Aliona Potter

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? What would she be like? This is the story of Harry Potter's twin and her first year at Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy! It's my first movella so please tell me if you think it is good.


17. Harry, my brother and the Philosopher's Stone

Seamus and I were now officially a couple and that annoyed plenty of people as, from what I'd heard they had planned to ask me to their own ball but hadn't had the courage to meaning that they had lost their chance to ask me out which meant that I had now a ton of enemies including Draco Malfoy, who had gone home at Christmas when I hadn't had a boyfriend and came back when I did. Other people included:
Dean Thomas
Blaise Zabini
Ron Weasley
Terry Boot
And Ally's brother Leo Most

This annoyed me no end as I hated having enemies and the only person I could talk to about anything now hated me more than anyone, even the mudblood, Hermione Granger. He ignored me whenever I saw him and didn't turn up to any of our midnight meets and after a while I just stopped caring focusing instead on my end of year exams, which is how I found out about the philosopher's stone, an item that had puzzled alchemists for centuries. I strolled into the library one evening and I heard low muttering coming from behind the bookshelf marked 'Charms' naturally I tiptoed over to the bookshelf and listened in 
"We need to figure out why Snape wants the philosopher's stone and what he wants with it" said one voice then another one replied
"Well obviously he wants it for Voldemort" sounding eerily like my brother
"Don't say the name!" Hissed his friend and before I could stop myself I had walked round the shelf and said
'Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself.'
"Aliona!" Harry exclaimed " how long have you been standing there?"
'About a minute' I replied with ease
"It was a rhetorical question." Ron said through gritted teeth 
'Sorry!' I smiled before starting to walk off
"Aliona wait!" Hermione called
I slowly turned around
"If you know what we're up to either help us or say nothing" 
I glanced at first Hermione, then Ron and finally at Harry
'Alright' I said 'I'll help you but first I need to tell Harry something'
"What?" Harry asked curiously
'Harry I'm your sister'
Harry forced a laugh "yeah right" he said nervously 
"You wish" said Ron glaring at me "you only say that cause he's famous"
'Ha, ha- no' I said glaring back at him
"No Aliona if you say you're my sister again I will challenge you to a duel"
'Really?' I asked doubtfully 'me and you duelling, remember how I beat you easily last time'
"I'm more experienced"
'So am I'
"I'm top of defence"
'I'm top of charms and second in defence and transfiguration'
"Oh guys quit it!" Hermione shouted startling me an by the looks of it Harry too "let her say why she thinks she is your sister and then you can say whether you believe her or not  and if not just don't talk to her instead of having a duel because, no offence Harry, she could beat you anywhere and probably beat me."
'Thanks Hermione' I said smiling at her
"Don't mention it" she told me
'Okay' I said 'I promise I am your sister Harry'
"Prove it" he said gruffly.

Slowly I lifted up my fringe and I showed Harry, Ron and Hermione something I had never shown anyone else, the flower shaped scar etched upon my forehead. As they looked upon it there was a collective gasp and I saw them all exchange worried looks
'What?' I asked
"Nothing" they all said but I didn't believe them for a moment. 
Then Harry did something unexpected, he plunged his hand and drew out a cloak and a piece of paper
"Well I guess this explains this then" he said pushing the paper at me and I read the note

For both you and your sister, use it well

'Who's it from?' I asked
"That is what we need to find out"

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