Just friends(16+)


2. chapter two

I wake up to somebody clearing there throat, I sit up and see I was on the sofa last night, with the tv still on. Oops. I turn to see Harry, I jump. “How did you get in?” I ask him, startled. “You have a door key in the small plant pot outside your door.” He shrugs casually. I nod slowly. “What are you doing?” I ask shocked by his presence. “I came to pick you up, it's 11.” He says to me, I glance at the clock on the wall. Holy shit it is, “oh shit sorry, give me five minutes!” I dash into the shower, and quickly wash my body and am careful not to wash my hair. I step out of the shower and wrap the towel around my body, drying myself. I put my favourite white bikini that clashes nicely with my dark tanned skin. The bottoms are high waisted and the tops just plain. I put some denim shorts on and a red cami top. Quickly, I put on some mascara and baby pink lipstick. Then, I put a towel on my New York beach bag I bought last summer, my sun glasses and phone and walk out to the lounge. “Five minutes?” He laughs. “Sorry, thanks for waiting.” I mutter. “Okay love, you look hot.” He smirks, “thanks, I guess” I shrug.

Harry's POV

In the car, I can't stop staring at Renee. She's gorgeous; long light brown hair in a messy bun, long skinny legs, big breasts, tanned skin... “Stop staring!” She giggles embarrassed. “You love it.” I tease her. “No, you love me though.” She smirks, “the opposite.” I say coldly, she rolls her eyes. I park the car outside the beach next to Louis’ car. He took everyone I think, “they said to go over to the left corner.” I tell Renee. She nods grabbing her bag. We walk towards them and I can just about see them from here. Renee squeals when she sees the girls, and runs to them. I can't hear them, but I see them hug. I chuckle, how typical of them all. It's been what 3 years? Of them choosing not to speak, yet they greet each other as if it were the last day on earth. I finally reach everyone, the girls are in deep conversation. “what kept you two so long?” Louis asks. He thinks we...? Nooo! “Renee was asleep when I got to hers. She was getting ready.” I tell him, “mm, that's what they all say.” He smirks.

“Who's up for a swim?” I ask, ignoring Louis' comments. The lads all say yes, and I take my shorts off revealing my yellow trunks, then take my top off. “We will in a sec,” Eleanor replies on hers, Renee's and Sophie's behalf. We run into the sea, it's freezing but I soon swim and am warm. “Oh crap,” Niall gasps, “what?” I turn to see where he's looking. Holy wow. Renee's walking with the others on her white bikini looking so hot. So I think she's physically attractive... That's all.

Renee's POV

“Harry's looking,” Sophie tells me. “He's looking at you now hush,” I tell her, stopping all the bizarre 'theories' they have about me and Harry. I laugh thinking about it. He does look hot shirtless... But so do most people. Yes he's attractive, but nothing else.

The sea is ice cold, i tiptoe in. “It's freezing!" I wince, “I know!” El says, but she's half in the water already. Sophie's all the way by the lads. Jeez. Harry comes over to me. Oh no, what's his plan? “I'll give you three seconds to run,” he says. “what? No!” I chuckle, he holds his three fingers up, “3..” I sprint out of the water laughing, I hear him begin to run to, shit. I change direction, running diagonally across the sandy beach. “Gotcha.” He grins as he pulls me in towards him. Our bodies touch and I can't help but feel things. His arms around me are wet but somehow right. “You bastard,” I hiss at him, “you've just made it ten times worse now.” He smirks picking me up, I wriggle in his arms as he puts me on his shoulders. “Let me go!” I laugh, hitting and kicking him. “Mm, no.” He says and I can't see him, but I know he's smiling. We're in the water now, and Harry's at his hips in it. He lifts me in the air and chucks me in. I scream as the water hits me, and sink slightly under, wetting the whole of my body. “I am so getting you back,” I tell him, he just laughs.

Eleanor, Sophie and I walk back onto the beach where are stuff is. I lay down on my towel, “there is something between you and Harry,” Eleanor says. “There's nothing between us. We wouldn't be speaking had Louis not made him yesterday” I point out, hoping to shut the pair of them up about it. They do - fortunately. When the boys come back, as have ice creams then we go home. I get a lift with Harry. I put my shorts on, but my tops too wet to put on, so I leave my bikini top. The others leave while I go to the toilet. When I'm out, Harry's leaning against his Audi. I smile at him. “Hello lovely.” A guy about thirty smiles at me. “Hi” I reply bluntly. “That's a nice pair you have yourself there..” He looks down at my breasts. He grabs my arm. “Follow me babe,” he smirks pulling me away. “Get off me!” I yell. Trying to get free, suddenly I'm not being held by him, but by Harry. I sigh with relief, “Harry,” I wail, the man gets up and hits Harry. “No!” I shout as they get into a fight. Harry throws a few punches at him. But gets punched in the nose and starts bleeding. I pull Harry of the guy, and take him to his car. “Hold your nose, let me drive us.” I tell him, with hesitation, he passes me his keys and gets in the passenger seat.

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