Aliona Potter

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? What would she be like? This is the story of Harry Potter's twin and her first year at Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy! It's my first movella so please tell me if you think it is good.


21. The Philosopher's Stone

'Ow!' I yelled suddenly as my scar burned suddenly.
"You all right Al?" 
'Yeah fine, you Harry?' I added as Harry's hand shot to his forehead
"Yeah, but my scar's burning" Harry said
'Has it hurt before though?' I asked
"Yeah but not like this" Harry told me "I think it's a warning-" He started
'I think it means danger's coming' I finished and tried for a grin but instead grimaced as my scar burnt again.
"How did you two-" Ron asked
"Finish each other's sentence?" Hermione asked her lips quivering slightly as she finished Ron's for him. Ron flushed and I made a mental note to ask him if he fancied Hermione. I never got the chance. Seamus, Ally and Leonie walked past us and glared at first Harry, then Ron and Leonie's look softened on Hermione as the two had been quite close at the beginning of the year and they still went to study sessions together so I didn't really get the enmity between the two. Then I felt Ally's glare bounce off me, followed by Leonie's and then there was Seamus pressing his lips on mine while I stood there debating what to do, then my brain sent a message to my mouth and before I could reconsider my idea I was kissing him back, faster, stronger and more lovingly than ever before. 
"What are you doing Aliona?" Harry asked. I shrugged enjoying the moment too much to answer him
"Alright!" Said Harry clearly exasperated "we'll wait for you!"
He gave me to the count of three before he wrenched me away from the BEST kiss of my life (ok the best one for now). 'Harry!' I complained as he dragged me over the grass that surrounded Hogwarts School for Wizardry and Witchcraft and told me off for wasting time. 

It was lunchtime when I came up with a great idea that would stop Snape from reaching the stone and using it for his own gain.
"Hey guys," I said smiling at Ron in a way that said 'I am absolutely mental but I have a great idea'  
"I'm scared" Ron said
As I opened my mouth to begin again Snape walked up to us and began to tell us off for being inside.
"Now what are four young Gryffindors like yourselves doing inside on a day like this?" He questioned
"We were-" Ron began then faltered as he struggled to find a reason that didn't relate to the stone quest.
"We were just on our way to the library" Hermione said and we all breathed a sigh of relief until Snape said 
"I would be careful if I was you, people might think that you are up to something" then he stalked off to wherever a moody teacher goes during their lunch hour of freedom. 
"Um guys" Harry said
"Yeah..." We said waiting
"Snape looked a bit shifty didn't he?" Harry asked
'Like he didn't want to be here talking to us' I chipped in
"How?" Ron asked talking about sentence finishing again. I glared at him and carried on talking 
'So what I thought was that-'
"we go down the trap door tonight" Harry completed my sentence for me.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and I made our way down the Gryffindor stairs and creeped into the common room careful not to wake the sleeping Hogwartians as we embarked on our adventure, the first of many, though I would not be there to share them. As we got to the Fat Lady's painting, however, we heard a voice that we recognised- the voice of Neville Longbottom. We froze. Then I advanced forward smiling flirtily at him 
'Neville' I crooned, years of practice with stupid boys from my primary years 'please let us go this is important'
"No Al, I... can't I'm sssorry" but I could see he was slowly beginning to see my need to leave, no one could deny my charms for long. I began to speck again when Hermione cast an excellent spell
"Petrificus Totalus!" 
Then Neville fell over with a muffled 'thud!' 
"Oh I'm sorry- were you done yet?" Hermione asked, I didn't reply- only contented myself with a quick death glare at her
We wondered over to and out of the portrait and, under the invisibility cloak, we made our way to the room where the trio had discovered Fluffy all those months before, when life was normal. Ish. We made our way to Fluffy and I was beginning to wonder how the group had managed to find this 'dog' accidentally but then again this was my twin I was talking about and nothing that involved trouble was to hard for him to discover. 

When we got to Fluffy the first thing I heard was a strange piece of music playing, it was melodic and made me feel like I had to sleep but I fought the feeling and struggled to keep my eyes from closing.
"Al, are you ok?"
The question was exactly what I needed to keep myself from slipping into the land of nod and focus on the task ahead
'Fine' I replied 'Just tired' I didn't feel like sharing the feel of dread that had settled on my insides
"Ok" said Harry "we need to get inside of that trap door and-
'Does anyone notice something different?' I asked suddenly wide awake
"Yeah, it's really quiet" Ron said
"Um guys?" Hermione asked
"Yeah?" Harry, Ron and I asked
"The harp has stopped playing."
We all stood there staring at her 
'What harp?' I asked stupidly
Hermione groaned "the one that was keeping us alive"
'Oh that harp!' The one that had made me want to turn and run 'Maybe I could play it' 
"Al no-" Harry told me but it was to late I was already beginning to play a haunting melody that scared me more than anything. Suddenly I saw a flash of green light and heard a cold laugh coupled with one that I recognised but couldn't place and I dropped my hands not wanting to see more- I didn't want to see anyone else die 
'Sorry' I apologised 'I couldn't keep up playing the sound was wrong' I cursed inwardly, why did I have to continually lie? Who was I protecting- myself?
"Ok" Harry said "we are just going to gently move Fluffy's paw and open the trapdoor- Al can you drop first?"
'Sure' I replied trying to smile
"Are you sure you're ok with that?" Ron asked, he must care more about me than I thought.
'Definitely!' I grinned
"Great!" Harry said "Ron you will go next, then Hermione and then me. Is that ok with everyone?"
"Yep" everyone chorused
"Ok- everyone move the paw gently then Aliona will drop down the hole." We all shoved the big furry paw off the trapdoor and Harry lifted the lid, then I dropped. I hit something soft and squishy and I was glad that it was there- I didn't fancy dying just yet. Then I heard a scream `Ron` I thought and next a ‘squelch’ as he hit the plant thing followed by two more ‘squelches’ as Hermione then Harry hit the thing that was stopping us falling any further.
'Everyone ok?' I asked. They all nodded 
"Lucky this plant thing's here" Ron noted
"Lucky?!" Hermione shrieked "lucky? This is Devil's Snare Ron it will slowly kill you" 
'Devil's Snare?!' I repeated my voice now a note hysterical as well 
"Yes" Hermione confirmed then lay back and slipped through a hole in the plant
"Hermione!" Ron exclaimed
'She's fine' I told him 'just relax' and with that I slipped through the plant as well falling heavily on my ankle as I landed 
'Ow!' I exclaimed as a sharp burst of pain went up my ankle
"Aliona are you ok?" Hermione asked looking concerned 
'Yeah' I said trying to look natural 'just get the boys out of that plant'
"Ok, ok" Hermione said concentrating hard "Devil's Snare, Devil's Snare, it's deadly fun but it sulks in the sun! That's it!" Then Hermione proceeded to look around her muttering "wood, I need wood!" I rolled my eyes as she asked the boys if they knew where she could get any wood. Ron's reply was
"Are you a witch or not?!" Which I thought was quite a good point
"Oh yeah!" Hermione said "Lumos Soleam!" Then a flash of blinding light erupted from Hermione's wand and hit the plant making it drop Harry and Ron 
"Lucky we didn't panic" Ron noted
Harry looked at him in a way that suggested he was an idiot (Ron that is not Harry being the idiot) then said "Lucky Hermione listens in Herbology" and grinned at her in a way that suggested he loved her. (A/N I don't normally ship Harmione you guys will have to see what happens...) I groaned, the pain that had now lessened in my ankle came flooding back as I tried to stand up
"Al, what's up?" Ron asked me 
"I think I've twisted my ankle by landing on it"
"Great" Harry muttered "now what are we going to do?"
'Well I know a spell to fix things but whether it will work or not is a different story'
"Well you might as well try it" Harry said
'Ok' I said and half shouted the spell 'reparo!'
"Did it work?"
'Sort of, I can just about stand on it'
"Ok let's go" Harry said
'Fine' I said 'continue'.

We kept walking( well I limped) until we got to another door
"Do you guys hear that?" Harry asked
'Fluttering?' I said 
"Yeah" Ron said
"Good" Hermione clarified "none of us are going crazy so let's get going."
As we walked through the door the noise of fluttering intensified I could recognise it- it sounded like birds or butterflies which were too normal for a school of wizards and witches
"Are they birds?" Harry asked 
'No' I told him 'they're keys' I looked at him in wonder 'and one of us has to catch the master'.
Harry looked at me "how do you know that?" 
'Just a hunch'
"An incredibly accurate hunch" Hermione said, glaring at me "are you sure you're on our side?"
'Hermione,' I said very deliberately 'VOLDEMORT KILLED MY PARENTS! OF COURSE I'M ON YOUR SIDE!' I breathed in deeply, collecting myself 
'Sorry' I breathed quietly 'I just don't like being accused of treachery'
"It's ok" Hermione said but without a hint of any warmness that suggested she meant it.
"Alohomora" broke the silence 
"Ron give up" Harry said "Aliona's already solved how to get out, we just need to catch the key that fits the lock- Al which one?"
I concentrated hard and as before when I was playing the harp I saw the same flash of light and heard the laughs but the image was bigger this time and I could see two figures, a boy and a girl, surrounded by a ring of flames then the boy crumpled as the green light hit him as the girl seemingly dissolved into nothing. Where was this? Could I have anything to do with it? No, surely not. The room looked nothing like the room I was in at the moment and there were only two figures, not four- definitely not me or Harry or Ron or Hermione but I was certain that of the people that were here two would suffer that fate, soon.
"Aliona? Which one?" Harry asked his face looking at mine 
'Not sure' I admitted 
Harry's face fell 
'Sorry' I said
"Don't worry, Ron, Hermione which one?"
"That one!" Ron said pointing to one that was old and rusty
"Perfect!" Hermione said "now how to get it?" 
"Well, there is a broomstick- let's fly it". Harry approached the broomstick tentatively, as if checking for danger 
"Harry?" Hermione asked
"It won't let me touch it or go anywhere near it"
"Why?" Ron asked
'Because he isn't the chosen one' I said 'he doesn't have powers that the rest of us don't'
"So who does?" Harry asked 
'Well as long as I can remember I've been told I'm special, that I'm important in life, so what if the chosen one is me?' I said speaking very quickly and quietly so that only Harry knew what I was saying
"Try touching the broom" Harry said "it'll be fine." I approached the broom and, just as expected, it let me touch it but weirdly not sit and fly it
'Come here'
'Just do it.' 
Harry approached the broom just as he had done before but this time didn't touch it
'Now sit on it' 
"It won't let me do it"
'It will, trust me.' 
Harry carefully arranged himself into the best position to jump onto the broom then leaped and landed perfectly on it
'Now take off'
"But you're still holding it you'll hurt yourself"
'No, I won't, not if this works the way I think it will
"And if it doesn't?"
'Well let's cross that bridge when we come to it'
Harry took off with me still in tow and of course it flew up without anyone getting hurt 
'Now catch that key!' It took Harry all of three minutes to catch the key and about thirty seconds for Hermione to open the door and Harry and I to fly through it to avoid the maniac keys.
"Well that's done with, what's the next stupid task we have to deal with?" Asked Ron
'Er, Ron?' I said
'Turn around.' He did so and came to face the same thing that we all were looking at- a massive chess board.
"Oh" Ron's mouth dropped open as he faced the giant object blocking our escape. We must've all had the same idea as we started striding across the chess board at the same time, all our eyes locked on the door, the way out. As we reached the white pawns though they all moved their spears to block us 
'Ron?' I asked seeing that he was deep in thought
"We have to play" he breathed in realisation. Harry's, Hermione's and my mouths all dropped open 
"But how?" Hermione asked
I let out a gasp- but that was to dangerous! 
"Yes, Aliona's got the right idea- we must become the pieces"
"But wizard chess..." Hermione started then broke off
"Yeah just don't think about it" Harry said, trying to comfort her
"Probably best" Hermione agreed
"Ok" Ron said, taking charge, "Harry you be a bishop, Hermione a Rook, that's a castle by the way"
"I know!" Said a frustrated Hermione 
"Aliona" Ron continued as if he hadn't been interrupted 
"Could you be the queen for me?"
"Or I could be it." Ron sighed
'No, no I'll be the queen, good practice for the future right?' 
"What?" Hermione shot a shocked glance at me
'Never mind'
"Ok..." Harry said breaking the awkward silence "let's start". We each went to the places that Ron had assigned to us and we started the game.
"Um, Ron?" Asked Hermione 
"Going back to before, will this be anything like mini wizard chess?
"Let's see... You there! D4!" The piece Ron had pointed at moved to D4, diagonally in front of the white's pawn and we all watched as it sliced through it as if it wasn't there
"Yes Hermione, it's going to be exactly like wizard's chess" Ron replied rather shakily

It took forever to get rid of most of the opposing team's pieces and by that time we had lost most of our pieces too. We were nearing the end of our game and we were winning, thank Merlin, we only had to play one well placed move and the whites would be in checkmate, but which piece would move, who would Ron sacrifice next? I got my answer pretty much straight away, Ron would sacrifice Ron. 
"No you can't!" Hermione screeched and I wondered who she really loved Ron or Harry? She began to make a step forward when Harry shouted her back
"Hermione stop! We haven't finished playing yet." Hermione took a shaky breath but remained where she was, for the moment- it was almost guaranteed that she would run to Ron at the next given opportunity. Ron advanced forward his face grim with concentration and in that moment I could see the Gryffindor in him, then the world went blurry for a minute and I realised that I was sobbing, tears streaming down my cheeks like waterfalls, I quickly wiped them away, no point making myself the centre of attention while Ron's sacrifice took place. The black horse slowly advanced to the queen and it moved towards Ron and in an instant it's sword had gone through the piece and Ron fell down and down before hitting the ground with a sickening thud. Hermione and I watched in horror and only noticed that we had won when Harry said "Checkmate".
The white king's sword fell away from it and everything froze back in place as if it had never moved. We all rushed to Ron, he was unconscious but breathing and we all breathed a huge sigh of relief as we realised that he wasn't dead. 
"He'll be fine" Harry said, only I could hear the fear and thankfulness in his voice, he was good at hiding things.
"Harry" Hermione said in barely a whisper "you have to go on, take Aliona with you, I'll stay with Ron and send Dumbledore an owl, you're a great wizard Harry, did you know that?"
"You're better than me" said an always modest Harry. Hermione laughed "ha! Books and cleverness, there are more important things- friendship and bravery and you are everything needed to beat Snape at the end"
'Sorry to break this up, but Harry we really need to go' I said not letting any emotion colour my tone
"Right" Harry said "let's go".
We both quickly passed the remaining chess pieces hoping that they wouldn't block our way again, they didn't and we strolled right through the door that would, hopefully, take us to the final task.

We ended up in a small, enclosed room surrounded by pillars, it was very grand and it didn't look like a dangerous place until I heard a voice. The voice was hard and had an edge to it, I didn't like it and looking at Harry, he didn't either. I was just about to find out who it was when all my attention was drawn to the pain in my forehead
'Ahhh!' I screamed 
"Al, you ok?"
'Great thanks' I said smiling slightly
I wasn't really, this room seemed too familiar, when had I been here? 
"Snape reveal yourself!" Said a very frustrated Harry 
"It's not him" said an unfamiliar voice
"It's me"
'That's so helpful' I said putting on a bored tone 'for all we know you could be the Minister of Magic'
The person laughed a cold laugh
"If I was then most of my problems would be solved"
'Ok' I said 'give me a clue, what do you do?'
The person growled, I was obviously getting under his skin, great!
"You'll find out soon enough" they said "master?"
The normal voice was replaced by a creepy one that grated inside of me and sparked a long lost forgotten memory, the one of me as a baby being held by someone soft, comforting and warm. I was yanked out of memory lane as the ‘master’ replied:
"Kill them, kill them all"
I now knew I was fighting for not just my freedom but for my life. The voice, the normal one that is not the awkward one, came again this time going
"You two, Potter twins come here"
'No.' I said being defiant 
"Fine" the 'normal' voice went "crucio!" 
Then I was hit by a load of pain, like little knives piercing me, going deep inside touching me where it already hurt
'Stop it!' I managed to scream 'stop! I'll do whatever you want!'
"Stop" said the master "leave the girl, bring her to the mirror"
'The mirror?' I said panicking 'what's the mirror?'
"You'll see" said the voice. The speaker of the voice then came forward and it wasn't Snape, far from it it was
'Quirrell?' I asked 'what?'
He laughed an evil laugh "ha ha ha! Yes it's me, who would suspect p-p-p-poor s-s-s-stutttering professor Quirrell?" I stared at him, how?
"Now little girl, to the mirror"
"No" said Harry "leave her, I'll do it" I glared at him, this was no time to be chivalrous! 
"Fine" snapped Quirrell "Mr Potter, here". 
Harry approached the mirror and from my view I could see he had some sort of interaction with the mirror before tucking something into his pocket and then making himself look as innocent as possible
"What did you see?" Growled Quirrell
"I saw myself being handed the house cup by Dumbledore at the end of the year" Harry lied smoothly, yeah right!
"Quirrell, the boy is lying unwrap me"the master said
"But you're not ready"
"Let me kill him, I must have blood!" Slowly Quirrell unwrapped his purple turban and in the mirror I could see what the turban really hid-the face of the dark lord, of Voldemort. 
"Aliona run!" Screamed Harry and something flew at me, it was red and crystal like, I caught it and ran.
"Stop her!" Screamed Voldemort
I kept running, straight into fire
'Ahhhhhhh!!!!!' I yelled as the fire burnt my skin, I then (remembering muggle school) stopped, dropped and rolled until the burning sensation stopped then panicked as I saw Harry fighting Quirrell and slowly disintegrating? Yep disintegrating Quirrell before he finally collapsed on the floor writhing in pain. Harry looked back at me for a split second, it was a mistake. In the short amount of time that Harry had his head turned Quirrell had stood up and taken out his wand and was pointing it at Harry
'Harry!' I screamed and he ducked to the floor just as a green spell came at him and as a white light came my way I realised what was happening, my vision from earlier before was coming true- I closed my eyes and let the white light engulf me before I completely lost consciousness and lost track of everything...

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