When Parker and Luke first met it had been a drunken mistake, a one night stand if you will. He was apart of a world famous pop-rock band and she was a simple hairdresser from Western Sydney. After that one night, they went their separate ways and went on with life like nothing ever happened. But something did happen, something Luke vowed he would never do. He got attached.


8. Tonight, I'm A Superhero.

|| Author Note ||

Surprise!! Bet you weren't expecting another update so soon, huh? Well, it just so happens that you are some of the greatest people and I thought I might add another instalment to celebrate 200 reads. I know it's not many reads, but nonetheless you all seem to be really enjoying it :) Anywhore, thankyou for reading and all your feedback. If you don't comment or make yourself known, please do. Because I want to hear from you.

Another addition to reality with Jade - (I hope you don't mind me telling you about my life).

Steven is coming over today, I'm not going to school :) My mother and step-dad are in the city and my sister doesn't know, so he'll be here in like an hour.

I decided to update because I got really bored waiting for him and thought, "Y'know what? My people need me".

So, enjoy :) Love ya x - Jade


|| Luke's P.O.V ||

"Parker?" I called through my iPhone.

"Uh, hi" She responded.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Well, uh. No, not really" She stuttered a bit.

"What's wrong?" I was getting really concerned at this stage, "Are you hurt?".

"No, no. It's nothing like that" She sighed, "My friend Belle and I, well our car broke down and I didn't know who else to call and I'm really sorry and-". 

"Shh" I calmed her down, "I'll be there, where are you?".

"The Three Sisters" She replied.

"Okay, I'll be there soon just don't go anywhere" I said.

"Thankyou Luke, I'll talk to you when you get here" She seemed okay now.

"Okay, bye Parker" I replied and hung up.


I walked back into the noisy lounge room, I had emerged from to take Parker's call. Two of my three bestfriends; Calum and Michael were sat on the lounge watching soccer.


"Who was that?" Michael asked, stuffing his face with potato chips.

"Uh, Parker" I replied honestly, I felt no need to lie.

"Who's Parker?" Calum questioned.

"A friend, where's Ash?" I asked.

"He's outside, lying on the trampoline" Michael replied, "You know he doesn't like soccer".

"Right" I laughed and walked towards the back door.


I walked across the yard to find Ashton doing just as Michael said; lying on the trampoline. Yes, he was just lying there. The rain was only a light patter and it didn't seem to both him.


"Can you drive me somewhere?" I asked, approaching him.

"At this time?" He questioned.

"A friend of mine" I paused, "Her car broke down and she's up in the mountains".

"Has she got a friend?" His boyish humour kicked in.

"Yeah, she's got a friend" I laughed, "So, will you take me?".

"If her friend isn't hot then I'm going to be rather disappointed" He laughed and slid off the bouncing pad, "Let's go".


We hopped inside and said goodbye to Michael and Calum, telling them we'd be back soon. Grabbing a few umbrellas along the way.

We were up the mountain within the hour and I was getting really nervous, I always did when someone who meant something to me was in trouble. I didn't understand it though, Parker and I have known each other for only a couple weeks.

It's nothing Luke, just help her and go.

I could barely see through the fog, but as we approached the scenic outlook but as we got closer, I could see a black car with the hazard lights on. The rain pelted down hard on Ashton's Mitsubishi Evo.

I got out of the car quickly, grasping the umbrellas as I swung the door open. Ashton said he'd stay in the car so it wouldn't stop like Parker's had. 

I approached the classy car and tapped on the window, within seconds Parker emerged from the car and wrapped her arms around my lanky abdomen.


"Thankyou" She muttered.

"It's okay, come on. Let's get out of this rain" I assured her.


Parker handed her friend an umbrella; I wasn't informed of her name yet.

We all walked back to Ashton's car. I helped the girls into the car and quickly jogged around to the front passenger seat.

I got into the car and turned in my seat to look at Parker; she was stunning, even with water dripping from her eyelashes. I looked over at her friend, she was beautiful as well. Brunette, with gorgeous green eyes. 


"You girls alright?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah" Parker mumbled, she was nervous.

"Oh, Ash meet Parker and-" I just remembered, I didn't know the other girl's name,
"Sorry, I didn't catch your name".

"I didn't give it" She replied harshly, with her arms crossed over her body.

"Belle!" Parker softly yelled at her friend.

"No, it's okay. Well, I'm Luke. This is Ashton" I wanted this to be over with already.

"Okay, let's get you two home" Ashton's awkward chirpy voice filled the car, "Where am I headed?".

"Riverstone" Parker replied.

"No way!" Ashton laughed and nudged me, "Luke, you're friend lives in the same suburb as us!".

"Yeah" I laughed awkwardly.


We drove in silence for half the ride before my phone sounded, signalling a text.

It was Parker.


P - "I apologise Luke, for calling you and Belle being a bitch. I'm really sorry".

I spun around again and locked eyes with Parker. I gave her a small smile.

L - "You can apologise properly over dinner tomorrow night ;)".

I turned around again to find Parker smiling widely at me.

L - "So, is that a yes?"

P - "If you insist ;)".


We drove the rest of the way to Parker and Belle's place, Belle hadn't said a word. She looked very angry, more so with Parker than anything else. Why?

We turned the corner and arrived out the front of Parker and Belle's house, it wasn't big but it was big enough for two teenage girls.

I got out and opened the girl's car doors for them, Belle pushed passed me and walked inside; dismissing the rain.

Parker looked up at me and smiled.

"Here" I said, handing her an umbrella.

"No, it's okay. The house is just two seconds away" She laughed.

"Give it back to me tomorrow night when I pick you up" I smiled.

"Okay, thankyou" She smiled again, "Not just for the umbrella, for everything".

"It's fine, really" I chuckled.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then" She giggled.

"Be ready by 7pm" I muttered.

"Will do" She smiled.

"Bye Parker" I grinned and turned towards the car.

"Wait" She called, "I forgot something".

She walked towards me and kissed my cheek softly, touching my hand as she did so.

"Thanks again" She whispered and walked quickly to her front door.


I walked back to Ashton's car, probably with the biggest smile on my face. I was on Cloud9.


"What's got you so happy?" Ashton laughed.

"You like her right?" I asked.

"Who?" He questioned.

"Parker" I replied.

"Yeah, from our awkward silence drive. She seems sweet and she's gorgeous" He shrugged.

"So, what if I told you she was the girl I met at the club and slept with?" I replied.

"No way Luke!" He laughed and patted my shoulder, "Good job mate".

"So, you're not mad that I broke the rule of the 'one night stand' thing?" I asked.

"No, definitely not. She's great" He smirked proudly.

"Thanks man" I smiled.


We drove back to our place and went inside quietly as Michael and Calum were already asleep. I decided to go to bed as well.

Date with Parker tomorrow!

It's not a date Hemmings.

Shut up, it is.

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