Me My Scythe And Them

Susanie Greenberg
an Emo of "Ultimate High School"
finds something on the ground and started
fiddling through the mud.
as it appeared she pulled it out
there it was a scythe.
but now zombies and terrible supernatural
horrid creatures are creeping through town.
it's her responsibility.
To use her scythe.


1. Oh where did i find this ?

 My name is Susanie Greenberg

     Yeah I know that

         My name is a bit of a sketch

  But Oh well despite of that there

  Really isn't anything special about me

  "Yawns" Oh okay, I like listening to Metal Rock

  My Favorite track so far is Numb by 3 days grace,

   Well I am sure , Some of you know that don't you

   it's a type of song which will make

             you want to bang your head

   back and forth back and forth.

 "Yawns" Oh my god I am so tired

  Hmm what else about me , I like to keep

            My clothes black

  Sometimes with white stripes

   but any else than that

   I won't wear it.

    Now that I think of it

  I have been accused of being so called


   But that never really mattered to me

          I never cared about what people

 had thought of me.

                   Ohh Ohh one thing else

       I love watching Anime did you see

   the battle between Ichigo and Aizen on


      "Woarghhhhhhh Susanie where are you"

                 a terrible high pitched voice


         Oh well I guess it's time for me to go

      As I grabbed my scythe.

         and jumped into a 500 window Sky

              Scraper with my Scythe.




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