The survivors

A group called 'The survivors', struggle to survive the next phase of human evolution. Luke struggles to gather allies once he discovers he has powers, as well as the chosen one. Unfortunately, the person he needs to find was already murdered by a powerful enemy, Jacob. The Survivors find themselves in a war between humans and themselves, but it's not the end- this is just the beginning.


4. Bonnie

It took ten minutes to get there, and I could see him entering the pub before me. He remembered which I enjoyed the most. I didn’t know why, though.  I stopped and pulled my motorbike on the drive, a few blocks away from the pub, and brought in the helmet, just so it won’t get stolen.  I walked in the bar, there had been thugs, jockey guys, and guys who thought they were the best at everything because they had sluts for their girlfriends. I wasn’t too sure they had been their girlfriends either, they had minimal clothing, and they weren’t talking, they were too busy using their tongues. I shuddered at that thought, and noticed Brandon was sitting on the far left of the bar, and reserved a stool for me, with a large beer waiting to be drunk. I walked over quickly, and sat down, and placed my hands on the bar, grabbing his atteention.

        ‘Seats taken,’ He mumbled.

I rolled my eyes at him ‘For me? Great, Bonnie.’ I reminded him. Brandon smiled, or at least tried to; he took one gulp of the beer. He placed it down, making a loud noise, and beer spilled out at the top.

        ‘So, what were the questions?’ He asked simply.

I twirled my hair, and smiled at him. ‘Do you know anyone by the name of Jacob?’

I asked, he definitely did, from the expression of his face, turned cold, and hard. He looked… dead.  He faced the bar store, towards the different variety of drinks on display.

        ‘I only know one person by that name, and he sure is a bastard- why do you ask?’ He bitterly said, his jaw was tense, full of anger- hatred, as if he was looking at his past. I looked at him, looking intrigued.

        ‘He’s after me… and a few of my friends, because we’ve been casted abnormal, if you know what I mean.’ I hinted, making his beer shake violently, and that certain part of the table vibrate along with it- I found out how to do that a few days ago, I was just testing things out with my mind, and he definitely got what I was talking about, and he looked up surprisingly.

        ‘You’re in dangerous shit then? What the hell did you do to piss that guy off?’ Brandon asked, shrugging his shoulders, gripping tightly on to the beer and took another gulp. I explained everything to him, and I hadn’t done anything wrong. I hope Steven hadn’t done anything wrong either.

        ‘Damn. He sure is a prick, he was replaced ever since Luke’s grandfather killed the actual boss himself, and Jacob was also- one of Elijah’s puppets.’ Brandon started, raising his eyebrows, waiting for me to ask any questions before he started any story. I looked at him and nodded, to continue.

        ‘Let’s just say this, Jacob Glass, hates people like you. He claims his entire family was murdered by your kind, because they didn’t get what they wanted. He believes you’re a threat to everyone, I highly doubt his family was murdered by them, because well. Sweetheart, I know kinds like you- and they’re not like that. I think his family’s death was part of Jacob’s own doing, not sure about that. He had despised your kind for years, Elijah, he was the real asshole, he’d kill anyone who gave him bad news, or he didn’t trust. He was careful about it you see, he wants the entire people of your race he could find, disintegrated, or executed- in public, proving how bad you are. Last thing I heard, he took this guy, called Nick, and forced him to work for Jacob. He hadn’t accepted the job, so you’d know where that got him.’ He explained plainly, there was obviously more to the story. I noticed his voice had a western cowboy accent, and his breath stank of beer.

        ‘Where do we find him?’ I asked quickly before he can finish the story.

Brandon laughed. ‘You’ll find him in Washington D.C., we’re in Texas. That’s a hell of a way to travel there, but there are local businessmen that work here, spies, basically. He has em plotted around the state like guard dogs, you’re going to have to get through them.’ He explained, and took another gulp of the beer, and pointed at mine that was hardly touched.

        ‘You going to drink that?’ He asked, pointing aimlessly at the beer. I shook my head. ‘I’m driving, don’t live locally.’  I pushed the drink towards Brandon, and he took it.

        ‘What’s your ride?’ He was changing the subject. Something wasn’t right, I glared at him.

        ‘Don’t try to change the subject, whereabouts in Washington.’  I was serious now; Brandon wasn’t taking it seriously though. Which annoyed me. Brandon glanced and rolled his eyes.

        ‘Now, calm down girlie, his apartment is five miles far off from the Whitehouse, I don’t know, Courtown Road? Ask local people, I don’t know. Or ask people with suits on, that look like robotic people- that always seem to be on guard twenty-four seven, what is it exactly do you have in mind when you find Jacob?’ He asked, being interested. I gulped slowly, and smirked wildly at him.

        ‘We’re going to kill him.’ I told him. Brandon’s eyes widened in surprise.

        ‘You guys aren’t going alone, you’re going to need my help,’ He explained. That was a good idea. But I don’t truthfully know if he could be trusted with us. He gave of a weird vibe that he didn’t really pay a lot of attention anywhere.

I bit my lip, and thought about it for a moment. Brandon’s fists were clenched, hoping that I’ll let him help.

        ‘Why would you want to help?’ I asked him.

Brandon laughed. ‘I hate the guy; he treated me as if I was a puppy. I want to see he gets what he deserves.’ He sounded convincing. I looked around the room; no one was surprisingly not listening in our conversation. I didn’t want word getting spread, like someone is going to kill a bad guy, should be interesting- a new superhero. They wouldn’t take it seriously.

        ‘Come on, we’re going to our HQ, you need to see some people.’ I insisted- he smiled at that idea. As if he was interested in that plan. He had been, I hoped anyway. If Steven notices anything funny about the guy, I usually tend to follow his orders. I think this guy could be a real use to the place. I walked him to my motorbike, and he looked surprise.

        ‘Oh holds on now, you’re seriously not riding this thing, are you?’ He asked, stunned. I turned around, leaning against my bike.

        ‘Why not? Girls aren’t allowed?’ I shrugged. Brandon smiled, I threw him my helmet, I figured he would be the one needing that, he didn’t seem to certain about that the fact I was riding the bike. I rolled my eyes, and started the engine; he got on after me, and wrapped his arms around my waist for safety. Or so I hoped.

        ‘Wimp,’ I told him, trying not to smile.

Brandon laughed, ‘Yeah well, it’ll be your fault if we crash and I die.’ He explained-, he had a point. I still rolled my eyes, and started the engine, and headed back to HQ’s. 

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