Aliona Potter

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? What would she be like? This is the story of Harry Potter's twin and her first year at Hogwarts. Hope you enjoy! It's my first movella so please tell me if you think it is good.


16. Christmas at Hogwarts and a secret admirer

The snow started falling round about December 13th and everyone took advantage of the cold weather to have snow ball fights but it turned out that out of all of Gryffindor I was the one with a cold. So there I was sat in the warm common room staring out of the window at my friends while Madam Pomfery's Pepper-up Potion took effect when my snowy owl, moonlight  came up to me and dropped a letter on my lap, I smiled at her before ripping open my letter and glancing down at it and reading its contents 

Dear Aliona, it said

I am always there watching your every move,
I can see you now through the glass,
I wish I could have you but your heart lies elsewhere 
Forever yours
Your admirer, SFF

I glanced at it again and wondered who it could be and I thought 'who are you?' before beckoning in my friends Leonie, Ally and Seamus.

A few days later I was at eating waffles when the post arrived and I eagerly looked up for a white owl amongst the cacophony of brown, black and grey and then I spotted her, moonlight, swooping down with a letter in her claws. I grinned as Moonlight handed me the letter and I fed her an owl treat before she flew off again back to the owlry. I opened the letter as Seamus strolled in and I waited until he had sat next to Ally before reading it:

Dear Aliona,

I watch you eat,
You are so sweet,
I wish we could meet.

Forever yours SFF

"Ahh" said Leonie "that's so sweet!"
"But also kind of stalkerish" Ally added 
"That's cute" smiled Seamus before looking away
'Hey Seamus what's the matter?' I asked 'you look really out of things'
"Oh it's nothing" replied Seamus
'Ok' I said but I was secretly worried about him.
"Hey Aliona!" Ally said "Are you going to reply?"
'Um should I?' I asked
"Totally" Ally replied
"Don't you want to meet him?" Asked Leonie 
"Yeah she does" said Ally "ask him to the Gryffindor Christmas party, he can't refuse!"
'How do you know he's a Gryffindor?' I asked thinking of Draco
"Cause you only talk to Gryffindors" said Seamus
"Not true" said Leonie as Cedric walked past
"Yeah" added Ally "You're always talking to pretty boy Diggory"
'We're just friends' I said blushing slightly
"Really?" Ally asked skeptically
'Yeah' I said still blushing as I picked up my quill and wrote

Dear SFF,

Would you like to come to the Gryffindor Christmas party with me? Meet me outside the Fat Lady portrait at 9:15pm.

See you soon

'Is that ok?' I asked Ally after I'd finished 

The 24th of December came and at 9:00pm I was ready at the front of the Fat Lady portrait waiting for the mysterious SFF to show up and at 9:15 on the dot he showed up wearing a black masquerade mask and totally white attire, I on the other hand was wearing a white mask and a black mini dress. Who could've guessed that we would match so well?! The reason we were wearing masks was because the Christmas theme was apparently always masquerade and this year was no different as I looked into the common room and saw a cacophony of reds, yellows, greens, blues and oranges, name any colour from cream to neon pink, it was there. 
"Password?" The Fat Lady asked
"Caput Draconis" replied SFF and in my head I ticked off the first thing on my mental check list 'find out house' this guy was obviously a Gryffindor, then the door swung forward and we stepped in. As I walked in I noticed two of my best friends Ally and Leonie who were both wearing midnight blue and silver, I smiled at them then looked around for Seamus but I couldn't see him among the crowd and before I could excuse myself to go and look around for him my date asked me if I wanted to dance and being me I agreed as my favourite song came on 'dance your magic away' by Celestial McGrath and SFF led me on to the dance floor and we danced until we couldn't breathe any longer then SFF led me away to get a drink of Butterbeer before whisking me straight back on to the dance floor for the slow dance of the night. We danced the whole song together and at the end of the night we were proclaimed the cutest couple and had to kiss in front of everyone. I quickly scanned the room for Seamus but with no prevail, there was Harry looking murderous, Ally and Leonie grinning madly at me and lots of people looking at us with pained expressions on their faces, my mysterious partner then pulled me out of the door and led me outside to talk to me and I followed him eager to find out who he was but I didn't have to because as soon as we stepped outside he took off his mask and standing right in front of me was Seamus Finnegan my best friend and now my boyfriend as well as he asked me out as we had a moonlit kiss.

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