The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


6. Chris + Matt

My son, Luke, was a slacker. I highly doubt he’d be able to defeat Jacob, he’s crazy with power. My dad had to defeat Elijah, in order to sacrifice himself. He had a girlfriend, after mum died few years later, and she wanted to kill herself to save him. But she was captured by Jacob, and made her his own little puppet. I stared into the television, and it wasn’t even playing anything. I was scared, because I didn’t want my son, doing anything stupid and reckless. I couldn’t think of anything else, but Elizabeth, his mother, wasn’t taking it so well. She couldn’t sleep, she was yelling at me constantly about Luke, and how he was a freak of nature, if Luke was here right now to hear that- coming from his own mother. He wouldn’t dare come back, and stay with Tyler. The door cut me off worrying and disturbing thoughts, and I went to open it.

It was Matt, Luke’s friend. He looked scared. ‘They took Tyler,’ that’s all he said. My eye’s widened in surprise; he looked like he had just seen a ghost. I invited him in the house, and offered him something to drink. Surprisingly enough, he took coke. He explained everything, but he ran off before he got to see any action when Luke ordered him to. The agent’s didn’t care about him, but he was interested in Tyler. My eyes were focusing on his mouth, figuring out what he was trying to say, because he was shaking, alarmed, and he hadn’t even told any of his parents.

        ‘It’s okay,’ I answered quickly. Matt shook his head violently.

        ‘No it’s not,’ He was right, there was no point of being calm. My son has given himself a death wish. I knew he had powers, but I didn’t want to tell him. I knew he would find out eventually, but I didn’t know it was too soon. I tried giving myself hope, but I don’t think that is what we need right now.


There was a crash sound, and Elizabeth’s scream. Matt shot out of his seat, the door had been kicked down. Then it was my turn to get out of my seat, I ordered Matt to get in a corner, and hide. I saw agents, and Jacob. They walked in as if they owned the place. Jacob was angry. And we didn’t do anything. I held my ground, and Jacob smirked at both of us wildly. I peered through the corner, seeing Elizabeth’s body, in one of the agent’s arms. My eye’s widened in horror, Matt screamed.

        ‘No!’ Matt roared.

Jacob let out an evil laugh. ‘Don’t worry; she isn’t dead, just knocked out. But, Chris. I want you dead,’ He said it as if it was his life time goal. I didn’t expect Jacob to get me, or my wife. Not to mention Tyler or Matt. I clenched my fists tight, trying to resist on killing him there and then. Jacob clicked his fingers, and another agent came in with Tyler in metal handcuffs, cuts and bruises. Matt’s face was expressionless, indescribable, dead.  The agents were armed, and so was Jacob.

        He aimed a gun at me, and was smirking.

        ‘I want to see Luke suffer, if he tries killing me, or my guards. He gets to see his whole family dead.’ He slowly released the trigger, but he hadn’t let the bullet go yet. I raised my hands in surrender, gulping slowly.

        That was predictable, coming from Jacob. A single click from his fingers, had four agents, came marching in. He had this planned out. He was going to knock out Elizabeth, kill me, get Matt, release Tyler, and beat Matt. It all made sense.

The two agents grabbed both of my arms, with both of their hands gripping painfully above my elbows. They were twisting them; it almost felt like a Chinese burn. I cried in agony, and another agent, kicked me in the stomach, making me lose my balance as the pain was coursing through me.  The two agents twisted my arms in a knot, and I heard Matt screaming for surrender. I didn’t bother trying to release myself, because they would eventually get me anyway. Jacob was laughing, smirking. He was obsessed with power, and fortune.

        ‘Wait.’ Jacob demanded, with little hope, I thought he was going to release me.  But he stood there, pointing the gun at me, smiling evilly and grimly.

        ‘I want to finish him off, afterwards, let’s take a nice friendly picture for Luke, eh?’

That would kill Luke, not only heartbreak him, but anger him. He wouldn’t stand a chance against Jacob. He smiled; Jacob was smiling, yet shaking. ‘Say goodbye,’ and he pulled the trigger, it was too fast, before I could even say goodbye. My eyes quickly closed, and I fell helplessly to the ground, I could hear the remains of Matt’s screaming, and Tyler’s. And I couldn’t see this was then- I had died.




I didn’t look at Luke’s dad’s body, I wouldn’t dare to. Jacob turned to me, and he wasn’t feeling any remorse or guilt, I turned to look at Elizabeth, Luke’s mum. She looked… peaceful, asleep, she had no clue that her husband had died.  I felt sorry for her. Jacob pointed at me with a finger, grinning.

        ‘I think I’ll let you off for this one, I’ll let you in a deal, you act dead, next to Luke’s dad body, and I’ll let you run. I’ll give you a head start, and I’ll kill you after.’

That was a promising deal, but I couldn’t let Tyler and Luke suffer. Maybe, just maybe if I agreed to do it, he’ll forget about me. I nodded slowly, panicking, and rubbed my sweaty palms on my t-shirt.

They placed Chris’s body on a chair, his head flopped side wards, and made bruises and cuts in random places on his face, I had to lean against the chair, and tie my hands on the arm rest. I tilted my head side wards as well, and stayed as still as I could. I felt bad of doing this, but this was also an only way to save myself. Tyler looked at me disgustedly, who could blame him? I sure as hell definitely wouldn’t forgive myself after this. And a few agents came in the photo, holding their guns in the air, and grinning at the camera. They looked proud of this.  And I just didn’t feel comfortable.

        ‘Say cheese and die,’ I heard the camera go off, and the light flash, I squinted my eyes a little, avoiding my eyes opening during the shot. I had managed to success it.

I opened my eyes, and they untied me, and Jacob, knelt down to face me.

        ‘You better run, you better run like a girl, and don’t you dare call the fucking police on me either,’ He spat, gripping onto my blonde hair, and pushed me up against the arm chair. I nodded slowly, or at least tried to; he prevented me from actually nodding.

        ‘I will, just don’t hurt anyone else,’ I asked, pleadingly. Jacob laughed a good one at that, and his gang, piled on with laughter too, as if they were meant to.

        ‘Shut up, who gave you all the right to fucking laugh?’ He yelled across the room, and it fell silent. One of the agents coughed for Jacob’s attention.

        ‘Well, it was pretty funny-’

        ‘Shut the fuck up, Rodger. I’ll let you laugh, when I fucking want you to. What makes you think you can do whatever you fucking want if you work for me?’ He sounded pissed; he released me like a waste of paper. He walked over towards the agent, Rodger, presuming. I could see why he was cursing, he was scared. He was scared, as if he was going to lose everything. And he will lose everything, because I’m counting on Luke, to make the right choices. Jacob aimed his fists and Rodger, and he flinched, and Jacob ordered him to get out, and he did. He still had hold of Chris’s IPhone; he was sending the picture to Luke.

‘…It’s on, motherfucker, I’m back, and you can’t back down now,’ Jacob was mumbling the words as he was writing them down. I gulped slowly, and a sudden rush of shock came over me. I got up, and Jacob forced me out of the door, and shoved me violently to the front garden, I stumbled and landed on my back in agony. Jacob slammed the front door shut, and I waited for a while until I felt it was a good idea to get up. Whatever Luke’s up against, he need to think, out run the guy.




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