Aliona Potter

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? What would she be like? This is the story of Harry Potter's twin and her first year at Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy! It's my first movella so please tell me if you think it is good.


19. Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

I had started hanging around with Harry and his friends lately and Ally, Leonie and especially Seamus were wondering why and kept giving me the cold shoulder but when I explained to them why they left me alone. I obviously still hung out with them, it was just this quest for the Philosopher's stone was important. I was just on my way from the library back to the common room when someone grabbed me and I was about to scream when I saw who it was.
'Harry, Ron, Hermione!' I whispered 'you scared me!'
"Sorry Aliona!" Harry said 'we just needed to get to you without your friends wondering why" and by the look on his face I could see that he didn't think much of my friends especially Seamus.
"That's ok" I told him 'And um where are we going?'
That question was answered approximately 5 minutes later when we arrived outside Hagrid's hut
'Hagrid's?' I asked 
"Trust us" said Ron
'Ok...' I said hesitantly and Hermione knocked confidently on the door while I stood back
"Who's there?" a voice from inside asked
"Hagrid it's us!" Replied the trio 
'Oh and me' I said
"Go away I'm in no mood to entertain" he said
"But Hagrid we know about the philosopher's stone!" The three chorused 
"Oh... You better come in then." 
We all entered his hut and he looked at us as we did focusing particularly on me
"How did ya pick her up?" He asked Harry as I stepped inside
"She agreed to help us when she showed us Nicholas Flamel on one of her chocolate frog cards after Ron being stupid enough to say it out loud"
"I didn't-" Ron started before being quickly and discreetly kicked by Hermione Granger while I flashed Harry a look of gratitude.
"Ok" said Hagrid looking like he believed what Harry had said when he suddenly turned around and went over to the cauldron that was positioned over his roaring fire and pulled out whatever had been bubbling inside it. It was oval shaped and had brown markings all over it which made it look interesting and different
'What is that?' I asked 
"I don't know" replied Harry while Ron said
"I know what that is! But Hagrid how did you get one?"
"I won it from a guy I me' down at the Hog's head"
"Oh" said Ron and suddenly the thing started cracking and I recoiled as the creature inside emerged and Hermione asked "Hagrid is that a dragon?"
"That's not just any dragon, that's a Norwegian Ridgeback, my brother Charlie works with these down in Romania" Ron told us 
'Wow!' I said smiling at him and Hagrid at the same time
"Wai' a minute" said Hagrid "Who's that?" He pointed towards the window and I scowled as the figure slipped out of sight
"Malfoy" Harry said while I looked more than less than pleased
"Quick get going!" said Hagrid. 
"Bye Hagrid" we chorused and we stepped out of the warm into the cold. I shivered 
"Aliona are you alright?" Ron asked
'Fine, just I wish we had a clock'
"Damn!" exclaimed Harry "I knew I should've brought the invisibility cloak with me"
"You didn't?" Hermione asked tentatively 
"No" said Harry and Ron cursed then looked round at me and said
"Sorry, excuse my French." I opened my mouth to tell him how to say it in French when Hermione hissed
"Shh, I can hear someone coming" while Harry, Hermione and I looked behind us Ron looked in front and said
"Our situation got a whole lot worse..."


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