Aliona Potter

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? What would she be like? This is the story of Harry Potter's twin and her first year at Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy! It's my first movella so please tell me if you think it is good.


20. The Forbidden Forest

"Our situation got a whole lot worse..." 
"How bad is it?" Asked Harry
"It's bad" replied Ron and when I turned around I squirmed, it was McGonagall and she didn't look too happy.
"Come with me" she said sounding, and looking, stern. She took us to the desk of the transfiguration classroom and told us
"Nothing, I repeat, nothing gives a student to walk about at night." 
Hermione and I looked at each other and gave encouraging smiles for neither of us had been in trouble yet and we were apprehensive about what would happen to us.
"The five of you will be put in detention with Hagrid-"
"I'm sorry Professor, I thought you said the five of us."
"Yes that's right, Mr Malfoy you heard me right. As honourable as your intentions were, you too were caught out of bed, so you too will face the punishment"
I could feel a triumphant grin creep across my face and I stared at him and showed him my expression, but to my surprise Draco turned away and I could see the gleam of tears in his eyes, he was probably faking but the kinder, nicer part of me wanted to go over and comfort him. No I said to myself, he's given you enough grief     already he doesn't deserve your help, remember? That slight pep-talk didn't do anything for my feelings towards him at all I still felt mean for not comforting him as he sat there looking thoroughly miserable.

The next night after a hard few lessons which were spent preparing for our end of year exams, which were only a few days away, Harry, Ron, Hermione and I all left DADA to go to the library before meeting Filch and McGonagall for our detention.
'Was it me' I asked 'or was Quirrell even more nervous than usual?' 
"No" said Hermione "I noticed it too"
I glanced at her but didn't voice what I was thinking, I was too busy wondering how my friends were getting on without me I hadn't really talked for them for a while and I could tell that Ally, Leonie and Seamus were annoyed with me and I wasn't sure if we were even still friends I also wondered if they would ever forgive me. They had formed a threesome and had started to shut me out, I guess I should've been upset or angry but I all I could feel was that I deserved it and the feeling that I had a massive weight weighing me down.
"Al, you k?" Ron asked coming over and putting his arm round me
'Fine' I mumbled 'And don't call me Al'
I saw Filch coming over and nudged Hermione who was in deep conversation with Harry over something and they were silent just as Filch came over.
"Is this the group for detention?" He asked and we all nodded our heads
"Well come with me, oh I miss the old days students used to hang by their wrists, God I miss the screaming"
I shared a worried look with Ron before turning back and walking straight ahead to Hagrid's hut.
"Hi Harry, Ron, Hermione, Aliona" 
"Hi Hagrid" we chorused grinning widely. He dipped his head in acknowledgement before turning to Filch "Do me a favour and teach them a lesson for me"Filch told him
"Where are we going?" Draco asked
"Into the forest" Filch replied
"I thought that was a joke" Draco said frowning.
We walked into the forest and I was suddenly very aware of the closeness between me and Draco
'Move!' I told him 'Just leave me alone!' I then tripped over a log and I had to endure Draco's touch again as he picked me up. "Malfoy get off her" I heard Harry say 
"Fine" Draco said dropping me and making me face plant in the mud
'Hey!' I shouted
"He said let go" Draco said simply
'Urrrr' I said scowling at Draco ' I'll get up myself' I added as Ron tried to pick me up, I picked myself up and joined Harry and Hagrid just as they stopped.
"Righ' we're going to spli' up" Hagrid said
we all glanced around nervously "Ron, Hermione you'll be with me and Harry, Aliona you'll be with Malfoy" 
"Ok I get Fang then" Draco told Hagrid
"Fine. Oh and just to warn you he's a bloody coward" 

Draco, Harry and I all walked along looking for unicorn blood like Hagrid had told us
'What's that over there?' I asked
"Unicorn Blood, nice eye Al!" 
Suddenly and unexpectedly I felt a sharp pain go through my forehead, exactly where my scar was and by looking at Harry I could tell he was having the exact same experience, then out of nowhere a black figure came swooping down on top of Harry and I and the pain in my forehead intensified as the figure came closer and closer... The figure looked like something I'd seen before and then it hit me, he was the figure from my dreams-I paled, tears running down my face while I tried to wrap my head around this new, and frightening fact. I was dimly aware of Harry next to me as the figure advanced upon us and I tried to control my now rapid breathing, but I couldn't- I knew I was going to die. Then a four legged thing jumped on front of us saving our lives as the black figure, now scared, fled and for the second time I realised I was on the floor but this time I couldn't get up it was like my legs had turned to jelly. I couldn't see or hear anything except my incredibly rapid breathing then I heard a voice telling me to breath over and over again there were arms clutching me tightly as I slowed my breathing back to normal. I tried to stand up and finally I could support my own weight. 
"Al you k?" Ron asked I was to traumatised to reprimand him for calling me 'Al'
'Fine' I mumbled 
"Thank you Firenze" Hagrid said. I looked around, who was he talking to? Oh, it was the thing? animal? that had saved us. I looked up to it in wonder and as if reading my mind Hagrid said
"Firenze is a centaur, Firenze this is-
He was cut off by the centaur who said "I know who the boy is, Harry Potter you are well known by the centaurs but as for the girl, who she is or why the dark creature went after her I have no idea"
"This is Aliona Potter, Harry's sister"
"This is indeed interesting- pray tell me have you ever heard the name Evens?"
'I have' I told him 'I know that it was my-' I was interrupted by the centaur
"You know about the prophecy?"
'What prophecy?' I asked. Firenze may have told me but at that moment a group of his fellow centaurs came and the leader kicked him hard
"Bane, leave Firenze alone" Hagrid said
"He has no right to help you" the centaur called Bane said
"Never the less you shouldn't treat your kin like that"
"What we do is none of your business Hagrid"
"I'll leave you now" said Hagrid "and thank you Firenze"
"Your welcome" said the centaur stiffly.
As the centaurs trotted away we made our way back to the castle and I could've sworn that the black figure was wearing a turban...

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