Aliona Potter

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? What would she be like? This is the story of Harry Potter's twin and her first year at Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy! It's my first movella so please tell me if you think it is good.


10. The Hogwarts Express

As I borded the train I saw someone who looked a bit like me. "That's your brother" Draco whispered in my ear "I can tell" I replied "how?" he asked "is it the scar?" "no" I told him "it's the eyes, they look like mine" "oh" said Draco simply, looking gormless. I smiled  "that's what you're  meant to look like. Now shove off so we can get a compartment on the train!" I gave him a shove towards the train and then climbed on myself. I walked down the corridors looking for an empty compartment and I didn't manage to find one but I saw a girl around my age sitting by herself in the final compartment. She had long wavy blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes and I wondered if she was waiting for someone 'well' I thought I might as well ask as I entered the compartment she gave me a smile "hi" I said smiling back "are you waiting for anyone?" I asked "no" the girl replied "can I sit here?" I asked returning the smile "of course" she said smiling even wider if that was even possible. "So" I said "What's your name? I'm Aliona" "oh" she replied "I'm Leonie, Leonie Butterscotch." She replied "nice name" I said looking straight at her. We sat there for a moment just sort of staring at each other and a distraction and a chance to speak arrived in the shape of two boys who walked into our compartment and asked if they could sit down. I agreed. This would give me a chance to talk and break the awkward silence. As they sat down I asked which house everyone was hoping for I wanted Slytherin so I could be with Draco but of course I had to get on the right side of Harry so I said Gryffindor, Leonie said Hufflepuff but she wouldn't mind Ravenclaw and maybe Gryffindor but she didn't think she was brave enough. The boy opposite me had said Gryffindor and his friend had said the same, I began to think that Gryffindor might not be a bad choice these boys looked pretty hot but I wondered as the train came screeching to a halt 'what would Draco say?'

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