five minutes ago, she decided to go to star bucks. It took a ten minute walk, and it was a twenty four seven restaurant pick-up-and-go. 

She entered the restaurant, and the doors were automatic. Futuristic café doors, she couldn’t help but smile. She ordered the mocha, and noticed that there was something funny about the place. She looked around alarmingly, seeing three suited guys, and she held her head down. She was shaking stiff, and she kept her eyes on the center of the milky coffee. She spotted a pale, bony hand tapping away by her coffee as someone slid in. She gulped slowly and looked up. He smiled at her coldly, making her shiver.


        ‘Keep your head down, remember, they’re hear. I’ve been following your group,’ He explained to her, his eyes looked black, his lips were white, and his hair was black- with a weird emo hair do. She looked at the guy, and didn’t say anything.

        ‘Why?’ She finally said, and held her coffee because it was warm. When she was looking at the stranger, it made her cold. He slightly laughed; it was more of a scoff.

        ‘They’re going to kill us, all. I heard them talking about it, don’t you dare tell your little friends… Bonnie, Franz, Luke… Steven most of all,’ Hearing Steven’s name, made her feel alarmed, and her eyes widened in surprise, to that reaction the male grinned evilly at her. He placed his cold hand on hers, and shivered.

‘Take care of him, jailbait. He won’t last long, not when there are people watching.’ He sounded, American, this time. As if he was local in New York. She was tempted to ask him about Jacob, and what he has in store for all of us, but she didn’t have the chance to because he left without warning.  She walked out of the coffee shop, feeling confused and awkward, looking around for any signs of the stranger that she had spoken to. And she felt it was safer to teleport back to the hotel room, she ran down the alley, and pounced into the air, finding herself rolling on the floor in the living room. Her back ached, and she coughed for some strange reason, she still felt the stranger’s icy cold fingers on her hands. She decided to go to her room, but Bonnie was up, watching TV, some random American sit-com. Bonnie looked over towards Emily, and smiled faintly.

‘I think… it’s time we start finding Luke’s Grandfather,’ he said quietly to Emily, keeping her eyes on the screen. On the other hand, Emily looked stunned towards Bonnie mentioning Robert, no one had fully mentioned him, to her.

        ‘I thought he’s dead,’ She asked Bonnie, with a hint of confusion in her voice, and tucked herself into the golden silky duvet. Bonnie smile turned guilty.

        ‘No, he’s alive; I know he’s in New York now.’

Emily’s eyes widened, defeated, she thought that he really sacrificed himself to save Steven and her, but it felt like lies.



I woke up suddenly, noticing Steven was still fast asleep, I crept out of bed, and decided to do some research on my own.

But I wasn’t the only one up.  Emily was on the red sofa, watching TV, I noticed she was watching ‘Criminal minds’, and it got very disturbing, so I headed for the door until she told me to stop. I froze, gulping slowly.

        ‘Where are you going?’ She asked, still facing the TV.

I didn’t want to waste time with her, really. Even if we did argue, I knew she’d still beat the hell out of me even if I laid a finger on her.  For a fifteen year old girl, she was a good fighter, and so was Steven, yet she still manages to take him down. I sighed worryingly.

        ‘I’m going to find-’

        ‘Not on your own,’ Emily started, getting of the sofa and faced herself to me. I looked at her. ‘I’m coming,’ She folded her arms. I laughed hastily along with a hint of sarcasm.

        ‘No way, Steven will kill me.’ I replied, raising my hands in the air. Emily rolled her eyes in disgust and stomped her foot slightly on the ground.

We glared at each other, thinking of what we’d both do, I was thinking that if I took her, she wouldn’t beat me up, but if I didn’t, I could pull of an explanation without getting my ass kicked. But I refused her offer, and she didn’t beat me up.

        ‘It’ll be safer, and less… convincing to the agents, I’ll go on my own okay?’ I folded my arms and she didn’t look at me, I sighed and she finally met my gaze.

        ‘Do you know where his apartment is? No, I do though.’ She blurted, and closed her mouth tight shut. I looked at her, surprisingly. I bit my lip, thinking of what to say now. I was in a struggle, I obviously needed directions of course, but taking a fifteen year old girl, I don’t want any blood on my hands. I sighed, and nodded slightly. Or at least tried to, I didn’t know whether taking Emily would be a great source of news for Steven. She grinned and tiptoed to hug me, and ran to grab her sneakers on the other side of the room. I couldn’t smile when I tried, I felt guilty all of the sudden.

I peered over towards her; she was almost done tying her laces, and once we were out that door, we told ourselves that there was no going back.

         We nodded in agreement at the same time, and we teleported ourselves into the place where they kept signed papers of where people were staying. Most of the names there were hard to pronounce, there was a strange one that caught my eye suddenly. I mouthed the name, trying to figure out how to pronounce it to myself. I gazed down to the paper, and that name sounded familiar.


I pulled out the papers, and Emily turned around quickly, with hope that I found Jacob’s files. I could see Emily was tense, as if she knew him. She tugged on her jacket, swallowing hard. I looked down at Emily, who now had tears in her eyes, yet she was still struggling to smile.

        ‘What?’ I whispered soothingly, trying to calm her down.

Emily wiped her tears, and took a deep breath. ‘That’s your granddad, I’m certain of it,’ she answered instantly; I could hear the muffling in her voice and the sobs. It looked like she couldn’t breathe at all. My eyes widened in horror and shock, and I dropped the paper files helplessly to the ground. I felt mixed emotions; I couldn’t really describe how I was feeling then. I didn’t notice that the guards noticed our break in, as someone came booting the door down armed with pistols and a few other guards. Emily screamed, I froze, and she was shaking her head violently begging me not to let them take her. And I didn’t let them. It turned out that they weren’t the police, but they were something similar.

        ‘Hands up, Luke Clarke, we’re going to need to ask you a few questions, we know why you’re hear.’ I set my gaze up on Emily, who was shaking in fear. I raised my hands slowly, gulping a mouthful of hard air down my throat.

        ‘Take me, don’t take her- I forced her to go with me, she can leave.’ I lied, she wanted to come, but I was needed to save her so Steven wouldn’t be pissed at me, even if we escaped. The main enemy studied my face for a second, I kept it straight and stern, failing at making him feel intimidated. The leader slowly lowered the gun, and nodded at the guardsman to release Emily, and she ran out, hopefully back to the apartment hotel. I’ll go get help, don’t do anything stupid to get your ass killed. Emily was communicating with me in my thoughts,  Believe me, I won’t promise that I replied to her, she laughed in my head, but it sounded like she wasn’t trying to cry, Yeah, good luck, Luke you’re on your own for this one. I nodded, and the two guards hand cuffed me, and forced me into a black ford transit van. I groaned in agony as they shoved me into the back. I didn’t have a seatbelt, I was in the boot. Way to give a nice impression off, I sarcastically thought. I waited ages, long enough that I thought about my grandfather, he really had been alive. But I was just… anxious to meet him in the first time since I was five. The last memory I had with him was, and a flash back occurred in my head.


I was standing on the staircase, because my granddad that day, came over to tell my mum and dad that he was leaving for a while and won’t be back, he was saying that he was going to stay at his new girlfriend’s house, and it’ll be somewhere in a different town, I remembered he didn’t give any directions from where we could visit him when we had the chance. He opened the door, and started walking out with a back pack.

        ‘…Granddad?’ I heard myself saying, he looked startled and turned around.

        ‘…What are you doing up? …’ He asked suddenly, he didn’t say hi, or how I was, but he seemed to be in a hurry. He walked closer to me, sighing, and rubbed his back as if he ached.

        ‘I’m leaving for a while, I’ll be back, and I promise you that. But promise me this; you’ll look after your mother?’


I shook my head violently out of that flashback memory, and glared down at the car floor. I gulped another mouthful of air in my mouth, and noticed that the car had come to a halt. I glanced around the area, waiting for something unexpectedly to happen, but someone opened up the boot, he forcefully pulled me out of the boot, as I lost my balance I tumbled to the ground, and coughed numerous times. I rolled over for a few seconds, and got myself back up again, glaring at the people who had captured me. He smirked in return, and had ordered two people to take me to the boss; they didn’t give out names, which made me more aware, and more convincing it was Jacob. But it hadn’t been Jacob, we were sat in a detective room, a dull boring, and intense room. There were two guardsmen that were guarding the doors, probably expecting me for some sort of escape plan. I looked down at the table, the man was in front of me, was old. Grey, with patches of blonde in his hair, and it was a formal, professional hairdo. His suit was black, his face was wrinkly and his eyes were bright blue. He looked at me, waiting for me to say something, but I had my jaw tensed up, waiting for him to say something.

        ‘Luke Clarke, right?’ He asked, glancing at me, expressionless.

I looked at him, I didn’t say anything. The detective leant back and sighed in disbelief, and rubbed his hands over his hair.

        ‘You’re going to have to tell me something, you don’t want me getting Jacob now, do you?’ He asked, he was trying to get to me. I knew that straight away, but Jacob wasn’t really a threat due to the fact he hasn’t shown his real face to me. It was my turn to smirk at him, and he looked at me eyes widened and clear.

        ‘I won’t tell you anything,’ I spat at him, my hands were restrained in metal straps making it harder for me to escape. The detective leaned forward again, tilting his head side wards, opening his mouth slightly, and let out a small laugh and smiled.

        ‘You’re a tough one, but I’m not allowed to hurt you. But you remember your friend Tyler… right?’ Hearing Tyler made me angry. I gritted my teeth together before I could say anything stupid, I was sweating, I clenched my fists, and shook them trying to break free of the chair. It was no use.

        ‘What did you do-’

        ‘He’s alright,’ He nodded towards one of the guards on the right, and he opened the door, coming in with three men and Tyler was captured. I looked at him, with my sorry look. I gulped slowly, and he nodded slowly at me, and told me to be quiet. I turned back towards the detective.

        ‘You’re a bastard,’ I started, hesitating. The detective leaned back again, finding a nice position to rest. ‘You deserve to rot in hell,’ I glared at him; the man couldn’t help but laugh back. As if he wasn’t afraid of me. The detective leaned forwards again, and clasped his hands together, thinking of what to say.

        ‘I’ll let you in a deal,’ He started. I looked at him, then to Tyler, who hadn’t said anything at all besides he wanted me to help him. I then turned back to the detective.

        ‘How about, you work for me, and your friends are saved.’ There was more to the deal, I noticed from the way he was giving of a devilish smile at me. He seemed proud of that deal, and I wasn’t taking any chances of that. The man pulled my shirt, facing him, I tried not to look at him in the eye.

        ‘You think you can get away from me?’ He snarled, and chuckled nervously. I swallowed slowly, trying to avoid his drool on my face, because it was highly disturbing.

  I glowered at him, trying not to say anything from that. I let him do the bitching.     


‘It’s the only way to save your friends, or even if they are your friends.’ The man mocked me, the words as they sank in, hurt, and they’d defeated me. I had no choice, but to work for them. He saw that I gave up, and smiled proudly to himself, and released his hands of my t-shirt, and calmed him down. I looked at him, raising my eyebrow, and looked from my left and right thinking of what I should do.

        ‘What’s in it for me, you guys hate people like us?’ I shrugged, there was obviously something in store for me, maybe something I wish I hadn’t seen, or maybe I had been scarred for life. The man smiled again.

        ‘We need to run a few tests and stuff, before you can prove to yourself that you are trust worthy,’ He explained, briefly. I swallowed, and sweat started dripping down my face, I wasn’t ready for this. At all, and they chose me at the weakest time, which would be there best time.




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