My cousin's bestfriend is the one for me.! (Niall fanfic)


1. prologue

Lina's p.o.v

Hello. I'm Adalina Santiago but everybody calls me Lina. I'm 16 and attend PTHS. People call me a nerd but I don't mind because I love to maintain high grades. Cheerleading is my passion but once I finish high school I'm going to study to be a neurologist. To describe myself I would say I'm short, thick not skinny, black hair, brown eyes. I'm 100% hispanic. And I travel around the world. No my parents aren't rich. We are a medium income family. I just save a lot of my money so that I can experience different cultures in the world. Before we moved to the U.S.A I lived in London. I miss it there. I'm actually going to transfer schools so the I can finish school out there. So that way when it's time to go to college I can move to Ireland. My dream college is Perdana University School of Medicine. My parents are not to happy about it but I'm not worried. I already told them that if they need me to call. I'm so excited.! I can't wait to leave. I have applied at different colleges such as Bradford University, London University, and many more. I already have a place to stay in London. I'm going to stay with my aunt in Bradford but finish high school in London. My aunt told me that a few of my old friends still live around the neighbor hood.

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