Aliona Potter

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? What would she be like? This is the story of Harry Potter's twin and her first year at Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy! It's my first movella so please tell me if you think it is good.


15. The Midnight Duel

After dinner I had rushed up to my dorm to prepare myself for the meet with Draco. I had pretended I was going to bed early so that no one noticed that I was 'sleeping' in my clothes. I waited in bed as 9 o'clock struck, 10 o'clock struck and 11 o'clock struck then at the final chime of 11 o'clock I slipped on my slippers, lifted up my hood and quietly strolled out of the Gryffindor tower. I walked along the corridors until I reached the trophy room door, a little voice said in my head 'Don't go in there!' but I ignored it and walked into the room where Draco was waiting for me. Draco rushed forward and enveloped me in a hug and I hugged him back as tight as I could
"Oh Aliona" he said "I'm glad you turned up, are you alright?" 
'I'm fine' I said smiling 'in fact better than fine now that I'm with you'
"Oh thank Merlin" Draco muttered giving me yet another hug "I hope I didn't upset you in potions today"
'Of course you didn't' I told him 'I just can act to save my life and your ego'
"Suppose so" Draco said smiling slightly 
'Now what do you want to know?'.
Draco and I chatted for a while until we heard the big clock chiming that it was 15 minutes until midnight "right" said Draco "we should go", he started to walk off but just as he reached the door he turned around and asked "Aliona, tell me, have you had any more nightmares?" 
My mind briefly flashed back to last night and I remembered Harry slowly morphing into the black figure that only belonged to my sleeping moments "Aliona?" Draco asked  his voice full of concern
'Yes' I told him finally 'and they're slowly and progressively getting worse every night'
Draco looked at me in concern while I sat down and said 'I'm scared Draco, really scared and you're not there to calm me down any longer.'
He walked over to me and put his arm round me "I know Aliona, trust me and we will meet again same time, same place until the end of the year, now are you coming?" 
'No' I told him throwing his arm off me 'I'm going to think for a while'
"Alright" he said and with that he was gone. I sat there for a while thinking about Draco but my thoughts kept flicking back to Seamus, did I love him? I always had thought that it would be me and Draco against the world together but then where would that place Seamus and I had started developing feelings for him that I had felt about Draco for years even as I had a boyfriend, so who did I feel stronger for? I hated but at the same time loved these feelings, I loved they way they felt in my mind but at the same time I hated the way they made me all puzzled and knotted up inside. While I was working out these feelings I heard a noise and some voices, I drew up my hood and I pulled out my wand. Instinctively I glanced behind me and when I turned back around I saw a figure about three metres in front of me, without warning I heard them mutter the words 'Depulso! ' and the spell come straight at me but I blocked it with ease and sent the spell 'Locomoto Mortis' back and the dull thud meant that my spell had hit the target and I was in the middle of congratulating myself when I heard a voice say 
"Harry are you alright?"
I gasped I had just had a duel, a very short one mind, with my brother.
'Who's there?' I asked as I walked forward careful not to bump into anyone or anything 
"Ron Weasley and Harry Potter" said the voice that I heard before
"Who am I speaking to?" he asked
I lowered my hood to show my face 
"Aliona" he said incredulously looking at my face "wait that was you that attacked Harry"
'Yes' I replied 'I'm not proud of it but he attacked me first and I didn't know who it was so I returned the favour by returning the spell' I looked at him and then said 'is Harry okay?'
I waited for his reply but none came from him instead there was a noise from the shape on the floor 
"Yeah I'm fine except for the fact that I have just been attacked by the hottest girl in Gryffindor"
I forced a laugh, then stopped looking at him 'you think I'm hot?' 
"Um yeah everyone thinks so and wants to go out with you"
'Really?' I said skeptically 
"Yeah" said Ron "Even my two older brothers Fred and George think you're hot even though they pretend otherwise"
I glanced at him and then back at Harry, then back at him again, then back at Harry.
"Uh Aliona?" asked Harry 
"Could you release me?"
'Oh right' I said awkwardly 
I then performed the counter curse and Harry stood up
"Thanks for that" he said and smiled at me then he walked out with Ron.
'Wait!' I said, the two boys turned around 'um Harry'
'I owe you an apology'
"What for this?" He said staring at me
'No' I said 'well partly but also for everything I have said to you so far this year, we got off on the wrong foot and I hope that you don't judge me for it and I want you to try and forget all our chats this term and start over'
Harry walked over to me and stood directly in front of me 
"I think I can do a little better than that" he said leaning forward and before I knew it his lips were pressed against mine and mine against his and we were kissing while Ron looked on...

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