My cousin's bestfriend is the one for me.! (Niall fanfic)


2. chapter 1

Lina's p.o.v.

I leave to Bradford in two days. Turn up.! I can't wait, I'm just so excited. I am already pack and ready to go. I know that I have a cousin out there. His name is Zayn, yes Zayn Malik from One Direction. I don't care about his fame. I just want to be close to him like when we were little. He was always overprotective and I hated it when we were little. We stopped talking after I moved. My aunt is worried the he will think I'm trying to take his money and stuff. Which I don't see why because I have enough money that I worked for, so I don't even need his money. It's pretty late over here so it's time for some shot-eye.

*the next day in the afternoon*

I leave at midnight to Bradford. I'm just so excited. As a family we decided to go out to eat lunch since that will be the last meal I eat with then in a while. During lunch we talked about what I need to worry about. For insists my mom keeps repeating that I need to keep my eyes open and legs closed. After hearing it for the fifth time in a row, I have had enough. I was quietly standing up and walked away for the cafe. Arriving home about three hours later, I grabbed all my stuff that I would be taking with me on the plane and headed to the airport. Loads and loads of traffic got in my way. Ugh. I just want to leave America! The cops pulled me over for speeding. Great. The airport was in clear view by 11:00pm. If I don't hurry up I will miss my flight. I left my car at a friend's house who lived a block away from the airport. Running to inside I checked in and went through security checking. The officer kept flirting with me. Which was gross considering he was about 35. "Flight to Bradford, UK now boarding." Finally. Bye America. Hello UK.

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